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Charlton Heston Dies

Written by PETA | April 7, 2008

In case any of you missed it, actor and gun-enthusiast Charlton Heston died over the weekend. So anyone who’s been patiently waiting in line to try and pry the guns from his cold, dead hands can go ahead and do so now. While part of me is sad to see one of my childhood heroes go (Ben Hur pretty much changed my life), I’m sure there are plenty of orphaned deer who don’t share those sentiments. Anyway, RIP Charlton H. I’m guessing they probably don’t allow people to hunt defenseless animals with high-powered assault rifles in heaven, but hopefully he’ll be able to find a more peaceful hobby in the afterlife.

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  • Walker says:

    Judith I have no idea who bushie folks are or what your made up word even means. Unlike you I can think for myself and I do no ones bidding. You think I am dangerous? Ill tell you who is really dangerous. People who fail to take responsibility for their own actions and instead blame society or others for horrible crimes that have been committed. There are many people in this world who have grown up in poverty who were abandoned andor orphaned who were loners and who have overcome many hardships in their life to become moral contributing members of society. Anyone that would commit such terrible crimes as the columbine or Virginia tech shootings are sick disturbed and evil. You cant blame those deaths on anyone but the sick and twisted individuals who committed them. You cant blame Charlton Heston or any other gun owner in America for the deaths that evil people commit with guns. In a way u might understand It would be like blaming and hence trying to destroy every pitbull just because one mistreated pitbull attacked someone. Just because one dog attacked someone doesnt mean that all dogs are dangerous. Little big woman It is ok that you dont consider me a friend I realize you cant be friends with everyone. Just because we may not see eye to eye on every issue doesnt mean I am the enemy. I donate my time and skills to the local humane society performing free spays and neuters I am a member of the local IACUC I have personally housed fed and cared for horses dogs and cats that were removed from homes in which they were mistreated until they could be adopted out to loving new owners as well as participated in many wildlife rehabilitations and releases. Just because I have an opinion that is different than yours doesnt mean I care any less about animals. Also I am sorry that the word ass offended you. If you scroll up and read some of the other posts in this forum John refers to someone as a cock or ever watched primetime TV the word ass is quite mild in comparison. Charlene I understand what you are trying to say but I have to disagree. Humans are superior as we were given morals and the higher reasoning which animals do not possess. It is these two qualities that sets us apart from every other animal species and is thus the reason why their care and well being is our responsibility. Their life is precious and should be treated as such. I do not believe in senseless animal tests for such things as beauty products where animals suffer for no good reason. I do however place a higher value on people and realize that in some instances animal testing may be required for human medical advancement or vet medicine. Its best to understand this concept when you have had a loved one saved because of a noble research animal that gave its life to provide the research necessary to save others.

  • Julie Kozel says:

    Well this is sure an interesting LONG blog! Everyone is entitled to their opinion whether we agree wit or not that is why we live in the good old USA! Please have respect for the dead you would not want people talking bad about you when you’re dead one day. While I don’t agree wthe unnecessary violence that firearms can cause I do feel that a person should have the right to defend themself against others if needed no I am not a gun owner. We all know that animals get the short end of the stick more often than not we all know what we need to do to stop it. Stop eating meat dairy animal products in general buy cruelty free don’t wear animal products etc all of which I do as a matter of living the values that I believe in have done them since being a teenager making my own decisions. I intend to live a cruelty free lifestyle for the rest of my life! I love that so many of you have a passion for animals are willing to stand up for them! It makes me proud! There are so many issues out there that effect animals many of which outrage me. But unfortunately we can only control ourselves as bad as we may hate how other people live there’s not a lot we can do to change their minds except keep educating them trying to get them involved to “see the light” why we believe in what we do. I applaud anyone who is open minded enough to get involved! Keep up the good work! P.S. I would rather see someone who is going to eat meat no matter what to go out into nature RESPONSIBLY kill an animal than to buy the horribly raised killed factory farmed products that are available at most stores. These animals suffer unthinkable cruelty that no person would ever be able to endure if put in the animals place. Charges would be pressed! Keep up the good fight good people! The animals thank you they need your continued support!

