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Church Fundraises by Tormenting Pigs (Video)

Written by Jennifer O'Connor | August 14, 2014

Pigs screamed in terror as they were clamped into headlocks, tackled, and dragged at the St. Patrick Parish‘s fundraiser near Stephensville, Wisconsin, last weekend. Watch the chilling video footage:

Despite being bombarded with appeals to cancel the cruel event from tens of thousands of people all over the country, parish officials threw kindness and compassion to the wind.

The pigs were so exhausted and stressed that they gasped for breath, and they struggled to make it back to the holding pens (where an eyewitness reported that the pigs had little or no potable water, food, or access to shelter from the scorching sun all day).

One pig’s head was pushed into the mud. Another frantic pig tried in vain to escape as five men closed in, and another limped after having been dropped. After the event, pigs’ backs were scratched, undoubtedly from the fingernails of people who had desperately tried to grab hold of them.

The pigs’ reward for their “participation” was to be shipped off to a painful and terrifying death the next day.

What You Can Do

If you learn that animals are to be used in cruel spectacles, voice your objections to organizers immediately and contact PETA for help.

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  • leslie flores says:

    I wrote the Vatican on my concern. I have never heard of the church using animals in this way until now. So heart breaking.

  • Jayne Barry says:

    Is there a letter where I can add my signature? How can we let this church know that we don’t think GOD would approve of such cruelty? How can we ensure

  • Tammy Carmichael says:

    We need to find the ne of the church and out them. Contact local legislators!

  • Shirley Lysse says:

    This sickens me.

  • susan says:

    How Horrible!!!!! Churches SHOULD know better then to have this as a fundraiser. Most have bingo or carnivals for the fundraisers. They would not like it if it was one of their animals in this traversty.

  • Rebecca Marsh says:

    So sad. And for this to be happening at a CHURCH function doesn’t say much for these “Christian” people. God is watching.

  • Ken Doll says:

    Whatever happened to football or basketball ??? there needs to be LAWS IN PLACE to protect these animals !! this is disgusting and why is it ALLOWED ?? god this is horrible.

  • What kind of a church is this

  • No real CHURCH would do this, You all should be ashamed of your selfs.

  • geri says:

    This is absolutely disgusting…what the hell is wrong with these people? This should not be allowed to continue.

  • Bev Beatty says:

    I am sickened by the fact this animal cruelty was approved by a Church. Everyone involved should be charged with animal cruelty. Sick, cruel, sadistic people.

  • Lisa says:

    This is horrible!!!!

  • Mary L Harper says:

    A church that abuses animals, really?? My Lord does not abuse any creature on this earth! What do you worship Satan, because in my book you are lousy christains and should be ashamed of this barbaric treatment of one of God’s creatures, not your creature for your enjoyment! You sicken me!!

  • that is so cruel i pray that God will serve justice,

  • Pat says:

    Shame on you church goers for torturing innocent animals

  • Esther Fons says:

    I wonder what kind of God do those horrible ,cruel people believe in. Those poor ,poor pigs….What kind of dark ages church abuses God’s animals in some kind of barbaric sport event for their own gain? Unbelievable!!

  • Beverly says:

    This is horrible, and that church should be ashamed of themselves. That poor pig, these people are truly sick in the head!

  • It is horrible that a church didi this. Horrible that anyone would do this. Post a phone and an email or address for this church. People can let them know they should not be teaching this cruelty to others. Shame on them.

  • javier cordero says:

    to the organizers of this event i say shame on you for being so cruel. To the priest in charge i say how dare you mock a creature God created, shame on you. that event is not entertainment, i would like for each one of the participants to go thru the same terror that pig suffered and see how you like it.

  • Chris Grayling says:

    I guess you folks are missing a page in your Bible….the one about “Blessed is he who cares for the needs of his animals.” If you want to raise money by wrestling….why don’t the priests wrestle each other?

    Stop abusing animals.

  • Jan says:

    People who take pleasure in tormenting terrified animals and others who laugh and applaud the cruelty, are no Christians, and a church that raises its funds from the cruel abuse of terrified animals is no church. Wicked, evil people, wicked evil church – you deserve each other.

