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Chris Noth Is Not Mr. Big

Written by PETA | September 16, 2009
whosdatedwho / CC
Chris Noth


Don’t worry, he’s still John James Preston, but Big? Not so much.

A vegetarian cleanse helped Chris Noth slim down so that he could reprise his role as the charming commitmentphobe in Sex and the City 2. When asked how he got that body into shape, he said, “It was a total vegetarian diet … I’ve never been a vegetarian, but the way [the Island Experience in Brazil] prepare[s] it is exquisite.”

Even though he left Carrie at the altar in Part 1, if he makes this new vegetarian lifestyle permanent, it might make me forgive him in time for Part 2. There’s really no better way to stay trim, healthy, and compassionate … you can bet your cosmo on that.

Written by Christine Doré

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  • Laura says:

    The AmericanBrazilian vegetarian actor who plays the part of NYC’s John Big in the Sex and the City films and HBO series slims and looks very healthy. My regards senor. Bon appetit’ siempre fresco puro Y aromatico como ninguno.

  • Laura says:

    After I read the article it was like the heavens opened up and the angels are now singing and the waves are gently rolling to shore. Mr. Noth is very charming and more attractive than ever! I wish I were Carrie. She’s the lucky one on the receiving end that’s tagged vegetarian sex.

  • Michele says:

    Wow that makes him even sexier than ever in my eyes!! Yummmy…