  • Maya, CVT says:

    BY THE WAY GUYS There is new technology being developed by biologists that would detect deer kind of like a motion detector before they ran out onto a road or highway. It may save lives. In the meantime there are deer crossing signs where they are for a reason. Those signs are placed near migration paths for deer and moose it’s to alert motorists to SLOW DOWN!!! Of course we ignore them and people get injured or killed. I’m not saying it’s possible to avoid them every time but where I live the speed limits have gone up everywhere and people are driving 70 to 90 on highways. What do you expect? The fact that the roads and highways have been developed on top of deer migration routes is the fault of humans not deer. Slow down turn off your fing cell phones and watch the road. It will save lives.

  • Maya, CVT says:

    Hi all Deer are not populated due to nature deer are overpopulated because we humans killed and extripated their predators wolves to the point where they don’t have any normal population control. When humans hunt deer it does not account for natural selection so the deer are able to have larger litters and the numbers are not reduced. Right at this point I’d like to say something more profound but Carly made such a beautiful statement I don’t think I could top it. Carly I hope you stick around.

  • Annalena says:

    Hello Barbi Sare I hope you are speaking of Posted by Walker April 10 2008 0259 PM. I can assure you that I love animals! Great post Luke. I enjoyed reading it.

  • Carnivorous says:

    I hunt. We have to. We went a few year with out hunting and deer were wondering into our yard thin malnourished. They were all over the roads and falling dead. Killed by cars and the lack of food and hard winters. So now we hunt. We kill the older deer. We use every piece of them donate much of it to those who are hungry. It is better than the cattle from the store or chicken from McD’s. The deer herd is now very healthy happy. I love deer. I love to see them in the woods. I love to see them on my plate. PS All of you at PETA realize that hunters brought deer over to populate the states so that the could then hunt them and live. Remember that historical fact? Feel free to respond but know that I will never see it. I was only checking PETA to see what you believed about hunting but now that I know how mistaken your doctrine is I’ll not check back for any more misinformation.

  • DD says:

    I grew up in a small mining town surrounded by the stereotypical “redneck” hunter. What I saw was very disturbing in that the vast majority of them were incredibly inept with their weapon of choice be it a gun or a bowandarrow. I only knew of a few that actually went out prior to hunting season and checked the accuracy of their equipment by going to a shooting range and sighting them in. It also became very apparent that by the time they bought guns ammo gas camping supplies and the ten flats of beer and other refreshments that they weren’t hunting because they “needed to feed their families”. It would have cost them far more to go hunting than it would have to go shopping! I spent a lot of time in the bush wildlife work related and saw many wounded animals with gunshot wounds and animals walking or limping around with arrows sticking out of them. I have met a lot of hunters in my life and came to respect only a handful of them. It is flat out frightening when I think of high powered weapons in the hands of inexperienced and inept hunters but anybody can hunt with few exceptions!!!. These are not highly trained people for the most part! I am not for killing animals but at least there is the opportunity for humane treatment in a controlled environment. And for you CC Take a look at the video on the fur trade in China narrated by the former Mrs. McCartney. When you come to the part where the animal can’t tell what it is that has been SKINNED ALIVE and is laying on a pile of carcasses lifts its head and looks around yes it still has its eyes TELL ME THAT ANIMAL IS SUFFERING LESS THAN YOU OR I WOULD.

  • jake says:

    you people are crazed. heston didn’t cause school shootings no morally bankrupt children did. anyway more people die from abortions than shootings. still outraged about that? no that would go against your world view. animials need to be hunted in order to control populations. there are more whitetail deer now than before the mayflower arrived. elk as well. this is a threat to the environment. so they have to be killed. simple as that.

  • lam3036 says:

    Personally I have no problem with Peta’s summarization of CH. He seemed to personify evil. I’m sure he had a fan base but I found him reprehensible.

