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Chinese Government Nabs Prestigious Animal Welfare Award

Written by PETA | September 7, 2010

The following is a cross post from PETA Asia-Pacific’s blog, The Hot and Sour Scoop.

Mention China and animals in the same sentence and visions of foxes and raccoon dogs who are skinned alive for fur often come to mind. But in what many hope signals the beginning of a turnaround, China’s State Forestry Administration (SFA) has placed a landmark ban on animal shows in zoos and circuses throughout the country. This major milestone is why the SFA has been named the 2010 recipient of PETA Asia’s Advancement in Animal Welfare Award.

The SFA’s latest move means that the cruelest shows—ones that feature live feeding, tigers forced to jump through burning hoops, and motorbike-riding bears—will disappear. In fact, in order to give itself time to weed out the worst zoos and circuses, the SFA has imposed a moratorium until the end of the year on domesticating or breeding wild animals for these shows.



Moreover, all forest departments must review and reform their local regulations, management, and facilities regarding animal entertainment venues. New regulations are also expected to cover confining and breeding animals in zoos and circuses.

SFA’s progressive action will do a lot to help animals in China, and you can do your part too. Don’t patronize shows that feature live animals for entertainment—take a stand by signing our pledge against imprisoned animal “entertainers” today!

Written by Agnes Tam

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  • Carol says:

    Why do the chinese people eat dogs,cats,dolphins and whales just to mention a few. Your ways are cruel animals feel pain the same as we do Stop THE MADNESS NOW!!!!!!!! Please answer this

  • David says:

    Wait what? Circus animals banned in China??????? Seriously? Animal welfare has been vacant in China for way too long. Could we get a major news release of this info so I can add this info to Wikipedia. Blogs cannot be used as references for the site. Please email me.

  • andrea says:

    its always in my thought’s about the poor animals been skinned alive in Chinai’d be very intersted to know whats happened since Peta exposed it’s video on dogs etc been thrown to the ground and stomped on.China seems so modernyet these practice’s are cave middle agei don’t trust the Chinesethere liarsand only want your money

  • Mary Jeanne Hernadez says:

    I too am from the Philippines. And just like Anon have been including God’s creatures in my daily prayers. Graduallyour pleas are being answered through the help of PETA! Let the ousted of the fur farms be the ultimate victory for China

  • Kathy says:

    Its a step in the right direction for sure but they have a very long way to go. When the fur and meat trade of dogs and cats is stopped that is a major victory!!!!!

  • Rev. Meg Schramm says:

    That’s a step in the right direction. Now lets tell China to stop killing dogs and cats for their fur purposefully mislabling it “Rabbit” and sending it to gullible consumers around the world.

  • nikki (J Helen) Smith says:

    I hope China does a turnaroun and treats the circus animals w respect. Now they need to get rid of the fur farms.

  • Glys says:

    Im glad to hear this good news! I am from Philippines i once watched in our local tv news the maltreatment of these animals at circus and i was so devastated. Since then i never fail to include in my prayers the welfare of these animals and those that suffer from violence. Im really happy and thankful. I hope this will continue and more people will support this battle.

  • Anon says:

    This makes me so proud for China! I hope that they stick with it and thoroughly enforce it. Now if only other countries would follow in China’s footsteps… I never thought there’d come the day where I’d say that… so that is what makes me even more happy for China being so proactive about this!

  • nancytd says:

    Wow! That’s definitely a step in the right direction.