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Chrissie Hynde Is ‘hatin’ it’ Across America

Written by PETA | August 24, 2009

The Pretenders’ world tour landed in Salt Lake City on Sunday—and Rock and Roll Hall of Famer Chrissie Hynde was happy to use the occasion to launch her PETA campaign urging McDonald’s to require its suppliers to upgrade to less cruel slaughter methods. In addition to using her stage as a platform to advocate a McDonald’s boycott and tossing campaign T-shirts to her audience, Chrissie unveiled her brand-new “i’m hatin’ it” ad at a Salt Lake City McDonald’s today. Check out some of the action below, and then head to KSL-TV to see how it played on the news:








That spectacular artwork you see there is soon to be on billboards across the country—starting with Chrissie’s hometown of Akron, Ohio. Lucky Akron! First it gets its own vegan restaurant, now this awesome billboard …

Written by Amanda Schinke

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  • Jesse D says:

    I’m not a vegitarian by any sense of the term but there simply is no need but greed for cruelty

  • Prisim says:

    Can’t we just boycott McDonald’s because they make horrible food? It’s garbage.

  • Kandy says:

    I would have never thought a company with the respect of the Ronald McDonald House and what that chaity stands for could be close to anything like this. If we stand together we can make a change happen and we can STOP buying their chicken and when their profits drop they will make a change.

  • Jayme says:

    thank you for doing this me and my friends are getting a bunch of people to do it in maple ridge. Nothing should be treated the way they are. How would people feel if they got brutily killed like that? Animals have hearts and brains just like us. There mamals just like us. goveggie.

  • jordan says:

    its stupid yea they are cruel but the food is too good

  • Aaron Giglio says:

    Yes!!! This chicken cruelty is total SPARTA!!!!!! Bethany good for you ’cause you know what? If you were in there they’d be killing more chickens!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • quise says:

    i dnt think any of thiz isz real at all because if it wuzz it wuld of ben on the newz

  • patito says:

    this is so great thx X3

  • Bethany says:

    I love her! I’m a young vegetarian from Ohio! She makes me proud to be from Ohio!

  • flynn says:

    i dont care about chickens at all but after i saw what mcdonalds does to chickens i was really Ped off. BOYCOT MCDONALDS

  • Suvarna Shrotri says:

    I feel sorry for the chickens who have to go thru such a painful death slammed upside down in metal shackles their limbs are bruised broken many still conscious as they are dunked into scalding hot water. Chickens are among the most abused animals on earth. Urge McDonald’s its suppliers to use a far less cruel form of poultry slaughter that would greatly reduce the suffering of these poor birds. Turn vegetarian

  • Suzan says:

    I am against cruelty to animals altogether . In fact justice is among animals all the injustice comes from us “humen”.

  • Liz says:

    I agree with the person who said that they should focus on not killing birds or ANY animals at all rather than do it differently but this may be a step up… In my eyes there’s a point to all this “she looks good” talk…because she’s VEGAN! Learn from that! It’s amazing what a vegan diet can do for you as well as the environment!

  • devin gibb says:

    can people quit comenting on how chrissy looks good and actully look at the problem she is telling us.thank you

  • Ethan says:

    This campaign is almost a lost cause because there won’t be any changes but at least you guys did something. People will continue to buy chicken meals at McDonalds so there will be no incentive for McDonalds to stop buying the cheapest ‘previously tortured’ meat. Mcdonalds is a place to get ‘tasty’ fast cheap unhealthy food. People will ignore this ad campaign because they don’t want something they like to be taken away. It’s easy too because PETA’s reputation is like animal terrorists and when someone thinks of McDonalds they remember a happy childhood. Those are just my thoughts on all this. Personally I dislike animals and logically since you are what you eat I happen to be a vegan.

  • Arnold says:

    I fin hat McD’s!! man i think im goin vegetarian argg.. poor chickens..

  • WInfield says:

    I recently became vegetarian and I couldn’t be happier with my diet. I’ve always hated fast food and was very particular with eating meat when I ate it. Little did I know what I was putting into my body. My family is still carnivorous but I’m trying to convince to switch but it’s pretty hard.

  • Mitchell Umbdenstock says:

    Ditto on that BOYCOTT It’s toobad when you try to unveil the truth and open people’s awareness they defend the evil as if it’s holy and has them by strings. I try family are just stuck and an argument with them is against all the corporations on their shoulders!

  • Carla says:

    I was there it was awesome! I think that the biggest impact was made on the very young adults 13 14… if you could have seen the looks on their faces as they saw our signs with the pictures of boiledalive chickens they gave the whole thing some thought and were pretty grossed out! Two young ladies were there protesting they’re 13 vegetarian and making a difference with their friends. Outstanding! Watch for announcements of the next visit to McDonald’s and KFC!!

  • Steph says:

    I read about Chrissy and what she is doing is an inspiration I am a vegetarian because I HATE and i repeat HATE thinking and knowing that animals are being killed for peoples pleasure!every time im near meat I look at it and i see the poor innocent animal that is being killed for food sitting on the plate and begging for help. I love animals and I hate to see them get hurt my name is Stephanie I am 13 and I live in Calgary AB and i am a vegetarian and proud! BOYCOTT MCDONALDS!

