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The Chatterboxes of the Sea

Written by PETA | July 9, 2010

According to a new study by researchers at The University of Auckland in New Zealand, that whole business about the ocean being a “silent world” is a bunch of bunk. Fish talk to each other all the time through growls, grunts, chirps, and pops—we just can’t hear them without special equipment. Gurnards turn out to be the “Chatty Cathys” of the underwater world, talking to one another throughout the day.


Fish Talk


My response to this “amazing” discovery? Duh!

As the “fish lady” in the PETA Foundation’s Writers Group, I’ve been reading and writing about fish for more than a decade. I’ve learned that fish can count and tell time, they are fast learners, they think ahead, they have unique personalities, and they may even have a sense of humor. So I’m not at all surprised to learn that fish communicate with each other—I’d be surprised if they didn’t!

The Auckland U. scientists believe that fish talk to attract mates, warn others of danger, and scare off predators. I think they’re trying to tell us that “fish are friends, not food.” What do you think they’re saying?

Written by Paula Moore

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  • Kylie says:

    I have been a vegetarian my whole life and I really respect this blog. Fish are great creatures and like us they wouldn’t want to end up on somebody’s plate.

  • maureen says:

    Years ago I saved some feeder goldfish from a miserable existencethey were going to be fish food so I brought them home and cared for them for six years. I added a few popeye gold fish well one evening I came home to discover that my white popeye named Goldie was stuck to the filterher fins were destroyed but she was still aliveI retrieved my breeders net and put her in itevery day twice a day for months I would put my hand in the square net and lift her up so she could retrieve the pellets and let her down. You see gold fish are one of many species of fish that grow back their fins my other fish would swim around the net as if to say HEY WHAT YOU IN FOR haha anyway after months of rehab Goldie was starting to swim better so I decided to take her out of the net and see if she could swim to my sheer joy she was fineand everyday for the rest of her life she would see me and follow me across the tank as if to say Thanks I would put my hand in the tank and she would let me pet her. Even fish are smart and I was amazed at her fortitude and desire to live. after six years she died and I buried her in my garden under a statue of a plastic Goldfish.and this is no FISHTAIL this is a true story. I have had many amazing animal stories and Goldie is just one of them.

  • yolibeth sandoval says:

    My sister tells me that fishes are the dumbess living beings but i told her she is wrong… NOW i have proof thanks to these blogs!!!! FISH ARE FRIENDS NOT FOOD!!

  • Evie says:

    WOOO! New Zealand D!

  • Andrea says:

    Now I feel stupidI learn something new everytime I read these blogsand I had no idea fish were that intelligent!Fascinating.