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The Chicken That Could Save Cleveland

Written by Michelle Kretzer | September 26, 2012

PETA is dishing up a partial solution to the Cleveland Metropolitan School District’s budget shortfall: Don’t cut teachers’ jobs—cut animal products instead. We’ve offered to pay to place ads featuring our chick mascot, Nugget, on school lunch trays to encourage kids to go vegan:

And if the school board takes us up on our offer, we’ll even throw in a lunch of meat-free chicken nuggets, vegan chili, and corn on the cob for one of the district’s schools.

Besides keeping the school district in the black, the ads could help students and teachers keep their consciences in the clear. Going vegan is the number one way that people can prevent cruelty to animals and environmental destruction

We can’t think of a better way for Cleveland to feed students and feed the pig.

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