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Chinese Scientists Learn Non-Animal Testing, Thanks to PETA

Written by PETA | November 7, 2012

Thanks to a grant from PETA, scientists in China are learning how to test cosmetics in a test tube instead of on animals. The Institute for In Vitro Sciences (IIVS), a global leader in the advancement of alternatives and known for its brilliant work in helping corporations switch from animal to non-animal testing, just held a seminar at Beijing Technology and Business University (BTBU) to teach Chinese scientists how to test cosmetics ingredients without using animals. The training was made possible by a new grant to IIVS from PETA—the second grant that we’ve given the group for its international work—to help purchase equipment needed for the course. PETA first became involved following our discovery that Avon, Mary Kay, and Estée Lauder had been secretly paying for tests on animals despite many years on PETA’s list of companies that don’t test cosmetics on animals.


A Change Coming to China The Chinese government requires tests on animals before many cosmetics products can be marketed in that country. PETA (along with our friends at PETA Asia) is working to change that, and one key is having scientists who are ready to implement non-animal (in vitro) test methods. BTBU is home to the largest university program in cosmetics science in China, and the school is establishing a new laboratory to teach and conduct in vitro testing. About 30 students and faculty members took part in the training. With a $33,000 PETA grant—thanks to the McGrath Family Foundation, whose support makes this possible—IIVS was able to train participants on a procedure that can be used in place of the cruel Draize eye irritancy test performed on rabbits. As Dr. Rodger Curren, IIVS’ president, explained: Support from PETA has allowed the university to expedite the incorporation of hands-on training in non-animal (in vitro) methods to undergraduate, graduate and faculty at BTBU. Both faculty and students are enthusiastic about the training and planning for future sessions has already begun. What You Can Do Please buy cosmetics and personal-care products only from companies that don’t test on animals, and tell Avon, Mary Kay, and Estée Lauder that you won’t buy their products as long as they fund animal testing.

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  • Amber says:

    I will patronize companies who play dirty games in politics. Animal testing has nothing to do with necessary science. It’s all about favors and politics and keeping the money wheel spinning for and in every possibility. These companies are unethical, disconnected with modern enlightenment and are out to profit at all costs.

  • carol says:

    This is great..Thanks China for realising we as consumers should be respected not to be involved in animal cruelty.

  • Teresa says:

    Keep-up the good work PETA!

  • Kasper says:

    Please work to stop all kinds of animal cruelty, including animal tests. Nice to see progress, but we should have (many) shops/chains that guarantees that their products are not tested on animals, so it’s much easier for consumers to support this cause.

  • Joke Melville says:

    Please stop this insanity. It is totally unnecessary and I nor will my daughter in laws purchase your products now or in the future until we hear that you have totally stopped using animals as your testing ground. How barbaric!

  • Amanda Elliott says:

    This is the 21st century…we do not need to test on animals!

  • Jerry Davis says:

    Many humans will support anything if there is money as the result of their actions. The more they do the greedier they get to the point they lose their ability to change. They will never think of themselves as depraved and evil because they are blind to anything other than more of things they want. They never think they are as bad or worse than Adolph Hitler but they still do despicable acts of torture and Hitler thought the same way. The only way to stop them is to eliminate the equation of money and relevancy.

  • harley says:

    no living animal should have to go through such horrible things they are just like people in so many ways.. how would those dr’s or scientist like it be if we did to them what they do to these innocent animals?

  • Miriam says:

    This is breakthrough news for me! I am just reading this article for the first time. I could not be happier!! Of course this is just the beginning of a very very long journey. We need to understand that the change in the actual chinese law will not happen inmmediately (Very Unfortunately…), but this is a very, very good start. It is a good start because it is through knowledge that we gain conciousness of our actions, how good or bad they are, and how much they affect those involved. At the same time, knowledge is good because opens up other alternatives. And once those alternatives are available then we need to work on helping people making the right choice. Lets remember: China is a place where people abides to tradition very strictly is just in their nature; so breaking traditional form of thought will not be an easy task. But I have hopes that this is the beginning of the road on the right direction. Other countries and their policies may help, but the true change and pressure on the government laws must come from within, so only when the population has embraced the concept of ANIMALS RIGHTS and is widely known that we have alternatives to cruel animal testing, is when I actually see a real change happening (from the law point of view). But this is a great beginning! Thanks PETA for this effort, thanks to the sponsor of this campaign!

  • Vladimir says:

    burn in hell Avon, Mary Kay, and Estée Lauder!!!!

  • Gracie says:

    I am in tears to know that you guys made a difference in every animal’s life and strive to do more. I wish I know of a way that I can join your organization globally. PLEASE PLEASE hurry and do something about animal testing here in the USA. PLEASE find a way to get brands of non-animal testing products in every grocery stores. A person needs a PHD to find non-animal testing products that he or she uses daily. I don’t mean cruelty-free, I mean ABSOLUTELY NO ANIMAL TESTING AT ANY STAGE OR POINT IN TIME. I mean, there’s GOT to be some kind of loophole catcher to catch these companies. When I am president of the universe, death penalty to animal cruelty, testing, torture, and abandonment.

  • Monica says:

    I’m from China,and I’m thrilled to hear that my country made an effort with PETA to stop animal sufferings.I believe more and more scientists will join the work:)BTW,China is NOT a bad place,people here are kind and animal-loving^~^

  • Sylvie Auger says:

    I’m proud of you PETA. Continue your good work to save animals’lives.

  • Learn Chinese Online says:

    This is a good news for animal lovers like me. I hope everyone learns from these scientists and stop cruelty against animals. These guys are doing a great job. And I sure will check cosmetic products before buying.

  • Jaqueline says:

    I am so HAPPY to hear these great news ! (: Before to me China looked like a bad place because of their fur farms.China still looks bad to me but at least not everyone in china makes wrong decisions.

  • MªPilar CMartinez says:

    Please stop stop stop

  • Angelika Beneke says:

    Stooooooooooooooooop !!!

  • mark osborne says:

    No animals should indure this sadistic torture for the sake of vanity. This animal cosmetic testing is a cop out and our animals should be protected from these cosmetic companies. It makes my toes curl when I watch those glamourous ads on Tv and I bow my head in pity and sadness for the animals.

  • RRamsey says:

    Thank you, PETA! This is real progress in reducing animal suffering in laboratories. It’s great that PETA is working with China to reduce and eventually end experimenting on animals in that country. In the meantime, I’ll stick to the products that have the bunny logo. Keep up the great work!