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Chelsea Handler Battles ‘Housewife’ on Fur

Written by PETA | March 24, 2010

Last night, late-night queen Chelsea Handler’s monologue focused on housewives, chinchillas, and PETA. As a diehard Chelsea fan (Are You There, Vodka? It’s Me, Chelsea is on my nightstand as we speak), I was thrilled when the quick-witted comic stuck up for animals on E!



It all started when Kelly Bensimon from Real Housewives of New York went shopping for a fur vest and claimed, “It’s amazing to have an organization like PETA, but I’ve always been a great fur wearer.” She continued, “Do I wear fur? Yes. Do I support the abuse of animals? Absolutely not.” Umm … Say wha’ …? While we’re glad that she thinks PETA is “amazing,” the whole thing was unsettling, to say the least.

Up steps Chelsea Handler. Firing back, she took a pro-animal stance and stated “Really? You don’t abuse animals? I think the chinchilla who just had his hide ripped off might disagree. You think you’re a great fur wearer? You know who wears it better? The innocent animal it came from. This is not a smart move. You just taunted PETA on national television while wearing an unattractive fur vest.”

Bam! We knew that Chelsea was compassionate when she adopted a dog from an animal shelter. Now, with her anti-fur stance, all that’s left is for Chelsea to follow in the footsteps of a compassionate housewife and star in our next “Rather Go Naked Than Wear Fur” ad. We might even let Chuy costar …

Written by Christine Doré

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  • Aase says:

    I just watched the episodes where Kelly got that ugly fur vest and could not believe what she said. I feel sorry for her, because she is making a fool of herself and sadly she doesn’t have the capacity to understand it… In general she comes across as mentally illas well, so maybe we should just ignore her antics and hope that she’ll get the help she needs? I sure hope that nobody believed what she said about PETA and fur though, most people today are intelligent enough to understand where fur pelts come from and choose other options to keep warm. In the old days they needed fur in some parts of the world but today we sure do not! I enjoy a real cold winter, and wouldn’t be caught dead in a fur coat (instead I snuggle up in a big Helly Hansen poof jacket and fleece, nice and cozy)!!!

  • katie says:

    i love chelsea!

  • cynwyt says:

    kelly tweeted this yesterday .SassafrasDonna peta received more press and awareness due to rhnyc than any other media outreach they have had. i am proud to help them.

  • Suha sleibi says:

    Chelsea refered to Peta as “nasty” on tonight’s show and her and her guests were very apathetic and full of sarcasm when the were talking about the conflict between Peta and Brook Shields… Even on of her guests was making fun of minks!

  • karla oliveira says:

    Thank you Chelsea for standing up for the animals and not letting that “brainless housewife whore” goes unpunished for the stupidity that comes out of her mouth! LUV U CHELSEA!!!!! U GO GIRL!!!!!

  • Marcela Zuniga says:

    stupidhow con u say thatnever ever wear furofcourse thats cruelty airhead!!!!

  • LL says:

    no words to describe this Kelly. $?$?!! cause my words will never arrive here! so Kelly you are just a ….!

  • mike michel says:

    dearest kelly if you call yourself a professional fashion expert then one most know the inns and outs of your profession. like….where fur coats come from. something is quite wrong here. i’m totally bewildered by her comments.

  • Angela DiNicola says:

    Kelly is an idiot….she doesn’t agree wanimal abuse or condone it but what the hell does she think they do to make the fn fur vest she wears?!! Dumba!

  • Kristen says:

    I just watched the to epidoses last night when Kelly showed up twice in animal furs! Boy did it make me mad! I used to like her.

  • Deborah says:

    I was appalled by what Kelly said about PETA not caring if people wear fur! I went to her blog immediately after I heard this and wrote that PETA has never endorsed the wearing of fur and that she needed to get her facts straight before making a statement like that on national television. I agree with what others have said about her lack of intelligenceshe is the stereotypical model who has air between her ears. I also wrote that she needed to wake up and take notice of how fur pelts were obtained. I would encourage everyone who posted here to visit her blog and give her a good piece of your minds!

  • Sabii says:

    Ohh .. chelsea rocks! …I love her! I cantt believe that kelly is just ..SO STUPID… chelsea nailed it!! ..

  • Carlos Alberto Leon-Bocanegra Jr. says:

    Chelsea kicked serious $$ with that comment! Good for her on firing away with such an intelligent reply. . . As to the Real Housewives one wonders why they have their own show. All of them are just insecure with themselves and need to justify their empty existence by TRYING to get their 15 minutes of fame. . .

