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Chelsea Clinton Says ‘I Do’ … to Vegan Food

Written by PETA | July 27, 2010


Chelsea Clinton is getting married this Saturday, and while everyone seems to be fascinated with the luxury porta-potties that are being rented for the occasion, I was more excited to hear about what’s going to be on the menu at the reception. We’ve always known Chelsea to be a vegetarian, but Life & Style magazine is reporting that Chelsea is a vegan and that guests at her wedding will get to dine on fabulous vegan food!

To congratulate the soon-to-be newlyweds we’ve sent Chelsea and her fiancé a Tea for Two Teapot from Daisy Dog Studios.

Planning a trip down the aisle? Why not take a cue from Chelsea and say “I do” to elegant and ethical vegan fare?

Written by Lindsay Pollard-Post

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  • Nature Laws says:

    Saturday July 31 2010 Congratulation Chelsea Marc With lot of blessings for an eternal happy life! From Our Master. Chelsea you are a wonderful lady who decided to stop eating poor defenseless animals when you were 11 years old. That shows your inner beauty and kindness from past life karma. You make sure that Mark and your children follow your path of kindness and love towards helpless souls rather cutting animals slowly bleed to death or otherwise and eat them too. In fact you can show the light to the world if you one day decide to do so. You got those qualities. This quality of yours is the reason for bringing the true world peace. Here were spoken great words of wisdom over 2500 years ago by great Master Pythagoras The strict law of karma deals measure for measure with anyone who violates the laws of nature. As long as the people of this world continue to murder and eat their two most benign friends the cow and the bull they will perpetually suffer the sinful reactions of criminal violence and catastrophic wars. Pythagoras further stated Those who kill animals for food will be more prone than vegetarian to torture and kill their fellow men. Leo Count Tolstoy How can you expect peace when your stomachs are the living graves of the murdered defenseless animals? British Poet William Wordsworth writes in his famous poet Intimations of Immorality Our birth is but a sleep and a forgetting. And in another poem he addressed the following lines to an infant Oh sweet newcomer to the changeful earth If as some darkling seers have boldly guessed Thou hadst a being and a human birth And wert erewhile by human parents blessed Long long before thy present mother pressed Thee helpless stranger to her fostering breast. Bhagwan Sri Krishn bless you and Marc

  • Lois Yiaski says:

    I agree if its a Vegan menu beef should be eliminatied. I’ve been a Vegetarian for 33yrs.there is plenty of food to please your guest.

  • silvia wolfenson says:

    This is an example to follow. I wish there would be more humans like Chelsea. It is so nice that there are still persons that love animals and are not able to eat them . Chelsea we love you !!!!!!

  • Julia says:

    Maybe the Pres will enjoy the food so much he’ll think twice about eating animals!

  • Rev. Meg Schramm says:

    Chelsea was a wonderful First Daughter and and demonstrated grace under pressure that would make most people crumble. I don’t remember hearing of her getting arrested for underage drinking while in college or getting in trouble for any of the things some of the children of those in power get into. Congratulations Chelsea you’ve grown up into a wonderful adult!

  • Hina says:

    Congratulations Chelsea! Well done! You’re a beautiful lady on the inside and out much love to you

  • Diane Centers says:

    Congratulations to Chelsea on her upcoming wedding…AND…for being such a wonderful young lady! God Bless Diane Centers Cincinnati Ohio

  • Saucy says:

    WOW! NOW THATS NEWS!!!!! Congratulations Chelsea! Just so you know I voted for your father three times and for your mom at least twice and I worked on her campaign for Senate and and and…that’s all. Thanks for all you do kid and many happy days to come.

  • Carolyn B. Pennington says:

    I have watched you grow up on the news and you have blossomed into a beautiful young woman. I have watched the love in your parents eyes as they speak of you and know in my heart how very proud they are of you. I think all of the world is proud of you and I send my best regards and my prayers for your forever happiness. Eternal blessings! You have earned them. In great admiration for you and yours Carolyn B. Pennington Lima OH

  • GK says:

    Thank you Chelesa for being Vegan. Wish you all the best of the world. And good luck to you from my Pet Robin who was 15 years old passed away 3 weeks ago. Whom we miss a lot and our only child left us. Blessing from my Robin from the heaven to you and your beloved ones. Greetings from GK and Robin pet dog Boarder Collie

  • bettina boni says:

    thats awesome i already like her better now

  • Curtia says:

    Awesome! I met Chelsea in 2008 when working on her mom’s campaign. She surprised us in the Hillary office with a visit and she brought us vegan snacks to munch on while working hard to help elect her mom. It was very kind. Click my name I’ve hyperlinked a photo of my friend Ciara and I with the one and only Chelsea Clinton! D

  • Shanon says:

    This is awesome! Whenif I ever get married everything we serve at the wedding will be vegan!