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Christina Applegate’s Sexy New E-Card

Written by PETA | November 26, 2007

This beautiful, beautiful e-card starring Christina Applegate got leaked last week, and it’s been all over the blogosphere already. The Samantha Who? star posed nude to help remind people to stay away from fur and fur-trim during the holiday season. Check it out—it”s gorgeous.


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  • Scheiss says:

    Richtiger Scheiss.

  • Paul McCloud says:

    I think I remember you from the Sweetest Thing I saw on the silver screen. REMEMBER Me? THE Beast who sent you two Peanuts cards in the mail? Times a wastin. Whose your next spouse? Go for all the marbles and get you a bright politician. heh heh. LOVE Paul MCCL.

  • Paul McCloud says:

    Do you remember me? THE Beast? I sent you two Peanuts cards in the mail. I hpoe you enjoyed them. Times a wastin. Whose your next spouse? I have seen about 5 of your movies and I liked the Sweetest Thing the best. I also saw it on the silver screen. Please keep in vibe touch amd keep your body mind and spirit up to par with a level of excellence. LOVE Paul

  • Anonymous says:

    rip casey calvert

  • Carla says:

    Jaclyn great post I have to agree!!

  • Jaclyn says:

    I agree with Susannah but I don’t think that eating fake meats means that I miss the real meat. For example. When I was a meat eater and I would cook ground meat I never liked the smell of plain ground meat cooking. It always had a nasty meat odor. What did I do? I seasoned it. I used onions peppers garlic to mask that plain meat taste and instead taste the seasonings. I think that sometimes people may miss the textures because very few people actually eat just plain meat. Its disgusting. When I smell a meat that smells good I know it is not the meat that smells good it’s the actual seasonings. You can imitate that with or without the fake meats and there is nothing wrong with that. And for those that miss meat and eat fake meats good for you because it shows that there are kinder tastier and healthier replacements. Same argument can be made for substitute sugars and salt. If you want sugar free desserts why do you use artificial sweetners? And yes vegan food can be an art form with or without the fake meats.

  • Susannah S says:

    I have some issues with fake fur just as I do with fake tofu turkey and beef because it implies that we MISS such items so much that we have to have substitutes. Fake fur still makes fur look like a desirable thing. Fake turkey doesn’t taste anywhere near as good as REAL veggie casseroles can taste. Really excellent vegetarianvegan cooking is an art form in itself and the food is fantastic and every bit as “gourmet” as the choice items touted by meateaters. Still when all is said and done I clap when people buy fake fur or eat fake turkey because it does spare the real animals. So kudos to Christina!

  • jenna says:

    Are those real mirabou feathers on the cuff of her gloves? It really looks like it. If it is fake it was probably a bad choice for this ad since mirabou feathers are used so much in seasonal accessories and could easily be mistaken for real feathers. Still a good idea and message poor execution.



  • Anonymous says:

    i hate the ‘unless its fake’ blurb. 1. fake fur still glamorizes fur 2. “It’s fake!” is a favorite line to give animal advocates.

  • Curtis says:

    This ad isn’t new but I’m glad PETA is rereleasing it because of Christina Applegate’s new show!

  • Mystique Makepeace says:

    “Hmmm… I’m not too sure about this one the antifur ads only work when they’re really graphic.”

  • common sense steve says:

    did christina have the tuna ham cheese or the hamburger for lunch during the shoot…..

  • Mike Quinoa says:

    Nice cardvery festive looking. Thanks so much Christina for all you do.

  • AnimalLib says:

    Ummm this is a couple of years old. I saw in on IMDb and I was thinking “This isn’t new I saw this ages ago!”

  • Jaclyn says:

    Not only is Christina beautiful but the ad itself is very beautiful as well. Applause to Christina and everyone who worked behind the scenes on this creation.