  • Marissa says:

    I love Chelsea! I was watching her episode when it aired and I KNEW PETA would jump on it. Good job!

  • Maylene says:

    Kelly is a moron. She acts all high mighty but what a moron! Peta says not to wear fur? I didnt like here i cant stand the sight of her…moron!

  • kim says:

    when is PETA going to jump on this and go after Kelly? BTW she is only in playboy because of the tv show not her looksshe looks like an old horse!

  • Maria says:

    Bravo Chelsea…no pun intended After seeing the episode I’ve come to the conclusion that Kelly is officially an idiot.

  • emma says:

    way to go chelsea just when i thought you couldnt get any cooler. on a sad note though can you believe that people actually think like this!!

  • Susan T says:

    Cassandra…you had me laughing out loud. Too bad that it really isn’t a laughing matter at least where the pitiful furbearers are concerned. People who just have to wear “real” animal fur are compensating for an obvious lack of selfesteem character and just plain old compassion. You rock Girl!

  • Merri says:

    Chelsea is sooooooooo smart and wise and brings it to us in delicious humour. Love it.

  • Shawnette says:

    Unfortunately I was watching as Kelly said absolute horror…I wished I could vent my frustration. So glad we have a celeb like Chelsea that can vent her frustrations about the idiocy of some of the people allowed on television!!

  • Loves It says:

    Omg Chelsea you are the BEST!!!

  • lisa says:

    Im from the UK so dont know the show but fantastic you go girl what a woman we need more like her to say it how it is brilliant. Just shows how thick they are and they cant act.

  • Rad_Rosa89 says:

    Haha awesome way to stick it to her Chel!!

  • Kurta says:

    Can anyone really expect an intelligent reaction from someone like Kelly who no doubt cannot fuel her own vehicle. I’m sure if you told her that the coat is made from chinchilla she would wonder if they have that at Taco Bell.

  • Anonymous says:

    Chelsea is great so funny and now I love her even more. That “real housewife” woman my God she’s a disgrace for us all! Even if she isn’t completely serious just saying what she said without being a bit embarrassed just shows just how thick some people can be. She needs to get out more and I dont mean to the tanning salon!

  • Cassandra says:

    Jesus Christ. These people are just stupid bundles of sticks. Order 000000 1 x leather jacket made from stupid orange county house wife 1 x fur jacket “vest” made from new york house wife Total 0.00 too stupid. Cancel order. Chelsea keep up the great work! you’re brilliant!

  • Erin says:

    Chelsea and Chuy would be AWESOME in an antifur ad! I love them both great show. Pursue getting them in an ad!

  • Megan says:

    That comment by Kelly Bensimon absolutely repulsed me. It just goes to show how ridiculously ignorant shallow she is. Go Chelsea!

  • Dani Pen says:

    I could not believe it when Kelly made such a stupid statement. She said “PETA doesn’t say not to wear fur”. What rock has she been living under? She is just another example of the fashion industry accepting the abuse of animals yes fur is abuse Kelly just so they can parade around in another being’s skin. Sorry babe there is no excuse in the world that you can come up with that justifies wearing fur. This woman has a dog and horses how can she look her animals in the face knowing she caused the death of another animal just to make herself feel better? I have an idea why don’t they show pictures of the foxes and minks in their skanky wire cages prior to being butchered for pelts? Then show the torture and butcher itself. Disgusting!

  • Paul says:

    right on Chelsea way to go !!! I have always loved that lady and now I have another reason. If you ask her I am certain she would do the ad.

  • Chris says:

    Awesome!!! Chelsea is brillant. How someone can wear fur and claim that they don’t support the abuse of animals is beyond me. I hope she get some time of skin disease from that vest.

  • Marissa says:

    man thats great I love Chelsea for saying that!

  • Carla says:

    You go Chelsea!!! Dumb ass housewives .. no talent and no brains!!!!! Never watched it.. never will.. it’s all garbage just like the “ladies?????” on the show….

  • Christine says:

    so when are you guys going to go after Bravo and Kelly Bensimone for that horrible display…I was so mad for days and days and when I watched the clip I was mad all over again…she needs to be tied down and made to watch videos of how they make those stupid cloths from fur

  • Michal Kolman says:

    Fur should be banned as soon as possible in whole USA and EU.

  • Joanna says:

    TV and glam mags are not reality. Wake up and smell the real roses.