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Chihuahuas Are Latest Fashion Victims

Written by PETA | March 2, 2011

San Francisco Animal Care and Control is so overrun with abandoned Chihuahuas that the dogs are being flown across the country by Virgin America to an animal shelter in New York. The little pups are traveling de primera clase in the main cabin, but they wouldn’t have to make the journey at all if it weren’t for people who acquire animals on a whim, only to discard them after they realize that they require more than occasional pats on the head and doggie treats.

jmurawski/cc by 2.0

Celebrities like Paris Hilton, who portray “purse pups” as accessories instead of living beings who require a lifetime of care, are largely to blame, as are movies like Beverly Hills Chihuahua, which also cause a rush on the “dog of the moment.”

Compounding the problem are the people who purchase puppies from breeders and pet stores (which usually obtain their dogs from puppy mills), instead of adopting any of the millions of dogs waiting in animal shelters for a home.

Hopefully, the media buzz created by the Chihuahua airlifts will inspire more people to give shelter dogs the buenas familias that they deserve.

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  • akbiz1 says:

    I find dogs in costumes very unappealing. I’d prefer their natural looks if you ask me.

  • Lisa says:

    Celebrities are not responsible for stupid people. We all have our owns minds and should use common sense when we make our own decisions. If I were a dog I would love to be Paris Hilton’s dog. I’m sure her dogs have the best of everything. If she wants to take her dog with her when she goes out, at least he/she is not being ignored or abandoned. She should not be judged because other people make poor choices. Yes, we all have choices and we ourselves should be held responsible for those choices.

  • cbarnes says:

    As a vet tech, I have often seen people purchase a chihuahua on impulse. Unfortunately, they do not do any research on the breed behavior or common health conditions. Shame on the thoughtless breeders who continue to select smaller “stock” and sell these unhealthy puppies as “teacup” toys. These “teacup” dogs are a walking medical disaster, and the people who bought them often aren’t aware of and likely don’t care what they will soon face. These dogs have open fontanels, which mean their brain is exposed and vulnerable to trauma and death. Their mouths are not large enough to hold their teeth. They often have low blood sugar. Just yesterday a family with 2 small children brought in a 2.5 lbteacup chihuahua with an open fontanel that had been dropped by the 4 year old treating it as a toy. It suffered seizures, and permanent brain damage from trauma. I long for these families to learn the joy a wonderful mutt adopted from the shelter can bring. A pyranees mix or similar mix would be the perfect companion for those children.

  • Simply_Rachh says:

    How sad, I never saw much wrong with dressing animals up, I think it’s somewhat cute- However, I do think that it’s wrong to treat them as accessories only. I dress up my little Pomeranian in his sweater before we go for walks in the snow.. However, I love this doggie with all my heart and see him beyond that of an accessory.

  • Seamus McCartney says:

    Paris Hilton does carry her dogs about with her but I’m sure she never meant for it to become a fashion trend. I do not like or dislike Paris but she does love her dog’s they have their own house built, fit for a queen. Society is in my opinion rather pathetic to even feel as though they have to go out of their way to copy celebrities. I think that if people are looking for a good role-model Pink and Pamela Anderson are some of the best as well as the McCartney’s. People are incredibly ignorant and idiotic to rush out and buy animals on a whim without considering the amount of care and attention each of them need, this also encourages them to be simultaneously bred to produce pups on puppy farms due to the rising demand, causing both the mother and the pup’s pain. Incredibly disgraceful, to think people act like this. My role-model is Angelina Jolie and although she is not vegan, I take her dedication for human rights as an example and hope one day I can be as influential for animal rights.

  • rajnii says:

    “PETS ARE NOT ACCESSORIES” when they will understand it!!!!! they can be accessorised bt cant be used as accesories….OH GOD let them get the TRUE VALUE of pets!!!!

  • Evelyn says:

    Thats a shame.

  • nancy says:

    This is really sad some people see them as accessories. The few times I’ve seen women with chihuahuas in their purses, each time the women were angry with the chihuahuas and they kept pushing them around in their bags as if they were inanimate objects that weren’t supposed to move 🙁

  • Rex's Mom says:

    About a year ago, Dr. Phil had a guest on who saw nothing wrong with dog fighting. He also had Paris Hilton on and she said she would like to punch this guy in the face. Dr. Phil praised her for her love of animals and they did bring out dogs up for adoption. But nothing was said about her cruel use of chihuahuas as fashion accessories. She claims she loves animals but not if she uses a living being the way she does.

  • Judith Basye says:

    Paris Hilton and her buddies should do a service announcement on all the time and care you have to devote to owning a pet.Their NOT accessories.