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Chimpanzee Jabbed 300 Times Suffers PTSD

Written by Heather Faraid Drennan | November 18, 2011

As part of a four-part series on chimpanzees in laboratories published this week, tells the story of a chimpanzee named Katrina who was taken from her mother as an infant to be infected with HIV and hepatitis B and C, even though chimpanzees’ bodies don’t react to these diseases in the same way as humans’ do. Katrina was anesthetized almost 300 times by the age of 15 and was never given any painkillers after numerous invasive liver biopsies. This caged, lonely life, punctuated by fear and pain, so traumatized Katrina that she developed symptoms of severe post-traumatic stress disorder and has lost a third of her body weight.

Tragically, despite the fact that Katrina was supposedly retired in 2002, she is one of 14 chimpanzees who were sent to the Southwest Foundation for Biomedical Research eight years later for use in more invasive and painful infectious disease experiments. (Pressure from PETA and other groups successfully halted the transfer of 200 other chimpanzees.) Katrina’s plight graphically illustrates how high the stakes are in the fight to ban experiments on great apes.

The Wired series and another story that ran this week in The New York Times come just weeks before the Institute of Medicine‘s scheduled December release of its report on the issue.

Last month, the editors at Scientific American came out in favor of banning experiments on chimpanzees. To continue to build momentum for the ban, please also post positive comments in response to the Wired and Times articles. Click here to ask your members of Congress to support the Great Ape Protection and Cost Savings Act, which would ban invasive experiments on all great apes and retire all federally owned chimpanzees currently in laboratories to sanctuaries.

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  • Emily says:

    Wow that’s so sad! What if you had to have that in you? What if you we’re those animals? Its mean, sad and really not right. We’re putting pain on other animals just so greedy humans don’t have to do it there selfs!!!!! People are very greedy! I would NEVER be able to cause pain on poor, helpless animald like they do!!!!!! PETA ROCKS!

  • Roberta says:

    why involve a third party to this testings? like really… if you wanna figue out something do it yourselves scientists! so yeah, basically im saying, inject yourselves with HIV and Hepatitis.. cruelty.

  • lara says:

    I don’t get it why there should be a ban on great ape research – as they are the closest relatives of man – and not on the other animals! in this new doctrine there is no logic! unfortunately the speciesistic attitude of jane goodall transformed the international animal protection movements into ape protection movements! so we can restart at the very beginning! in this case i retire from 50 years of animal rights struggling and wait for better times and a less speciesistic attitude! ALL ANIMALS HAVE TO BE TAKEN OUT OF VIVISECTION AND NOT JUST CHIMPS! If this bill would pass this would be a catastrophe for all the other animals because the vivisectors would say: now you got your apes and let us alone with the others – and goodall – this saint joan of the ecologists shall disappear in the jungle together with her chimps and shut her mouth forever! sic!!! Fifty years of struggling just for freaky chimps is not very much – indeed! if there should be preferences this first place belongs to the dog and not the chimp! it’s the dog who saves human lives and is our best friend and every kind of experimentation on this species has to stop first!!! this favoring of special species is new and i am outraged about this new tendency – so i can’t help it but i start to dislike chimps because they steal the place which belongs firstly to other animals who are more nice and lovely! the chimp is the only species without any beauty and charme, indeed!

  • melissam says:

    There are many other ways of continuing medical research without the torture of living breathing animals. Humans need to make a greater effort to end the suffering in labratories by taking a compassionte stand point when it comes to conducting experimentaion on great ape’s and all living creatures.

  • jon says:

    It is a shame that Peta has not yet attempted to heavily fund scientists and physicians along with suffering human patients to co-sponsor Medical Research Modernization bills in Congress. There is such enormous evidence to how almost all of this is unscientific. Even the very small portion of it that is scientific falls at the bottom of the list in efficacy compared to the 90-plus nonanimal research methods that exist today and as a result should not be funded. Just think of the millions of people who would be aboard if the approach was switched to a focus on the harm done to humans. I am not willing nor are the animals to wait centuries for society to slowly evolve morally in finally ending vivisection. I find it extremely depressing that as great as PETA is they just do not for some reason see this super-easy to understand NEW approach which they shun.

  • Elena Perez de Gracia says:

    Seria un gran avance para la humanidad que NO utilizaran grandes simios en labaratorios, nuestra sociedad en el siglo XXI, no necesita en absoluto estos experimentos. Es una muy buena noticia los todos los tramites para sacar a los chimpancés de los laboratorios, somos millones de personas que deseamos enviar a estos pobres animales a santuarios adecuados, después de tanto sufrimiento es lo mínimo que podemos hacer por ellos.