  • chrissy says:

    mcdonalds KFC a both ran by evil people animal cruelty should stop right away but alot of people don’t care all they care about is $money$ and that is a horrible thing chickens shouldn’t be treated like that !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • kaitlyn says:

    i absolutely hate hearing about what these people are doing to chickens just for people to eat. personally i think that eating meat is gross and it makes me sick everytime i look at anything like that . then to see these pooor little innocent chickens ahve there lives taken from them so people can eat it is so horrible. I HATE MC DONALDS AND KFC . THEY BOTH TORCHER THE CHICKENS AND IT SHOULD STOP !

  • Paige says:

    Thank you Chrissie you are awesome!!!!!

  • clarisse l. courcier says:

    Thank You all of the same mind set I know we can fix it along with all of the big boo boo’s we are doing. Let’s stick together and pull this life together. We all know how

  • Caitlin R. says:

    This is such an amazing feat.

  • Leslie says:

    Awh man I wish I could have been there. She is so awesome and what a billboard huh? Thank god for leaders like Chrissie. Way to go!

  • chrp says:

    im french. Here all chickens are gazed before killed. Its again a murdrer but better than in US. Crazy human

  • SILVIA says:

    boycott boycott mcdonald’s is too cruel! Silvia Italia

  • vera says:

    Good job in this age we’re a differet kind of race…the old days must take also the cruelty not only to people but as well as to any kind of animals they feel pain too!! The passed years form of thinking has to be forgotten!!!

  • Brian Mangano says:

    Hey Chrissie thanks for being an inspiration to all of us!! I have always wanted to get involved in an attempt to stop the cruelty seeing that you’ve actually attempted over and over gave me the motivation to become active in fighting the murderers . Thank you!!!

  • Mike Quinoa says:

    Kurt Ronald McDonald House is indeed a good thing but what prevents McD’s from showing a little compassion toward chickens and adopting controlled atmosphere killing? Don’t forget also that most of the money for RMHC comes from the public and corporate sponsors not from McDonald’s. I’m sure the chickeneaters among their clientele would prefer that chickens die in the most humane way and not the way that McD’s permits.

  • Mark says:

    McDonalds is a terrible corporation and you don’t need PETA or Chrissie Hynde to tell you that but I am glad they are out there demonstrating. It is amazing to me that people put that shit in their body. I am 45 and have stayed away from fast food since I left my teens.

  • Bridget Curran says:

    I’m hatin’ McDonalds but I’m lovin’ Chrissie Hynde! She looks amazing and her message is fab.

  • Audrey says:

    I live in the area around SLC and saw this on the local news and I was disappointed to see that they did not favor PETA in such a good light. In fact they interviewed some people against taking action with PETA and didn’t get a bystander with the same ideal. I wish they would have or I wish I would have been there to do it!

  • Mike Quinoa says:

    Talk about your sexy vegetarians over 50. Chrissie looks amazingin mind body and spirit.

  • ron says:

    Saw The Pretenders several times this year. Great shows by a great lady who has influenced me for the better. Ron Slurkanich

  • Kurt K says:

    What a terrible place. “McDonald’s conducts an annual fundraiser in November called McHappy Day. Since 2002 it has raised $150 million for RMHC Ronald McDonald House Charities and children’s charities around the world.” We shouldn’t go there. Lets see if I get denied a second time. If I do somebody tell me why.

  • Mark Gilmore says:

    Chrissie Hynde still looks good after all these years.

  • ciochetto says:

    cows give us milk and i guess as your way of thanks you turn them into burgers. chickens give us eggswhich feel no pain and there again into 450 degree deep fryer. we have not chosen well

  • Marlene Rodriguez says:

    Wow finally some billboardsDD for people to know what they are eating!!!! love you all who help animalsespically PETA great work Chrissie!!!

  • AAG says:

    I love the work Chrissie Hynde does for the other animals. I have attended demos against KFC but Iwe don’t focus on killing the birds differently Iwe focus on the violent cruel death they endure and that a diet without flesh is best. As a member of PETA I appreciate the work and effort on behalf of animals but focusing on a different way to kill the birds is not acceptable to me. It is for many flesh eaters since maybe it may make them feel better. I don’t want anyone eating flesh to feel better because of a differnet method I want them to feel better from not eating flesh and ceratainly for the animals they will feel better from simply not being slaughtered using any method.

  • a caring person says:

    I mcdonalds!!!

  • Heather says:

    Billboard placement is perfect!!! Thank you once again PETA for finding such clever ways to save our animal friendsit works!

  • Curtis says:

    Hell ya! Awesome demo to bring attention to McDonalds’ refusal to stop some of the worst abuses in the chicken industry. And Chrissy looks GREAT!

  • lynda downie says:

    Thankyou Chrissie for using your celebrity to bring awareness to the cruelty that chickens endure for McDonalds.You’re truly a remarkable person.

  • vegancoin says:

    it’s so good to know that a multitalented artist like Chrissie Hynde is vegetarian has a soul has compassion has a conscience and fights for the rights of animals everyday. an inspiration to us all. keep up the good work. peace begins on your dinnerplate.

  • Ramiro Fauve says:

    Someone has to fight for the helpless. Go man go.

  • Rob says:

    Damn! What a great artist a great cause I love Chrissie more every day! And Dan Mathews to boot what a team! It’s amazing what one person can do when they’re as dedicated as Chrissie!

  • Brien Comerford says:

    Chrissie Hynde is the ultimate animal rights activist. She’s strident about it for moral spiritual animal welfare and planetary reasons. The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame vocalist is boundlessly talented and humane. God Bless her !

  • Pamela Ernest says:

    I was a fan of “The Pretenders” back in the 80’s…now I’m even a bigger fan.. especially of Chrissie Hynde. From rock star to hero.