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Chrissie Hynde Is ‘hatin’ it’ Across America

Written by PETA | August 24, 2009

The Pretenders’ world tour landed in Salt Lake City on Sunday—and Rock and Roll Hall of Famer Chrissie Hynde was happy to use the occasion to launch her PETA campaign urging McDonald’s to require its suppliers to upgrade to less cruel slaughter methods. In addition to using her stage as a platform to advocate a McDonald’s boycott and tossing campaign T-shirts to her audience, Chrissie unveiled her brand-new “i’m hatin’ it” ad at a Salt Lake City McDonald’s today. Check out some of the action below, and then head to KSL-TV to see how it played on the news:








That spectacular artwork you see there is soon to be on billboards across the country—starting with Chrissie’s hometown of Akron, Ohio. Lucky Akron! First it gets its own vegan restaurant, now this awesome billboard …

Written by Amanda Schinke

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  • David Bell says:

    YES!! A wonderful way to get people´s attention about the gruesome facts! Well done Chrissie!

  • djbethell says:

    Chrissie; always the star with the most mesmerising voice, whether singing or speaking out!

  • Janet Fritter says:

    Luv You Chrissie! All power to you. Hey guys, don’t alienate the meat eaters, it’s hard to be 100% vegan, I just discovered they use pig product in the making of art paper, it’s hard to be 100% pure, but we little people try and try, and reduce our meat intake, and as we reduce, we get more convicted, bless those that are trying to make a difference…

  • greybyrd says:

    There was a time that I thought the work PETA does was extreme and a bit over-the-top. NO more though, as people just don’t seem to care, but even more that they don’t know! When you tell someone why you won’t go to IHOP, KFC or other wonderful places because of the way their suppliers treat chickens and other livestock they purchase for their products, they are often appalled! Most just don’t have any idea. Maybe some don’t care, but someone must. I am not a vegan, but the way animals are treated is shocking, and must end. In a sophisticated society (?) such methods are not acceptable, and there are ways these animals should be treated and then quickly processed to avoid any cruelty or doubt of suffering. I wasn’t aware that Chrissie was a part of this work, and that is very cool. Certainly her efforts will be noted by many who might not pay any attention at all. Caring about life is not being a fanatic! People need to know what these companies are doing, and since bottom line numbers are all they seem to understand, boycott them until they change their buying and work with suppliers who are humane. I wasn’t a regular customer, but now I will boycott Ronald’s place as well and tell others. Chickens deserve a break today!

  • Kali says:

    I don’t live too far from Akron, so I’m happy to hear this news. Animal cruelty is a huge problem now days! every little bit of support against it help.

  • luv2cairns says:

    This is great! I can’t wait to see the billboards. Go Chrissy!

  • angela says:

    These cickens dont have a voice so we are all they have to end this TORTURE, they should start to use CAK so ther birds will not suffer. GO ON CHRISSIE!!! lets beat these sick people .

  • 8th house says:

    Thank you to a legendary performer for defending the sanctity of life on earth. MickyDees can show mercy to their golden geese, I mean chickens!

  • Aryeg says:

    Its so gross how people can live seeing this happen to animals and still eating it. You are freaks, anyone who eats at any fast food chain is a freak.

  • Khan says:

    After I saw what McDonald’s does to its chickens, I swore to never eat at any of it’s restaurants. God Bless you Chrissie Hynde!

  • Sonja Gay says:

    You go gal! Thanks for having the courage to fight this battle.

  • down with mcdonalds cruel methods! says:

    Even a 12 year old like me knows that this is horribly wrong!!!! NO MORE MCDONALDS UNTIL THIS CRUELTY HAS STOPPED!!! SAME THING FOR KFC!!!!!!

  • harold jimbob says:

    i love the idea.

  • Cathy says:

    It’s the suppliers who raise the animals who don’t care how they’re treated or whether they feel pain during killing “processing”! The bottom line is since we’ll never be able to stop humans from eating animals using their skins meat bones the suppliers need to be ordered to change their killing method to more humane painless processes their workers who commit acts of cruelty should be punished fired from their jobs! The influence to make this happen should then come from the corporations who do business with these suppliersnot just McDonald’s but KFC Wendy’s Burger King Taco Bell etc.every restaurant that sells animal meat bought from such suppliers!

  • sara says:

    i love you peta i donte live mc donal’s creulty

  • Maddi says:

    Chrissie doesn’t forget to use her voice. She speaks for those that are unable to speak for themselves. Chrissie Hynde is my new hero.

  • jade owen says:

    ARE YOU WATCHIN’ ARE YOU WATCHIN’ ARE YOU WATCHIN Mc DONALDS This is FABULOUS!!!!!!!!!!! thank you chrissy! thats gunna show mcdonalds lets watch their custom drop now!!!!! Thanks so much!!!!!!! im so happy!!!! JADE XxXxX

  • sheri howard says:

    thanx chrissie for supporting lesser cruel methods of slaughter. and thnx for all the grest songs. u inspire my life…keep up

  • Mark says:

    Typical multi national corporate greed methods used. I hate these companies with passion. I will no longer support these bastard companies.

  • eyad says:

    god bless your soul you are saving animals life and decreasing this damned cruelty!! i hate mcdonalds!!!!!! thank you chrissie

  • eoghan says:

    i hate you mc cruelty

  • Ashley says:

    Y cant they just kill them instead of….u no. They are sick!!! I m teaching and changing what my friends and even teachers eat like KFC and mccruelty!!! So i m makin a difference!!! YAY!!! 1 chicken at a time

  • admir says:

    I hate you mcdonalds.

