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Victory! Notorious Animal Abuser Caught Red-Handed and Arrested

Written by Michelle Kretzer | August 23, 2013

It hasn’t been the best summer for notorious chimpanzee exhibitor and abuser James “Mike” Casey. First, PETA helped get him barred from a Nevada county by providing authorities with information about his plans to confine chimpanzees there illegally, torment them, and rent them out for television, movies, ads, and events. And now, authorities in Florida have slapped the cuffs on Casey after catching him in the act of unlawfully trying to unload three chimpanzees at a roadside zoo.

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) nabbed Casey on charges of possessing chimpanzees without a permit, not carrying the required insurance, and unlawful and improper transport of wildlife. PETA is also asking the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) to investigate his intended sale of the animals, because it, too, appears to be unlawful since he did not possess the requisite Animal Welfare Act (AWA) license.

Florida authorities have transferred the animals to the so-called “Suncoast Primate Sanctuary” in Palm Harbor, Florida. While certainly better than being in Casey’s charge, where, according to eyewitness testimony and USDA records, they had been punched, kicked, beaten, and scalded with boiling water, Suncoast isn’t the ideal place for these chimpanzees, as the facility is staffed entirely by unpaid volunteers and has a history of AWA violations and chimpanzee escapes.

PETA has written to the FWC thanking it for arresting Casey and seizing the chimpanzees and asking it to retire the animals to the permanent home that we have arranged for them at a true sanctuary.

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  • Marty says:

    Good job you guys, good job.

  • Cynthia Scionti says:

    Good for you Florida! I’m glad Casey was arrested and will probably be prosecuted. Make him an example of what happens when you abuse animals!

  • RyanC68 says:

    Animals have feelings as much as humans have feelings. They have emotions, they love, cry,smile, mourn, just about everything humans experience, animals experience and it’s about time people are educated about that fact! Animals are better friends than most humans and it’s a shame that some humans can be such buttheads when it comes to interacting with them! Thank God for P.E.T.A.!

  • Joyce McDonnell says:

    Please IMMEDIATELY transfer thes chimps to Save the Chimps in Port St. Lucie FL. and prosecute James “Mike” Casey to the fullest extent of the law!

  • Theory Madison says:

    FWC thank you for arresting this animal abuser “Casey” Please release the chimps to Peta and the sanctuary they have arranged the chimps to live at torture free and taken care of. Thank you for your consideration, Theory Madison.

  • Gloria Fear says:

    This is wonderful new’s and my hope and prayer’s are that eventually all the evil people who treat animal’s so cruelly are found and the animal’s taken to a safe place. Then these people should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

  • Grace MacGUire says:

    Can’t anyone do anything right in this country. It seem there are more stupid people alive than any other time in history.