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Chimp, Chimp Hooray–SEGA Pulls Ape Ad!

Written by PETA | November 4, 2008
kotaku / CC
Samba De Amigo

We’re officially bananas about SEGA. In fact, we’re sending them a thank-you card and little vegan chocolates in the shape of monkeys (closest we could get to apes) as I write this. Why is this gaming giant scoring such a sweet treat? After learning that SEGA used a real chimpanzee in an online video promoting Samba De Amigo (a new Wii game in which you use your primate prowess and a pair of maracas to make beautiful music), we contacted the company.

We explained how involuntary chimpanzee “actors” are taken away from their mothers when they are just a year or so old and forced to perform confusing and repetitious tricks. We also explained some of the horrible methods that chimpanzee “trainers” use, such as isolation, beatings with sawed-off pool cues and slapjacks, and food deprivation. Then, at the ripe old age of just 8, the chimpanzees reach puberty and their showbiz careers are over—and they end up being dumped at dismal roadside zoos or sold to laboratories for experimentation.

Faster than you can mangle a Metallica song on Guitar Hero, SEGA pulled the video from its site and promised to keep all great apes out of its ads!

Please join me in giving SEGA two opposable thumbs up for making the compassionate decision to keep great apes out of the act.

Written by Amy Elizabeth

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  • Marissa says:

    Chimp chimp hooray We need more people like them…who maybe didn’t realize at first what happened to the chimps and once they did they felt so compassionate about the chimps that they refuse to use them.

  • Tylet VAnce says:

    True we shouldn’t be using animals for our amusement and those training methods are barbaric and cruel that being said the company that provided the ape for this spot uses only rescued animals. Also they have been repeatedly praised for their cruelty free holistic training methods. They have done more for health and welfare of abandoned abused Chimps than most people realize.

  • Steve Miller says:

    This is how companies and people should react when a watchdog group such as Peta asks them to stop exploiting animals. The public need to understand that the flour doesn’t get thrown and the cow and rabbit costumes don’t come out unless the company or people repeatedly ignore Peta’s intials requests. You rock Peta!!!

  • angel b says:

    Whoohoo! Thanks Sega! Now if you can only make your games a little better…

  • SASHA says:

    This is great! Wow a company that still has a heart! And as always…great work PETA for helping to make this happen!

  • anna says:

    thanks for the good news Amy. Glad you all didn’t have to give them a Litter Box award

  • Matt G says:

    In the UK they didn’ use a chimp for the advert they showed people playing the game and the actions you have to do to play the game with the Wii controllers I wonder why the two countries differed in their advertising?

  • NT says:

    Thank you Sega! I have great respect for companies that are willing to listen and correct their mistakes.

  • Hope says:

    Oh whatever.

  • Jess says:

    I don’t know how anyone can think animals enjoy performing for tv. All the bright lights and loud noises I know I wouldn’t like it! I don’t take pictures of my hamsters with the flash on well once accidentally that poor hamster jumped about an inch!.

  • James says:


  • Mazen says:

    Thankyou Sega I always loved Sega games I cant wait for Sonic Unleashed