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Church Fundraises by Tormenting Pigs (Video)

Written by Jennifer O'Connor | August 14, 2014

Pigs screamed in terror as they were clamped into headlocks, tackled, and dragged at the St. Patrick Parish‘s fundraiser near Stephensville, Wisconsin, last weekend. Watch the chilling video footage:

Despite being bombarded with appeals to cancel the cruel event from tens of thousands of people all over the country, parish officials threw kindness and compassion to the wind.

The pigs were so exhausted and stressed that they gasped for breath, and they struggled to make it back to the holding pens (where an eyewitness reported that the pigs had little or no potable water, food, or access to shelter from the scorching sun all day).

One pig’s head was pushed into the mud. Another frantic pig tried in vain to escape as five men closed in, and another limped after having been dropped. After the event, pigs’ backs were scratched, undoubtedly from the fingernails of people who had desperately tried to grab hold of them.

The pigs’ reward for their “participation” was to be shipped off to a painful and terrifying death the next day.

What You Can Do

If you learn that animals are to be used in cruel spectacles, voice your objections to organizers immediately and contact PETA for help.

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  • Robbi Curtis says:

    This is the reason I live an earth based, spirituality. Organized religions feel that the earth and all it’s creatures OWE them.

  • J. Herdman says:

    Please Help STOP ANIMAL CRUELTY ! ! !

  • Sharon Mora says:

    I couldn’t finish this viewing it was so appalling!

  • phil brown says:

    They are always god this and god that but they take one of gods creatures and torment them .I hope when they get to the Pearlie gates the door will be locked.

  • Elizabeth Swartz says:

    I am really ashamed that people in Wisconsin, at a Catholic church are abusing pigs. What is wrong with you people?

  • Disgusting, any human that would take part in this, has NO brains at all . A church that would be so so cruel as to have this type of their entertainment is NO church of God’s and if they are suppose to be, then they should be closed. Just unbelievable would never happen here in anyone of our churches. NEVER, the public would not allow this sick treatment on animals.

  • Jean says:

    Why don’t the church people wrestle each other?

  • Lenora says:


  • Vasilios Tsoukis says:

    Cruel “christian” morons.

  • The only pigs I see here are humans

  • The participants in this church’s PIG torture should be ex-communicated from the religion. From the name St. Patrick, I assume this is a Cathalic denomination. Please make the Pope aware f this horrible practice. I can understand individual persons doing something ,like this, but not a religious group. Them creeps need to be guided and informed of this horrible event. Where are the higharkie in this religion?

  • Carol says:

    This is inhumane behavior to the pigs and not worthy of the alleged compassion of the Catholic church. Shame on those who perpetrate and participate in this disgusting activity.

  • Paulette says:

    They call their self Christians? I don’t think so. This is so cruel. They needed to do this to each other to see how it feels! !!

  • is this what god intended for his creations. the priest and people of that church are horrible people. god saw what they did to his creations and yes we are all gods creations. they will pay for there crulty. what kind os depraved priest would allow such a thing to go on????

  • Geraint ap Dyfed says:

    Evil . No other word for it.

  • Jean Clark says:

    And this Parish think they are Christian? Abusing animals? I am contacting this Parish personally. Thank you for exposing St. Patrick Parish in Stephensville, WI.

  • Pat Gabel says:

    Do you really consider yourselves Christians or Roman barbarians in the Colosseum???? Shame on a church for such outrageous cruelty.

  • This is horrible and the cruelty should be stopped now, what kind of church would allow this horrific behavior???

  • Sherry Fudim says:

    Horrific. Tormenting innocent animals doesn’t sound very Christian to me!

  • Adauto Campanella says:


  • Oh woopie, a pig getting chased around in the mud.

  • jean publi says:

    the church should be ashamed of itself

  • s says:

    This is so boring to watch. These neanderthals need to get a life and just because it’s a church doesn’t automatically mean it’s Christian. The ones with two legs are the “pigs”.

  • janefarmer2014 says:

    I implore you not to teach your children to behave in this barbaric practice. The loving, benevolent God that I worship would be disgusted by this inhumane practice of torturing helpless animals. We are all God’s creatures and He loves us all. If God is concerned when a sparrow falls from the sky, don’t you think she would be concerned with suffering that you imposed on these pigs.