  • Charlene says:

    Man thinkin its superior is the problem I hate this “We are man we own this earth crap”. I agree the food chain is the food chain animals will eat us and we eat them and they will eat eachother. But its animals being killed in cruel circumstances living their lives couped up in cages and in small spaces with thousands of other animals being killed no matter how old they are chickens getting their beaks cut off. And of course the most cruel because it is so unnessasary of them all hunting and killing for fur.

  • Charlene says:

    Well said I have to say well said!!

  • Barbara Schweihs says:

    just want to comment on the aids comment…aids was a created virus for the purpose of ending life…there are several books written on this all government documents not just opinions..I am for not killing animals but we still live in a society who does not like to recognize truth when it comes to genocide…every species on earth is sacred and should be respected hopefully when we stop being in denial we can go forward and stop killing period.

  • Carly says:

    Wow! I am new to the blog scene and am surprised at the amount of rudeness between people! We are brought up to believe we have an opinion and right to air it. That is of course until it is an unpopular one or not quite “PC”. Some of you are really humourous in a good way. My opinion for what its worth? Humans are a sad bunch we are greedy cruel and we are overpopulating this stunningly beautiful world to extinction. We are by no manner or means more important than animals. We have elevated our status to the detriment of this planet. If we were to go hunt for our daily meals there would be no need for unbearably cruel abbatoirs. But then being greedy some have abused that to the point where hunting is banned and controlled. Wild Animals become a ‘problem’ because they are squeezed out of their own homes owing to our burgeoning populations. I can’t condone animal testing in any form. Our bad lifestyle habits are not their problem. The animals in the wild are not ‘defenseless’no they are eminently suited to their role in the bigger scheme of the ecology but they are defenseless against our rifles and population numbers. This is a subject that could fill libraries and sadly in the meantime with all our debating atrocities against animals continue.

  • Sheri says:

    I am an animal lover and 3 years ago I moved back to the midwest from the west coast. I had been away 16 years. I didnt realize how dangerous it was for motorist to be driving with all the deer on the roadways. While coming home on the interstate one night the speed limit is 65 a deer was right in the middle of the road I had to swerve to avoid hitting it. If another motorist had been to my left I probably could have killed or seriously injured myself or them”. I have also felt sad about deer hunters in the past but with all the deer on the interstates they are causing accidents and people are being seriously injured or killed. One night coming home my mom and I counted 4 deer on the left side of the road and 2 on the right. I just drive slow at night on the regular roads but on the interstate you have to go 65 because semi trucks are behind you. Youll never know the fear of having a big buck run right in front of your car untill you experiance it for yourself. You will total your whole car. Also during mating season they call it being in rut a male deer will try to kill you if you get near their mate . they will gore you with thier antlers or kick your face in and thier hooves are as sharp as knives.” So what can we do I bought the deer whistles that go on the car. there supposed to make a noise to keep the deer away not sure if they work or not but I try my best not to hit them and I dont hunt however it scares me to drive when the deer are out. P.s. I am sad about Charelton Heston I enjoyed his acting in the Moses movie and so many more. I think to myself another legend is gone and its very sad I feel for his family.

  • Luke says:

