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Chrissie Hynde in Australia

Written by PETA | January 31, 2007

With The Pretenders set to play Sydney, Chrissie Hynde made a quick stop to unveil a new PETA ad designed to draw attention to a gruesome procedure that Australian lambs are subjected to. The launch comes just a month after Pink narrated our video exposé of the wool industry. This ad isn’t exactly PETA’s most lighthearted work, but the procedure, which involves an Australian farmer, a frightened lamb, and a pair of gardening shears, doesn’t really allow for a whole lot of levity. Chrissie, whose tireless dedication to helping animals is nothing short of heroic, unveiled the ad at the Sydney Opera House today. Incidentally, this is why I don’t wear wool.


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  • Adrian Smeda says:

    Its not whether “Prevention is better than a cure” its that the prevention methods are cruel Hence animal cruelty PETA wants to abolish this kind of behaviour as there are other methods of prevention which only needs funding.

  • Thomas James says:

    How about showing a image of a fly blown sheep that is truly a distressing sight.Spray anasthetics are now been used. We must always remember that this beatup is made from a agricultral compeditor who have shown themselves more than capable of misinformation.

  • suzy says:

    i know it looks bad and it is bad and genetic technology to replace this process is currently being worked on. but mulesing is still better than the alternative. the alternative is that the skin and oily wool attracts flies which lay maggots which eat the sheep from the inside out while its still alive through its arse until it dies. this is fly strike. farmers arent pointless barbarians they do it do protect their stock as unfortunately there is not yet any alternative

  • lee says:

    Maybe this procedure mulesing looks cruel at first but what may happen to the lamb once heshe grows into a sheep with a thick layer of wool upon surrounding there rear end may lead to worse pain and uncomfortble situations for the sheep ie. flystrike This leads to alot more work for those caring for the sheep and more chemiclas being applied to the animal to try and fix the problem flystrike. ‘Prevention is Better than Cure.’

  • Bridget says:

    Chrissie and Pink are compassionate and awesome to speak up for these tortured creatures. I wish more people in the limelight would do more than party like rock stars show their vagina’s to the world or switch partners like soyicecream flavors. We need more brave strong women to be the voices for the animals that count on us to stand up for them when we know what is happening all around us right now to animals is downright unequivocally cruel!

  • kelly says:

    What sane human being could do this to an animal? But I guess I’ve answered my own question. These people are INSANE