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Chihuahua Shot and Killed by Nasty Neighbor

Written by PETA | May 20, 2011

A Utah town councilmember allegedly shot and killed his neighbor’s 9-month-old Chihuahua, Rocky, simply because he was annoyed by the puppy’s barking. Yes, there was reportedly alcohol involved, but surely even an inebriated government official should know that you try talking to your neighbor instead of hauling out the heavy artillery.

Unfortunately, hotheaded numbskulls like the person who killed Rocky lurk in just about every neighborhood. PETA regularly receives reports about unattended animals who have been shot, poisoned, beaten, or even set on fire right in their own yards. Rocky’s tragic fate should serve as a reminder not to leave animals outside unsupervised.

PETA staffer Daphna Nachminovitch never lets little Gilli out of her sight when they go outside.

If you hear a dog in your neighborhood barking ’round the clock, go have a chat with the dog’s guardian. Most localities have noise ordinances, and dogs who are outside barking all the time may be neglected, so have a look. Let guardians know how dangerous it is to allow their dogs to bark nonstop. It’s better for them to get a wake-up call from a neighbor—or even the police—telling them to keep the dog inside than it would be to wake up to gunfire one day and find their beloved dog lying dead in the yard, killed by an angry neighbor.

Written by Michelle Sherrow

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  • Jackie says:

    I think people who set fire to animals, should have fire set to them!

  • marge says:

    This cretin was DRUNK!!!!! christ their could of been a child in their as well. he needs his licence removing along with his job,,RIP little one,x

  • Guichuan says:

    This is one of the many reasons dogs and cats both should NEVER be left out side unsupervised. while the jack wagon was wrong in shooting the dog he could have simply filed a noise complaint with the city instead. The owner doesn’t appear to be taking any responsibility for leaving the dog outside unsupervised and letting it bark and bark and bark and annoy the neighbors.

  • Mediattack! says:

    what a horribly stupid attitude to have about work and bill economic overload noone cares! we lost one to a hit and i was too busy trying to find the driver to report it. i found a potential case. see more at facebook dot com slash mediattack

  • evetmp says:

    what is wrong with people that they choose to be so stupid? someone should send this man for compulsory anger management, he needs to grow up and fast.

  • Emily says:

    This story is awful but sadly I heared plenty of very similar stories about evil neighbors. This man is an imbecile it might of made a bit more sense if the dog was old but it was only 9months old not even a year it didn’t know any better. This “man” used a gun while drunk which is amazing what if he decide a little kid was too loud!? I recently saved a chihuahua the breed are a bit yappy when they are scared and a big person with a gun would freak me out too. I hope he loses his seat, for what kind of person would drink, use a gun, and kill another living creature.

  • yolibeth says:

    Unbelievable!!! poor rocky 🙁

  • konkona says:

    & this jerk is a council member ???

  • Glow says:

    Very sad !!! Bastard idiot & simply MUERDERRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!! Go to the jail! Rocky R.I.P JUSTICE FOR ROCKY!

  • CarlH says:

    Carmel is right and Matt is no better than that moron who shot the poor defenseless pup…probably a repugnican since they just LOVE their guns and alcohol so much!

  • Apache Troll says:

    Oh you, Peta members. Oh you. Implying that shooting a dog will result in him receiving jailtime. lolol No wonder everybody laughs at you.

  • Valerie says:

    I have my yard right by a busy street with little thugs walking by all the time. Each morning before the dogs go out I do a check of the yard – for poison or anything suspicious, I am out there when they are out there. I escort them outside with a pepper gun. Even though we have a very tall wooden fence and keep the gate locked at all times, I still know dogs are not safe in their own back yard. I agree with the comment made by carmel – is there not a phone number of the district attorney or police for us to call and/or email (meaning them getting hundreds of calls and thousands of emails).

  • Rita says:

    If anyone killed my dog, I would kill them. Seriously. My dog is like my child.

  • Sandra Garner says:

    I Googled this story and found that Counciman Rick Wilberg was arrested on (1)Suspicion of animal cruelty which is a 3rd degree felony and (2) Intoxication. The little puppy belonged to a family last name Redmiles. They have been neighbors for several years and Wilberg complained about everything. Even the noise her pool made @ night so she started turning it off at night, watering her yard too much, etc. Intoxicated?? Is that supposed to make us feel different? No! This puppy was a part of their family!!! These stories infuriate me..and breaks my heart. TO THE REDMILES Family, my heart goes out to you! It is hard enough to loose a beloved pet but to loose one because of an evil hearted idiot has got to make it even worse. I hope they prosecute him to the fullest the law will allow!!!!

  • Toby says:

    Surely criminal charges could be brought against the murderer in question; and they should be.