    Some rather interesting comments on here. They seem to run the entire spectrum from entirely rational and well thought out to a bit crazy and rather hateful. Well here’s my two cents I’ve never known or even met Charlton Heston so I cannot with any amount of accuracy say much about what kind of person he was. I can say I was less than fond of his public persona as NRA spokesman and that is what I feel people are attacking him for. I’m ambivalent about the NRA. I don’t hunt or fish as I consider both dull and cruel. However having lived in many dangerous neighborhoods surrounded by dangerous humans I’m glad that I can legally own guns. I’ve owned a number of semiautomatic handguns and shotguns but I’ve never shot a single animal or person. I don’t want to generalize about all hunters though I personally consider recreational hunting pointless and inherently cruel. I’ve just never figured out what is so exciting or rewarding about “outsmarting” a deer and especially a fish of all things unless you’re Tom Hanks in Castaway. What I’ve learned about industrialized meat production from PeTA among other sources has led me to remove mammals and birds from my diet. Not everyone who owns firearms kills animals nor ever intends to. Hunting and the second ammendment are not one and the same. And as far as Charlton Heston is concerned he is fair game for parody and satire since he has chosen to live in the public eye and use his fame and fortune to take a stance on a relatively volatile issue. The first ammendment is just as if not even more important than the second. So whether tasteful or not Mr. Heston is fair game no pun intended. Having suffered from Alzheimer’s shouldn’t afford him any special protection from those who happen to disagree with him. Suffering from a disease is not a source of redemption for one’s errors whether actual or perceived. Chronic hereditary disease has left me disabled but that doesn’t mean I deserve any special treatment especially if I decide to debate people on what some consider sensitive issues. I’m sure someone will be angry about something I say here. They should feel free to respond as they choose. And to be honest he did set himself up for this with the whole “cold dead hands” catchphrase. I know it’s in poor taste but that doesn’t mean it can’t be funny. Ronald Reagan had Alzheimer’s. Dick Cheney has had four heart attacks. George W. Bush must suffer from at least mild braindamage. None of these ailments change the fact that these assholes and their beliefs and policies caused untold suffering and misery for countless pissedoff individuals and allowing them to hide behind an unfortunate diagnosis is unwarranted. Charlton Heston is no sacred cow. And if he was at least one of his followers would probably shoot mount and eat him. Take care folks! P

  • lynda downie says:

    Walker why was it you went into veterinary medicine again??? just checkin’

  • Barbi Sare says:

    to Posted by AnnaAnnalena April 10 2008 1211 PM You are obviously not an “animal lover” and I am so glad you are not part of my veterinary staff.

  • Barbi Sare says:

    I was wondering what might be posted about CH. Figured I was the only one old enough who remembered his raising a gun and defending death like Saddam Hussein crulety etc. The death of any person is sad to many. Pity to his family who had to live with such a controlling and misguided person.

  • Cynthia D'Errico, M.A. says:

    The fame and celebrity of Charlton Heston makes him and his passing an easy target. Don’t be so shallow PETA. There are millions of anonymous hunters out there whose deaths would not elicit a word from you. It’s true that Heston’s celebrity may or may not have encouraged others to hunt and given some credence to the NRA. But it’s also true that the more you yourself feed on his celebrity the more you buy into popular culture and reduce the time you spend on much more important and real animal advocacy issues. Don’t get in bed with populist and popular culture. Don’t waste your time on headlines only “People” magazine would use continue being PETA ahead of the game and wiser than most. Cynthia

  • Antigone1000 says:

    Maybe he suffered from Alzheimer’s because of karma…

  • rojo says:

    You guys are hilarious CCMD is shot down and accused of being a fraud despite being a bonafide Dr yet “Dr” Maxon is embraced to the opposite extreme with absolutely no obvious backup to her claim to be a Dr. I wonder why that is?

  • Vicky says:

    Hunting defenseless animals? Not a problem. Just go out there hand to paw with them. Make it an even and fair fight. I’ll most likely root for the animal since they’ll be fighting back against an aggressor who’s there for the joy of fighting.

  • deborah van damme says:

    Charlton Heston was a SICK man and perhaps now he is put out of his misery Anyone that promotes the use of arms is dangerous to everybody including themselves. We need to promote compassion not guns.

  • Jayne says:

    Isn’t it a shame that people with no respect for animals don’t recognize the unconditional love a dog or cat or any loved animal can give .. this tells us plenty about their black hearts. I suspect they respect people even less they just can’t suit up and put a bullet between the eyes of a human or their neighbours .. well not without repercussions. As for Heston don’t get too comfy. I’m sure another man or woman just like him will fill the position soon. If people were humane and not so selfcentred and greedy this world would be a whole lot better.

  • little big woman says:

    walker such people as you are i don’t consider as animal protectors or friends you are just a vivisectioning jerk with a dirty mouth!

  • Judith, Freedom Fighter for Animals says:

    Walker You are a dangerous human being. Anyone that can ok what C.H. did after every school shooting is a person who is morally banckrupt. You make me sick to my stomach. And Pamela is one of the most beloved posters on this site. Now go back to your Bushie folks and do his bidding. Peace!!!