  • Paola says:

    This kind of recreation are not good for the eyes of God
    Please be compation with the animals

  • Andrew Jacobs says:

    The organisers should be charged and the participents. A church organised this, abusing GODs animals, think thay better all pray very very hard for forgivness, and a dont see people that think god is ok with this will ever go to heven. Hate to think the fun thay have with thare pets and children 🙁

  • Connie Thomson says:

    A quote from their own article: “This has been our tradition for 44 years. This is our big draw for our parish picnic. If we don’t have the pig rassle down here, we don’t hardly see any people come to our church,” Pig Rassle Co-Chairman Bruce Learman said. I’m the pastor of a Christian denomination we welcome people to our church by sharing the love of God … not by torturing animals. This is despicable and heartless.

  • You call this a church…do these people consider them selves god fearing individuals . They are all no good and I wish the worst for each and everyone involved !!!!!!!!!!!

  • ben says:

    PEOPLE ARE SICK> How can anybody do that ???????? this guys are more stupid than any pig on earth .

  • Joan Wilken says:

    Well really in the name of Christianty?????? maybe you should go and read your Bible again!!! Shame on you to raise money in such a manner, you are worse that pigs as they dont do things like that. Its disgusting and a shameful way to raise momey for the church!! What a joke.

  • sharon chang says:

    some church!heathens is what those people are!God fearing individuals would not harm any animal!

  • Absolutely abhorrent these men are obviously backward and the spectators the church is going against god in so many ways . Nothing but sheer cruelty and all for fun what fun laughing at the stupidity of the men

  • Patricia Stock says:

    I would suggest they find another hobby or sport. I did not find this funny at all. They ought to know better.

  • Ellen says:

    This is so unbelievably cruel. May God have mercy on your rotten souls.

  • Carol says:

    I have sent an email to the church requesting they show intelligence and apologize publicly for putting these pigs through this terrifying ordeal and to pledge never to hold such an event again. As a church they should know better.

  • Joyce says:

    The HUMANS are Really MONSTERS!!

  • Angelina Miranda says:

    Disgusting, horrid that a “church” would allow this!!!!

  • B. Lewenza says:

    My heart goes out to these poor pigs, the agonizing fear they felt. Pigs are highly sensitive so this had to be absolutely a nightmare to them. Shameful

  • I am surprised that I Church would stand behind or encourage such open cruelty towards these poor pigs, who can feel pain as much as people do!

  • Brenda says:

    This is cruel and disgusting. The church should not have allowed this to take place.

  • Joan Caputo says:

    This is so wrong; what is wrong with these people? This has to be stopped, please; for the sake of humanity; this is inhumane !!

  • Francesca Ciani says:

    Please have them stop tormenting and abusing the pigs!!!!

  • Kathy says:

    What a bunch of human morons, spectators included. This is very distressing to watch. The pig screams for one reason. They are terrified and probably in a lot of pain being man handled like that. Stop this pathetic behaviour you childish people and shame on the bloody church

  • Hector says:

    How we can help to stop this???

  • Caitlin Bloom says:

    This is a sin! God is ashamed

  • Toni Orange says:

    I’m a Christian….these Christians make me sick! It’s not what God meant when he gave us dominion over these animals!! That dominion was to protect, not torment! You should be ashamed of yourself. One day you too will stand and make an account of every word and every deed! I dont think HE will be happy with you guys!

  • vicki says:

    What is wrong with you people? Thats not funny to the pigs at all STOP ABUSE.

  • Mallorie martin says:

    Really you couldn’t find something better to do then to tackle a pig that is afraid of you.. God wouldn’t do that so why should you

  • Armine says:

    Poor pig. Some people are really not living in the real world. Why do they have to do this to a pig?

  • Cheryl says:

    I’m sure GOD approved of that! Some example for a church…but then again…this is why I’m Pagan

  • Denise says:


  • Parashiva says:

    What the hell is wrong with these people!?! They deserve nothing on earth!