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Christmas Vacation!

Written by PETA | December 21, 2007

That’s right, folks—I am taking a week off to spend Christmas with my family in DC. I’ll be back, refreshed (hopefully) and ready to go after the New Year, but in the meantime my good friend Joel Bartlett will be manning the blog, so don’t be too concerned if the high intellectual standards we have set here on the PETA Files flag a little bit during the next week—it’s only a temporary state of affairs. Joel will doubtless be keeping you up-to-the-minute on his favorite TV shows and, like, what he ate for dinner the night before, so keep checking for the new entries, and try your hardest to hang on until I’m back again in January. Happy Holidays!

Joel Bartlett with Waffles
Joel Bartlett with Battleaxe

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