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Chicago Tribune on the Animal Rights Movement

Written by PETA | May 29, 2007

There was a fantastic feature article in The Chicago Tribune Magazine this weekend about the animal rights movement, with the premise that as times change, tactics change, but the message remains the same. It’s always great to see animal rights get thoughtful mainstream coverage that’s free of rhetoric, and this article will hopefully introduce a lot of people directly to the issues behind the bullhorns and the bunny costumes. You can check it out here.

Chicago_Tribune_Magazine_Ruffling Feathers.jpg

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  • Caroline says:

    Its because of several animal organizations especially Peta that we are able to cater to animal welfare at least to an extent. The absence of these would make the lives of animals on earth hell otherwise.

  • Aran says:

    Good article but 1 PETA I hope your not giving in your face tactics up 2 The article is not positive about socalled radicals I hope PETA will keep a hard line on that.

  • Bodhisattva says:

    In upcoming history people shall understand more and more that animals have rights as we have. I’m looking forward to a positive future for all living beings but in the meantime we need articles like thisone in the Chicago Tribune Magazine to convince humanity to live a peaceful life concerning all living beings and we are also thankful to PETA for doing an amazing job for our animal friends but also for us because there shall never be peace on this earth without a complete respect towards all of her inhabitants!