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Can You Make It Through This Video Without Crying Tears of Joy?

Written by PETA | July 19, 2013

Last week, we reported on the bears from Chief Saunooke Bear Park who got a new lease on life when they were relocated to an accredited wildlife sanctuary. Now you can witness their journey in a heartwarming new video:

As happy as we are for these bears, our hearts are heavy for the 11 others who remain trapped in concrete pits at the Cherokee Bear Zoo. We need your help to get them out.

Won’t you please take action today?

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  • EYG says:

    I am crying tears of joy. I wrote personal letters to every member of the tribal council begging them to free these bears several times. I am thrilled to see how getting involved can help. The bears are liberated!!!! Yee Haw!

  • Shirley says:

    I am so happy to see this. I know exactly the place where they were being captive in Cherokee,NC but would never go to see them because it was too painful to see them. Thank you so much PETA for freeing these creatures of God.

  • Danielle says:

    I really could barely make it through this video without crying-you were right. Watching this video gave me a brutal reminder of a similar instance. I have not lived in florida for quite some time now, but the same kind of treatment that this bear had to endure, two bears endure near Christmas, Florida. They live in a very small caged in area that is nothing but artificial. I always felt bad that they were in there but never felt I could do anything about it. I would like to know the procedures that were taken to get this bear back into a more natural environment…

  • Marie says:

    ALL animals should be free to live their lives, not be in cages. It really infuriates me that this kind of thing goes on & on. When, oh when will it stop?!!! People have not gotten any better in this matter. They are even worse about animals because of greed!!! Money, money, money!! It seems that is all this life is about. How about when you are waiting at a light & you look over & yes there is that damn sign saying “puppies for sale”!!!! Stop breeding those poor dogs because YOU need money!!! How about getting a job? Those poor animals are just having litter after litter, their poor bodies!!! And all because of MAN!!! It’s sickening to say the least!!! Wake up now people or the change that is coming will be too late for you!!!

  • Sonia Canassa says:

    Thank God PETA exists! thank you all from PETA.

  • June says:

    A pity that it takes money and constant surveillance to make changes that should never exist in the first place…no animal should ever be caged! thank goodness for organizations like PETA!

  • nancy Jenkins says:

    Corey, I couldnt have said it more eloquently. Thanks for your comment !

  • applemoon says:

    What gives human’s the right to think they can just take animals out of there natural habitat and force them to live in horrid conditions all for the mighty dollar. There should be more laws supporting animals what makes a human life more valuable than an animals who doesn’t bother anyone and wants to be left alone.

  • beatrice says:

    free the bears! dirty money!

  • Irene lovelee says:

    Born Free. What a beautiful song and that is how it should be. Please free these beautiful animals.

  • weddingdance says:

    Thank you, Sam Simon.

  • Jules says:

    How can we get legislation passed to: do away with zoos, sea-world and all animal captive places that don’t provide a kind, natural and healthy environment to the animals? I thought the law banning chickens being kept in cages went into affect this year. I haven’t heard anything about it. I’ve heard that chicken farmers sometimes clip their wings so they can’t fly, and also to make more room in the coup where they are crammed in like sardines sitting next to each other, unable to move and sitting in their feces in heat and horrid conditions. I think money needs to go to passing strict legislation regarding the treatment of all animals; and the most important part of this would be oversight and punishment so that when someone abuses or neglects an animal and doesn’t comply with the law, they get a harsh sentence—not just a slap on the hand or a small fine. The person who does the unkind deed to the animal should receive the same treatment they gave the animal. But we all have to be diligent in speaking up for these creatures. So many people have no regard for animals or their feelings. This needs to be taught to children by their parents. But we know some parents fail. Therefore, it is essential that the schools teach children starting in preschool to be kind to other beings – be it people or animals. Why aren’t the cow and pig slaughter houses shut down for their deeds? Who isn’t checking on these people and stopping them. Who governs fair treatment of animals, slaughter house activities, etc.? Also, they should stop all of these puppy mills. A person should have a license to breed and sell pups, and there should only be a few people in each state allowed to breed and sell. They should be regulated and monitored; and when someone mistreats the animals or doesn’t abide by the rules, they loose their license. If they continue to breed anyway, they should go to jail. Start putting people in jail for their miserable behavior, and we’d stop alot of abuse. Give them huge fines, and if they don’t pay, their property is confiscated as payment, or their wages are garnished. We have to do a better job. If more famous people spoke up, and spoke more often, and went to Washington to plead the case for animals, and gave more money to PETA, we could save more animals.

  • Bedhead says:

    These bears are SMILING!!

  • gian says:

    stop this

  • Sandra Mas says:

    THANK YOU for making it possible. Hopefully this is just the beginning.

  • Christian Zup says:

    stop this!!

  • Mary Skov says:

    set them free

  • Franco Ferrua says:

    Thank this unnamed kind soul and PETA for rescuing these beautiful creatures from an unimaginable life of torture and misery. Shame on those who perpetuated these horrific acts.

  • Corey Barnes says:

    No humans need to see bears in this environment. It is cruel and obsolete. There are plenty of nature shows where we can watch them in their OWN environment.

  • Henon says:

    Please help the bears

  • Jocelyn says:

    Captivity is no place for wild animals!

  • Nicola macdonald says:

    set all the bears free,no one should be making money out of them

  • Raija Nefoussi says:

    Please, free the bears immediately! Thanks you!

  • Paul Barham says:

    I watched a program On National Geographic Wild a few months ago that included a segment on these bears. Alison Eastwood(daughter of Clint Eastwood) was one of the people who was involved who went to different places where wild animals were kept in less than tolerable conditions, in hopes of changing these circumstances for the betterment of the animals. This is the second good result from that hour long presentation. The first was a solitary bear at the Jambas Ranch that was finally extricated from his less than adequate and lonely cage. I was wondering how long these animals would have to suffer before, if at all, they would/could be released to a better life. I am twice happy to learn of these outcomes! Keep up the good work!

  • Christiane Gass says:

    Please bet the bears out f the zoo!

  • alex gerry says:

    Have compassion for these helpless animals. Do something good in your life, get them out!