  • Donna says:

    I used to think that McDonald’s did a lot of good for sick children and their families however after reading this I think they are trying to give the illusion that they do. They are masking the fact that they are torturing these poor defensless creatures. I am going to stop going to Mickey D’s

  • Janna says:

    Personally I love eating at McDonalds. And then I heard about McCruelty and now I don’t wanna eat at McDonalds!!! Chickens don’t deserve this torture!!! They never did anything wrong!!!

  • mike says:

    ive boycotted mc donalds for several years and i sure will continue boycotting them. even if they change the method of executing the chickens i still be boycotting the crap donalds. shame on crap donalds and shame on the ppl who eat there

  • Dominick says:

    I would give mcdonald’s $10 if they switched methods.

  • Elizabeth Ducasse says:

    I’m so glad that people are standing up for animal rights. I shudder to think how much worse their lives would be if they didn’t have organizations such as Peta to speak for them. People can be so incredibly cruel. Thanks Peta for bringing awareness to animal cruelty and for making a difference.

  • Anita says:

    yes it is about time ppl should know the truth on how these industries abuse the animals for our pleasure to eat at McDonald’s or any fast food restaurant and most other fast food places.. after seeing on how they slaughter the animals i am not happy….

  • Tom Lahey says:

    Chrissie Way to go girl! I will never eat at a McDonald’s restaurant again unless they correct this atrocity they have allowed. Shame on you McDonalds!

  • Kathleen says:

    In response to Destiney nobody can MAKE someone do what they don’t want to do like becoming a vegetarian. However there is NO excuse for the way McDonald’s inhumanely slaughters their chickens. We are trying to make that company change this type of slaughter from their suppliers. Vegetarian or not this is about animal abuse.

  • Raul Camarillo says:

    I dont even like mc donalds i am haiting it cruel people….

  • Andrew says:

    i think it’s to stupid to interfere into someones life and make a person do what she or he didn’t want tolike being vegetarian

  • Destiney says:

    I want to do that here. I am thinking of having to talk to our school green club and do a protest

  • GABRIELA says:

    i wishh i were thereee

  • Ng Sin Hoe says:

    PLease help in any way possible to let the world know that what they are eating at McDonald’s breeds cruelty. McDonald’s should take note and start serving vegan meals. Not only that McDonald’s should encourage the public to become vegetarians if McDonald’s want to help save the environment.

  • lottiexx says:

    i hate mc donalds i am a vedgie i think whatever they do is wrong they must have no hearts

  • peter says:

    i worked Cargillmeat solutionsExcellformerly oscarmeyer plant in BeardstownILthey killed 810000 hogs a day by CO2 sufficationsome did not dieor would come back to life hanging upsidedown with their throat cutso then they were electrocuted or shot.

  • Paige and Kayla says:

    I think mc Donald’s should have better slauter meathods!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • lewis.ken.watkins or [email protected] says:

    hi im lewis.ken.watkins and i just seen this siteand the twisted cooking moma thing and i sat with my m8 playing on it and i hate the game but love the go veg stuff but from now and for ever im going veg and add me on msn plz the more people add me the mre ill care cuz ill no who hates killing animals and i love my animals i love the magpies to the elephants t the sharkssome times

  • madelyn says:

    i LOVE it that they’re having that stuff on billbourds. now hopefully people will realize the crap that they are eating. mcdonalds… i should say MCCRUELTYmakes me sick to my stomache.

  • Chrissy says:

    mcdnls and kfc is sooo cruel….can we boycott them sumhow….also…how could any1 work their knowing what they do to the chickens!

  • samantha says:

    hi my name is Samantha Duffy and i think that what mcdonalds are doing are rong im going to now on refuse to eat it i love the animals and i dont think this is right i am christian and i think if god saw his creation of the chicken be tormented and killed inhumanly like this he would be furious. I think that the qworld should know this should be public it should be all over the news it should be on sings beside the rode and on round abouts i think that if the public found out what was happening to these chickens i think that at least 50 of buyers would be put of they may not stop eating it but they would still want the change im only age 13 and i can understand how inhuman this is and all of those adults in change of mcdonalds cant see it all they care a bout is the money i think we should give them a peice of our minds we should all give them a tast of there medicine and show them that we are as valuable as the animals so there is one last question……..ARE YOU WITH ME!!!

  • the guy who loves animals says:

    Mccruelty Im hatin it

  • Emma says:

    I would suggest that all the humans with compassion to please boycott and boycott totally KFC McDonald’s. Do not patronize these two heartless cruel brutal and inhumane creatures. They do not deserve to make big bucks at the CRUEL EXPENSE of those poor chickens’ lives for the sake of satisfying the unsatiable desires of the hungry people out there.

  • Fast Food Free says:

    MCD’S IS SUPER BAD! but I also hate KFC…

  • Tayla says:

    Before this campaign i always thought that because mcdonalds is such a large corporation that it would kill its animals in such a cruel way. after watching the video on here i cried because i dont see the sense in killing animals that way. Im never ever eating from mcdonanls again. Im hatin’ it.

  • YellowUbi says:

    Thank you Chrissie! It seems so cowardly that humans obviously stronger than chickens are abusing them. What makes me so mad is that when I talk about this at school everyone thinks it’s funny. I bet they wouldn’t think it was if it were dogs. Animals are all amazing and none should be mistreated. Chickens can make very good pets too.

  • Mariana says:

    Stop animal slauther. animals are hung alive. Cows are beaten to death. Stop animal abuse. GO VEGETARIANS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • zaya says:

    im hating mccrulty! i wonder if BK does the same?