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PETA Helps Nab YouTube Puppy Torturers

Written by Lindsay Pollard-Post | March 27, 2012

Update: Joshua Moore has been indicted on five felony counts of animal torture, five felony counts of aggravated cruelty, and one misdemeanor count of depicting animal torture. PETA presented the Chicago Police Department’s Animal Crimes Team with a Hero to Animals Award for its swift work in seizing the abused dogs—five dogs and five puppies—and promptly charging Moore for his crimes.

A man and a boy who physically and psychologically tortured several small dogs in a series of sadistic YouTube videos have been charged with multiple counts of felony and misdemeanor cruelty to animals, thanks to the swift work of PETA and authorities in Fort Wayne, Indiana, and Chicago.

The videos show 22-year-old Joshua Moore and a teenage boy hanging and spinning a dog by a leash, violently ripping duct tape off a dog’s testicles, and biting a dog’s neck until he cried in pain. The pair is also shown hiding a mother dog’s five puppies and watching as she frantically searches for them, repeatedly throwing the mother dog in the air, trying to force a dog to eat feces, and pouring lemon juice down a dog’s throat, among other horrors.


Tracking Down the Torturers

The clips have been taken off YouTube, but PETA saved the video evidence (which would have otherwise been lost!) and provided it to Fort Wayne Animal Care & Control (FWACC) on Sunday. The agency immediately jumped into action to locate Moore, who had posted on his Facebook page that he was living in Fort Wayne.

On Tuesday morning, a Fort Wayne vice and narcotics officer identified Moore, at which time Moore was detained, interviewed by FWACC, and released. The videos, information gained from the interview, and supporting reports were immediately forwarded to the Chicago Police Department, giving that agency the probable cause needed to take action. On Thursday evening, FWACC intercepted the bus that Moore was traveling on from Fort Wayne to Chicago, where Chicago police officers were waiting.

Moore was arrested and charged with four felony counts of cruelty to animals and eight misdemeanor counts of cruelty to animals. The 13-year-old has been charged as a juvenile with six counts of aggravated cruelty to animals and three counts of animal torture. Ten dogs, including five puppies, were seized and are now in protective custody.

What You Can Do

These dogs would still likely be suffering at the hands of their abusers if someone hadn’t alerted us to the videos. If you know or suspect that someone is harming animals, don’t delay—report cruelty immediately to local law-enforcement officials and animal control authorities, and if you don’t get anywhere, contact PETA. You’ll help keep the whole community safer by speaking up—animal abusers are bullies who victimize the defenseless, including members of their own species.

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  • Cugu says:

    These are the kind of people who might evolve into serial killers; torturing small animimals. Bullies!!!

  • Stephanie H. says:

    These people deserve the same treatment and then buried under a cement block.

  • AngeLsLuv says:

    U cannot understand what type of mind someone has that can do such things.. Apparently, If you go on YouTube and Facebook you see many pages devoted to people that hate animals..

  • lorena peinado says:

    ojala todos esos abusadores de animales feuran denunciados para que esos animales puedieran vivir en paz. que lamentsble es el ser humano que lastim a quin no puede defenderse de ninguna manera.

  • Pam says:

    You go PETA…keep up the great work. Scummy bastards need to fry.

  • Monica Ohlsson says:

    This is really horrible to see 🙁 He must punished for this

  • Karen Serrano says:

    The Judge BETTER give these sick freaks the maximum punishment under the law and that’s still not enough!!! They should also have to clean up dog kennels at the shelters for the next 20 years under strict supervison of a BIG BUBBA of course. Keep up the excellent work PETA.

  • Mintaka says:

    Every time I hear about one of these horrid monsters. Such as the red hoodie girl from Bosnia I am sickened to the point that I legitimately hunger for their own graphic demise. But when I hear of them being brought to justice my heart soars with joy. I hope he dies in a cell.