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Chickens in Canada Celebrate!

Written by PETA | June 3, 2008

So I told some of my animal buddies about the progress with the KFC campaign in regards to the animal welfare changes we secured for chickens killed for Canadian KFCs.. So we had a little celebration, as you can see here. They couldn’t really wait for the grapes to ferment into wine and all that, so they just gobbled (no pun intended) them up.

Congrats to everyone for doing such a great job with the campaign so far! The chickens especially thank you for working to make their lives better.—PulinPosted by Pulin Modi, Senior Street Team Coordinator, peta2

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  • lynda downie says:

    So true Antigone 1000.

  • Antigone1000 says:

    Dan I agree with you. I too am completely opposed to animal welfare because it basically allows people to think that mistreating an animal is okay provided we treat them “humanely” prior to their death. However there is no way to humanely separate a mother cow and a baby or any way to humanely murder an innocent being. It just is not possible. Howeverwe cannot change the situation overnite so must do what we can to make whatever changes we can for the moment. I would hope that the level of unhealthiness in this country would contribute to the creation of more vegans but that seems not to be happening or not very quickly anyway. One thing I would like to see happen is to make certain types of health care LESS affordable. For instance if you need diabetic medication because you will not lose weight and exercise then pay out of pocket for it. If you smoke you should have to bear the cost of your own cancer treatment. I think if unhealthy people had to pay for their own lifestyle choices it would make them think twice. That would not only give us a healthier population but help the animals……

  • Ian Manley says:

    Hey! Know I can eat KFC without feeling bad!

  • Maya, CVT says:

    Hi Barbara! Hope you don’t mind if I comment! It does not matter what kind of animals we keep as long as we follow these rules 1. Adopt a rescue animal never buy from a pet store breeder or breed the animals yourself. We have too many unwanted animals to create more. 2. Try not to ruin the Earth by buying environmentally destructive methods. Buy eco friendly products and don’t deforest or destroy wild animal’s habitat for your pet. Don’t adopt so many animals that natural areas have to be destroyed horses for example 3. Rabbits need a different type of home than horses. Cats need a different home than bison. Chickens need a very specific type of home too. Always ask a vet about the right environment food and care your animal needs. Look on the PETA website for the CORRECT type of care a chicken needs. Even slight deficiencies in diet or type of enclosure the chicken needs can make their lives a living hell. Please find the proper care for chickens on PETA’s website. You sound like a great “mom” keep up the good work!

  • Barbara says:

    I have a question please don’t be angry or attack me it’s sincere. Is it morallyethically wrong to keep chickens at one’s own home? If they have a great living space and are not killed for food? If it’s just for eggs? AGain I’m not trying to offend anybody and I am a Vegetarian leaning to Veganism. Any advicecomments would be appreciated. Thank you.

  • Mark D. says:

    THIS IS URGENT We MUST use this momentum to pressure KFC in the United States. Now they have NO excuse because an entire division has carried out the changes. NOW is the time to go to look up the details and FAQs and then order leaflets and LEAFLET OUTSIDE YOUR LOCAL KFC.

  • Aus Veg says:

    I’m very pleased to hear the good news and I’m with what everyone is saying. I think that it sucks that these animals have to die but it is a step in the right direction in at least treating them better. It’s cool to be a veggie!

  • lynda downie says:

    That was a pretty cool little bird who boldly jumped right up beside Pulin and then onto his lap.

  • Jason says:

    Holly I think these chickens are at a farm sanctuary. Pulin was trying to say that these chickens are happy that there brethren at the factory farms in Canada will be treated a little bit nicer.

  • Judith, Freedom Fighter for Animals says:

    Anything that is so much less painful I am all for it. Dan I sure understand what you are saying. But Animal Welfare will lead to Animal Liberation. We need to get more people on board. It must start somewhere. Great Job PETA! Great Job! Peace for all animals!

  • Dan says:

    I know something is better than nothing and that gassing is supposedly less painful than the other way although I’m sure the people who were gassed in concentration camps during World War II weren’t happy about it but to agree to no more protesting … isn’t that saying that it’s okay to kill chickens as long as they’re gassed? This should be the first step not the end of the campaign. I thought PeTA was Animal Liberation not Animal Welfare.

  • Mike Quinoa says:

    Beautiful birdsno different than dogs cats or chipmunks begging for a treat. For a slightly bizarre YouTube with Jamie Oliver demonstrating in front of the audience the fate of male layer chicks check here

  • Holly says:

    Yes a merciful death is better than a PAINFUL death. I do know this is a huge improvement for the birds who will suffer a less frightening painful death for the greed of humans. I am also very Proud and grateful for the GREAT JOB and HARD WORK PETA and others have done so the birds and other animals will suffer less. Put more Pressure on USA KFC PETA KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK. Go VEGAN BOYCOTT THE BELMONT THIS WEEKEND!

  • kelly says:

    For the chickens it means they won’t be manhandled scalded alive tortured. For a chicken getting humanely euthanized with gas is a huge improvement.

  • Canaduck says:

    I agree Holly. This is still a great step in the right direction. I don’t think PETA meant to imply that the birds killed for KFC are going to be outside or happy or anything…just that their deaths will be less terrifying and painful. And that’s still something. Also that was a really cute video.

  • Holly says:

    You paint a pretty picture of the birds in celebration however the real picture wont look like that for the birds at all. The way the birds will be cared for will be better but not like you showed in this video the end result will still be death. go Vegan