  • kitsuneDM says:

    UNBELIEVABLE!!!! Since Animals are so pure and innocent, they have become the scapegoat of human being’s cruelty!! I have 3 chis, and I know how SWEET they can be as well as “annoying” when barking BECAUSE THEY ARE LEFT HOME ALONE TOO LONG. There are SO many things more annoying than a doggie barking (often happens when 2 people talk,for example..).I hope this “man” will receive the same treatment for the same reason,some way. It’s probably the one way to make him understand his crime. Sweet little Rocky, I’ll never forget you. Thank you Michelle for the things you have written and for making us know. :'(

  • kitsuneDM says:

    It’s UNBELIEVABLE!!!! Animals don’t ever deserve anything bad at all… And it seems to me that they are scapegoats for all human beings’ evil. No, it shouldn’t happen. I’ll always struggle for this not to happen anymore. Chihuahuas are as sweet as annoying when they bark BECAUSE LEFT ALONE HOME TOO LONG. I have 3 chis. I hope this “man” will receive the same treatment some way for the same reason he killed Rocky. Little sweet Rocky,I’ll never forget you. Thank you Michelle for what you have written and for letting us know… :'(

  • rachel says:

    this is not the first time i have heard a story like this. what a sick world we live in, it makes me sad. what a completely evil thing to do, to shoot an animal like that. evil and unjustifiable.

  • Leo says:


  • NicMar says:

    As someone who owns a chihuahua,this sickens and pisses me off.All i can say is karma is a ****!

  • Zenna says:

    I have a chihuahua-pom mix that loves to bark and I always keep an eye on him when he’s outside.

  • Matt says:

    I’m not surprised, those little dogs can be real bloody irritating.

  • Eleni says:

    this *** should be shot! it’s not the dog’s fault.

    my condolences to the owner of the dog – i’m sorry that you have such an ******* neighbor! Was the dog barking out of necessidy or neglect, or just starved for attention A chiuahua (however you spell it) is a sensitive breed needs love and attention as all pets do.

  • BKatrina says:

    Nice to know a heartless hothed with no reagards for another innocent living creature is somehow in a position of authority and power. My only peace is knowing that deeds like this do not go unpunished by the universe

  • carmel says:

    OK, so were any charges brought against this red-neck imbecile? It is also irritating to get stories like this and not be given the all the information. It borders on sensationalism and that is wrong too. At least give addresses of the appropriate authorities involved so we can express our outrage to them. Much more helpful then stewing in our own anger here.

  • tom moore says:

    How cruel! He needs to be fired!

  • Rosele Quadros says:

    Infelizmente estamos vivendo em um mundo cercado de violência, onde não existe mais o respeito. Acontece com as pessoas e principalmente com os animais, que dependem de nós para sobreviver. Não estamos mais seguros em lugar algum, nem em nossas próprias casas. Tenho dó dessas pessoas que são capazes de fazer mal a um cãozinho inocente como esse.

  • DogBone says:

    So what. It is a dog, not a human. Maybe people will think twice about letting their dogs bark day and night now. Too bad not so sad. The owner is to blame here for allowing it to come to this.

  • Sleazemetal says:

    And no one is doing anything?? What he’s not facing charges or what? You guys didnt start a petition to kick his *** out? That guy doesn’t deserve to be wherever the **** he is.

  • Natasha says:

    Sick people…be ashamed be really ashamed of your little self!

  • Tami Jac says:

    i’m had this happen to my dog. As sad as this is, it happens all the time. i’m not saying it’s right or even should be done but it does happen. Thank the Lord my dog is fine….but for a while there we didn’t even think she was going to make it. R.I.P Rocky, i’m sure you were greatly loved. And this is to the crual humans who shot rocky and my dog guns are not the answer. What happend if it was your god or your son are daughter getting shot, whould you feel the same way? there’s more to like than vilonce. If we’re going to change the world it’s going to have to be now! not it ten years or even ten minutes from now. NOW!!!

  • JosieJansen says:

    You Bastard!

  • Chris says:

    Any animal that is left out is not loved barking is a sign of distress-wanting. These people that leave pets unattended should be punished by more than just a tiket for noise polution.

  • Elisabete Sales says:

    Crime implies punishment! The person who did this has to go to jail and pay for this horrible crime.

  • Deena says:

    That just ain’t right.  I don’t give a ***** what your position is as a gov. employee, but you should be fired and fined BIG time.  And, then added to the Animal Abuse Registry.

  • Schmitz says:

    My neighbor threw a huge rock at my puppy,hurt his leg for days.only to find out he did it cause he snapprd at his grown dog.My puppy is two months!! His dog is the size of a GS!!

  • patty says:

    OMG this puts me in such a rage. I already hate most of the government. Now there ignoring the laws they swear to protect. its just so DISGUSTING.

  • Cathy says:

    It makes me angry that people dont respect the rights of animals. Laws need to be made. It is the only way it will happen because people are too self centered to be bothered aith having a conscience.

  • netty22 says:

    So what happened to this jerk off? jail?

  • brian says:

    This is disgusting.. this guy should be behind bars.. how in the world can this crazy lunatic be on a city council if he is killing animals. When is enough enough with these crazy people.

  • MA Moo says:

    Great article Michelle! Another good reason to adopt the Animal Abuse Registry. The person who committed this crime has a high probability of committing similar crimes against people and animals.

  • zianya says:

    Stop! the crelty! Save the Animals!!!

  • Kendall_Davis says:

    The killer of this dog is just plain sick and evil.R.I.P Dog:-( oh and follow me on twitter

  • cristy92210 says:

    OH GOD! :O thats terrible, setting dogs on fire! thats unacceptable. Dogs and animals all feel pain. this is just sad how someone could do that, even if there drunk or whaterver the reason may be. i believe that ABSOLUTLEY NO ANIMAL SHOULD BE KILLED. Thank you Michelle for sharing this 🙂