  • Kirk Rhoads says:

    So much for practicing kindness.

  • cassie says:

    wonder what God the creator would make of it ….not much i think..Cruel & distressing to watch… this church need to consider its teaching of love, respect & compassion especially as there where children sitting watching on the grandstand. shame on them…that poor pig was so terrified and hurt. did a vet attend to its injuries..sadly i think not..shame on you and your church event…unchristian

  • june says:

    How cruel…… a poor defenceless animal being tormented in this way.

    Why don’t these stupid grown men chase each other around the mud pit ? If one of them got hurt I am sure they would not be doing it again next year ?

  • Lynnette Cain says:

    How unfortunate that people can learn about god, but sill be so ignorant about animals. This should be against the law.

  • Your church is of the Devil! You are a Disgrace!

  • brit says:

    I am a Christian and I am ashamed of this disgusting cruelty!

  • Beata Kolpek says:

    Cannot believe this……will they go to HELL for this??? This is a church activity…..God is watching.

  • Evelin B says:

    The worst part is that its a CHURCH!!! Obviously they don’t know the Bible!!

  • Vikki jones says:

    Scum who pick on defenceless animals. Agreed karma, this will come back to haunt these uneducated morons.

  • Heather Fillingham. says:

    Stupid,stupid people.

  • St. Patrick Parish people should read the Bible, wich says in:
    Proverbs 12, 10:
    Whoever is righteous has regard for the life of his beast, but the mercy of the wicked is cruel. (!)

  • Cary says:

    Having once been married to a man who was raised on a dairy farm in Wisconsin, I can attest to the utter lack of understanding and empathy for animals by people in that state. They have absolutely no sense of an animal’s worth outside of it’s its economic value. In fact, unless its forced insemination of a cow or anesthesia-free castration, they don’t even get vet care for their animals. My ex-father in law once backed over the family beagle and they didn’t take it to the vet, but let it suffer and die slowly and painfully overnight. I once stole a cat from them that was so sick, it could hardly hold up its head. Unfortunately, it was too late for the cat, I had to put her down the day after I got her home, but not before naming her Belle and giving her a quite, warm, soft place to sleep, with food and water. At least she had one night of a good life. Dogs routinely live cold, or hot, depending up the season, alone in a dog house. I had to watch my sister-in-law’s dog scratch and cry at the door every winter because he was cold and lonely.

  • Eliza sutherland says:

    I couldn’t finish watching it, but if will send my comment to the so called church.

  • Sharon says:

    Shame on them … This should get maximum exposure. Charges should be brought to those who arranged it and those involved. It is unnacceptable and it scares me that there is people out there that think otherwise.

  • Jeanine says:

    Seriously!!!! What a shame, people don’t know any better how to treat living things! This is sad and this church should be ashamed of themselves they should pray for themselves!!!!

  • Linda Backovsky says:

    Think about this people.
    Put yourself in that animals place.
    How would you like it?????
    Grow up!!!
    Stop treating animals like they are nothing but a toy for your sick, sick amusement.

  • Nothing Christian about those men, spectators or the church.

  • Lynn Cvitko says:

    Shame on you. As a church supposedly following the word of god it would behoove you to show love and respect for all god’s creatures.

  • Mich says:

    Thank goodness they don’t do this to people…now THAT would be inhumane, right? But because these pigs have no choice, it’s ok? Sadness. All for cash.

  • Jeanie Coolahan says:

    doesn’t anyone realize that the catholic church is all about money? I could not watch more than a few seconds of that film, it’s horrendous; hearing that poor pig squeal from fright and pain made me sick.

  • Tânia says:

    Que demónios! isto é uma humanidade de MONSTROS

  • ana says:

    What the hell is wrong with these people?? :O and the ones in the crowd? SICK! the worst thing is they are from a church…i’m so angry and disgusted!

  • Angela says:

    Wow !!! These men are very brave against a poor defenseless animal.
    I like to see them with a tiger and I can’t believe this is a CHURCH ???
    Are you kidding ??? Do they believe in GOD ???
    Why are they not charged with animal cruelty ?

  • Jans says:

    how can a CHURCH participate in such evil is beyond me. You cruel callous people.

  • This is heartless. If this is Christianity, I want none of it.