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Chrissie’s Got a Brand-New Bag (and a CD That You Can Win!)

Written by PETA | August 24, 2010



How would you celebrate your 58th birthday? If you’re the indefatigable Chrissie Hynde, you would start a new band (JP, Chrissie & the Fairground Boys), put out a new album (Fidelity!), and develop a new eco-friendly clothing line (Fairground Luck).

Coming from Chrissie, the clothing line will of course feature T-shirts, skinny jeans, pleather jackets, handbags, and boots with a rocker-chick vibe and will be 100 percent vegan.

“Like most women, I love fashion and clothes,” Hynde told Women’s Wear Daily. “Everybody will be able to find everything they love in a nonleather version. Fashion should be fun.”

No word on when Fairground Luck clothing will be appearing in a shopping mall near you, but Fidelity! hits online stores today, and we have a couple of copies available for some lucky PETA Files readers. Post a comment below telling us why you think Chrissie is the coolest, rockingest, sassiest animal defender ever to pick up a guitar, and the two comments that make us want to run out and protest with Chrissie will win the CDs.

The contest ends on August 27, 2010, and we’ll select the winners on August 30, 2010. Be sure to read our privacy policy and terms and conditions, as you’re agreeing to both by commenting. Good luck!

Written by Alisa Mullins

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  • WILDINK says:

    Chrissie has an AMAZING restaurant in Akron. My husband and I love to take a drive there at least once a week. The food is unbelievable!!

  • WILDINK says:


  • Saucy says:

    Oh Bumble Bee you’re making me buzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz! Welcome to the wonderful world of kindness and compassion.

  • bumble bee says:

    Oh come on! 58? We should all act and look as good as Ms. Hynde no matter what our age. I am pledging to become a vegetarian this instant… honestly. I did not have meat today and I don’t intend on ever consuming animal flesh again. I am a lover of all things… I should make a stand like Ms. Hynde has. She is my idol. Thanks for this chance to change my life. I love her music now I love her for altering the history that will be my small contribution to the earth and the ecosystem. I walk and take the bus already so this is just one more step. Yay! Everybody… UNITE in love and acceptance.

  • Kathleen Hohl says:

    I respect Chrissie Hynde for never ever sacrificing her beliefs whether it be in the music business or her other causes. As a fellow Akronite it was sad when she didn’t love her hometown but she challenged leaders to make it better they did and she came back. Now she proudly promotes Akron when others perhaps more famous leave it in the cold. I’ll admire her no matter what and that fact that her music rocks makes it all the better!

  • santufo says:

    I have been listening to Chrissie since 1979. She is the voice of intelligence. This new cd is giving me the strength to gear up for the next city council meeting to stop the legalization of raising urban chickens in inhumane coops. And as fairground luck would have it the city council meeting will be meeting on Chrissies’ birthday. I am seriously ill and Jp Chrissie and the Fairground Boys new cd has been sweet medicine for my soul.

  • Sue Henderson says:

    Thanks so much for the Woodstock Farm Animal benefit. How generous to play a small venue that helped so many desrving animals.All the global accolades aside it’s helping the little guys the humble hard working folks down in the trenches that really show us why you are a favorite animal freindly celebrity. Oh yeah and I’ll be 58 this year too! We gotta keep rockin!

  • Christopher Lambert says:

    I have been a fan of Chrissie since first hearing “The Pretenders” back in ’79..She is absolutely wonderful!! The fact that she is more concerned with environmental issuesthan putting up some facade imagemakes her just that more appealing!!She speaks through her actionsand through her music..The Album “Last of the Independence”One of my favorite recordings..period! is a self defining intimate portrait behind one of the greatest female artists of my generation!! I don’t know her personallybut feel she his totally genuine in her convictions..One of a kindlast of her kind in the annals of rocknroll music!! PS Did ya not dig her performance with Neil Young the “Bob Dylan Tribute”???WOW!!!

  • Alexa says:

    anyone who plays great music creates amazing VEGAN clothes and is a totally badass person is AWESOME!! anyone who stands up for animals is good in my book can’t wait to get some of her new clothes!

  • sharisse says:

    packed full of talent she is!!!…

  • Vic G. C. says:

    That Pretenders guitarist I have heard of and listened to for quite a while is perhaps the coolest animal rights activist in the world actually one of the coolest for there are several. But the reason I rate Hynde as my favorite is largely because of her widelypublicized protests against McDonald’s. If there’s one thing I envision her doing it would be making a video for The Pretenders’ 1983 song “My City Was Gone” with Hynde portraying the roles of animated or animatronic animals lamenting about how the land they lived in got turned into unsuitable living space.

  • christina says:

    Chrissie just rocks! With her stellar music and a kick ass attitude. As a woman and fellow vegetarian I consider her to be a big influence. I am so stoked she has both a new album out as well as a new clothing line. Anyone who designs cute vegan wear is a saint in my book

  • diana laurence says:

    go chrissie! i celebrated my 51st just over a month agotogether with a girl turning 22we do it every year my son and his friends all tell me i’m ageless..just like my idol chrissie!! i’m a vegan animal rights activist have been since i was 9! i remember seeing chrissie in radio city music hall and she is beautiful and charismatic on top of being the best singer in the world. she has done more than any other musician to promote animal rights and to make PETA a ‘cool’ thing to be a member of into the limelight where it belongs finally! i think she has really created a LOT of vegetarians and can you NOT love her?? when i grow up..i want to be like chrissie hynde!!! also between you me and the fencepost and everyone that knows me i can’t carry a note to save my life..but i’ve ALWAYS said if i could have ANY woman’s voice it would be chrissie’ sexy!!!! for a while in the 80’s i was macrobiotic..and when mishio kushi said it was a good idea to move to the heartland..i moved to AOWAY TO GO OHIO! cleveland heights to be exact..worked as a cocktail waitress for ONE night i was horrible! then worked at a restaurant..equally horrible…sigh. but i heard her singing in my head the whole time so at least i was happy! thanks chrissie!!

  • Rachelle Guzman says:

    Chrissy Hynde has the one of the most inspiring passionate incredible voices of the last 30 years. Her voice resonates emotion and her music is an anthem of perfection!! I am a female singersongwriter and Chrissy Hynde inspires me on many levels. Musically Morally and Humanely. ROCK ON Chrissy!!