  • LIndy says:

    To CC…..Animals are defenceless when they are faced with hunters with guns! A human would be for that matter if they were faced with someone with a gun on them and they werent armed … You say that because Peta regards them as defenceless they are claiming that animals are stupid and weak???? No they are not. Clearly it is you that doesn’t understand. You say they are cunning fast and camoflauged? How does that make them able to completely defend themselves against a gun that can fire after them?? Please THINK a bit more about what you are saying! How on earth you can not regard them as defenceless against guns is truly ridiculous?????

  • LIndy says:

    Of course animals are defenceless when they are faced with hunters with guns! A human would be for that matter if they were faced with someone with a gun on them and they werent armed … You say that because Peta regards them as defenceless they are claiming that animals are stupid and weak???? No they are not. Clearly it is you that doesn’t understand. You say they are cunning fast and camoflauged? How does that make them able to completely defend themselves against a gun that can fire after them?? Please THINK a bit more about what you are saying! How on earth you can not regard them as defenceless against guns is truly ridiculous?????

  • John says:

    Time to give it up Christopher “Cock”ran MD. You’ve been beaten down badly on this blog based on the vast majority of comments. Also please drop the “MD” we really don’t care what your occupation is nor what educational achievements you may possess.

  • walker says:

    Pam So you are telling me that if you your son daughter brother sister mother or father was dying of a disease and you were offered the choice of a rabbit rat dog cat etc dying instead of your loved one you would honestly look them in the eye and say “Im sorry but this animals life is more important than yours”. If you answer yes to this question you are a complete liar and if you are telling the truth well im glad I was fortunate enough to not have a crazy ass person like you for a mother.

  • Holly says:

    Walker gives offers good points here. I cared for my mother who had Alzheimer’s for 10 years she died at home with me. Its wrong to put out such negative remarks about this man who lived his life as best he knew to live it. His truth may not be your truth or my truth. But it was a sign of the times and he did what he thought was right. Not what you thought was right but what he thought was right. Its time to move on now. A time for peace I swear it’s not too late.

  • Pam says:

    Ya know there are many a prisoners on “death” row awaiting execution. Why not test on them instead of animals? are they not human? As for hunting if it were up to me you would be given a hunting license if you could survive as the deer and other animals in the woods with someone hunting you for a week. As far as a life of a human being more important then an animal? Didn’t someone just say a human is an animal? And NO a human life IS NOT in my eyes more important then an animal. I have yet to see one animal create a war I have yet to see one animal turn it’s back on it’s family. If I I am sure others think the same way had a choice I would gladly live the rest of my life with animals and to hell with most people!! Hunting killing uncaring unsympathetic that’s what humans 98 percent are. And as far as animals being overpopulated do we hunt “humans” because of overpopulation? Hmm maybe they should.

  • Lesley Robinson (Mrs) says:

    Mr Cochran’s comments certainly invite criticism and comment so I won’t do either. I know how I feel about all animals and the fact that they do not receive the fair treatment they should have. I know that humans don’t receive fair treatment either but all we can do is keep trying. I have 8 rescued dogs and one of them had to be euthanased this week through his diabetes of 8 years going completely out of control. I have to be very careful not to fall in the wide gaping hole in my life at the moment. I doubt Mr Cochran has ever known what that sort of love and loss feels like.

  • Walker says:

