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Chickens Stop Traffic to Stop McCruelty

Written by PETA | April 1, 2010
McCruelty B-ball


Nothing says “all-American” quite like the mass slaughter of animals, right? Um, yeah—didn’t think so. These chic-with-a-beak supporters and several other friends to chickens hit the streets outside the McCruelty-sponsored All American Basketball Games during rush hour in Columbus, Ohio, yesterday. They were urging passersby to boycott McDonald’s fowl fouls and petition the company to switch to suppliers that use “controlled-atmosphere killing” (CAK), a humane play that would eliminate many of the worst abuses suffered by chickens at slaughter.

People outraged by McCruelty are signing up to host McCruelty demos in their cities, while others are pushing for Ronald’s retirement. Which will you choose?

Written by Logan Scherer

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  • Marnie says:

    Why not trying to discuss about artificial meat ???

  • Laura says:

    its so annoying about the cruelty my school is taking a field trip and all of the teachers are saying “we get to go to mcdonald’s after.” i raised my hand and said “not eating that cruelty.”

  • Betty says:

    I am sorry to say but is not possible to call “gentlemen” to these killers! McCruelty…STOP!!! Also this comment is for Mexicos McCruelty!!!

  • valeria lombardi says:

    Gentlmen Please stopit right now to kill in this cruel way these beatiful chichens Sincerly Valeria Lombardi MilanItaly