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You Choose the Next PETA Billboard

Written by PETA | September 2, 2009

Everyone seemed to have something to say about our recent billboards in Jacksonville, Florida. Some people loved one or both, while others loathed the first and were bored by the second. But regardless of where you stood, please help us decide what billboard should go up next.

We’ve narrowed the options down to four billboards that make the point that a vegetarian diet is brain food. First, read this and then please vote for your favorite billboard, invent your own, or heck, even tell us not to run any of them. It’s in your hands.


Billboard 1


Billboard 2


Billboard 3


Billboard 4


A recent article in New Scientist reveals that researchers at the University of California in Los Angeles have discovered that as people age, the bigger their body mass, on average, the smaller their brain, “with the frontal and temporal lobes – important for planning and memory, respectively – particularly affected.”

No wonder Grandpa can’t remember where he put that “Double Down.”

Since a vegan diet (no fatty, cheesy crap) is almost guaranteed to make you slimmer, it can likely also increase your odds of staying sharp as you age. Our four billboards drive home the point that a pure vegetarian diet is a smart diet. Cast your votes here.


Which billboard should PETA run next?(survey software)


Written by Karin Bennett

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  • RJ says:

    I KNOW this has already been posted but still Einstein was not vegetarian for the most productive years of his life. I can also think of quite a few brilliant scientists who are not vegetarian. The name Stephen Hawking comes to mind.

  • Hema Bedasie says:

    I voted for the Einstein one. A lot of people admire Einstein and I think that one will make them stop and think maybe even look at vegetarians in a different light.

  • MH says:

    Eating meat doesn’t necessarily make your fat. I eat meat and I’m underweight. However deepfried and heavily processed meats do have a high fat content. Still they won’t MAKE you fat as long as you get exercise and eat a balanced diet which includes meat.

  • Chris says:

    I like the Einstein although I’m not too fond of the picture I think you could do better there. I also like the second one although people might just dismiss that very easily. The first and the last one seem to be problematic for me given that there was such an uproar with the billboard of the woman and that wasn’t even a photo!. While I personally think that there is nothing wrong with alerting people to the connection between obesity and meat eating obviously many people are offended by this and will more likely be turned off vegetarianism than turned on. Even more so in this case since the messages imply that fat people are also stupid. I’d be very careful with a message like that and quite frankly being a scientist myself I am not sure one study is sufficient to back up a strong claim like that.

  • karen says:

    actually i know vegetarians that are over weight so vegetarianism doesn’t necessarily equal being fit. AND I know people who are overweight and are very intelligent. You shouldn’t ignorantly label people based on their weight.

  • ace says:

    Since a vegan diet no fatty cheesy crap is almost guaranteed to make you slimmer… Sure doesn’t work for Lurking Girl! D

  • cath says:

    so people are upset by posters of a cartoon fat chick but are ok with posters of fat AND stupid blokes? thank god this isn’t another sexist debate.

  • sarahcrimson says:

    the einstein one is awesomexD