    Being an animal lover animal rights and animal wellbeing is something that I have supported and fought for all my life. It is one of the main reasons I decided to become part of the veterinary profession. I have always valued animal life and I strive to give animals the best life possible. That being said the life of a human is always more important than that of an animal. I would testkill thousands of animals if it meant a cure for Alzheimer’s AIDs cancer MS or any other disease that plagues humanity. Alzheimer’s is a horrible disease for which there is no cure. It’s not content taking ones life but first it robs a person of their memories family sanity and anything else that is familiar and dear. To make fun of or degrade a man who has had to suffer with this disease is unacceptable. PETA is supposed to stand for “People for the ethical treatment of Animals”. Humans are animals so how is it that instead of having compassion for a fellow human you can be so coldhearted. PETA was founded on good intentions and for the right reasons but unfortunately the organization has lost its way. All the good that the organization does is too often overlooked because of some of the member’s hatred and far off ideals. As far as hunting and gun rights go Charlton Heston was a true patriot and stood up for what the constitution was founded upon. Regardless of your position on guns if our rights to bear arms was taken away what would be next? Where does it stop? While not a hunter myself I understand ecology and thus understand the need for hunting. There are many areas of the country where deer for example are extremely overpopulated. When this happens its not only the weaklame animals that suffer but also the strong animals with the best genetics. If you have never seen an animal or person for that matter suffer from starvation let me stress how painful and awful it is to witness them slowly die from lack of nutrition. It is most certainly more humane to give a quick death. Also because of overpopulation deer tend to migrate to human areas where they destroy crops that weesp. vegetarians eat as well as causing car accidents that kill innocent men women and children. Hunting is a means to help combat both of these problems. Instead of attacking a defenseless dead man PETA needs to get back to the important issues such as fur and unnecessary animal testing and actually make a difference in the lives of animals. Shame on you Judith and Pamala for being so hateful you are coldhearted and you represent the worst of mankind. If you or any in your family ever had to suffer with Alzheimers you would understand how sad a disease it is. I truly hope you never have to go through it. And Kelly if you believe all the propaganda that comes out of Michael Moore’s mouth I have some ocean front property in Arizona i would love to sell you.

  • AnnaAnnalena says:

    CC I agree with Maya above. I was not being completely literal with my tooth and nails comment. I was mostly expressing my frustration with some of the disgusting trophy and canned hunts I have seen. I read a long National Geographic artical called “Shameful Harvest” about these types of hunting techniques the other day and the photos were horrible. I understand that our brains and tool makingusing ability is what makes us human. Otherwise we are at quite a disadvantage physically. I have never pulled a trigger myself but my brother is a weapons collector. He does not hunt but I have witnessed his target practice. We had some hunters as neighbours until last year. They were trophy hunters who often brought over hunting magazines and videos which disgusted me. The other day I was walking home through the mall after high school and this hunter approached me. I was watching Koi fish in the malls pond. He asked me if I “was looking for dinner” and proceeded to tell me about all of his hunting trips in a crude way and was asking me personal information. I have mostly had negative encounters with hunters but I know that not all hunters are equal. I become very disgusted when I see people sitting on dead animalssmirkingposing and holding the poor creatures head up. I find it disturbing that people would take that kind of pleasure in killing. I find hunting to be rather pointless for people who do not have to hunt in order to survive. Animal carnivores can not make the choice to not eat flesh and kill and they do so without malice or sadistic delight. As human beings we can choose and as moral beings I think we should avoid any killing whenever possible.

  • joanna karapetian says:

    I saw this documentary on my special channels today called I am an animal. I have to say it was one of the most horrific things I have seen ever my mother and I were crying so hard in hurt and anger. I wish I could torture these people exactly the same way they were doing to these animals. I have no remorse for humans that inflict pain and suffering to animal I would have no mercy on them. I was wondering these farmers that hit these poor animal and abuse them what exactly happened to them was there an arrest protest further investigations prosecuted and etc I just want to know what happened to these people did they pay for what they did or not. I live in Canada and hate that fact only because I am sick of the winter and the Seal hunt and there is not any thing we can do except protest and petition. The Government couldnt care less because the seals and their fur go over to America and China and it helps their economy or whatever. In term of puppymils if cruelty that was shown on the Oprah show last week is shown on TV the humane society or the SPCA step in and seize these animals probably euthanizing most of them anyways. What happens in the US? Why dont people go and protest this with the farmers and do something about this what can be done about these people who do that to the animals like the guy who was continuously beating the pig with what appeared to be bat or something. I get discouraged sometimes and dont know if this is ever going to change. Please answer my question regarding the people in the documentary and also thank you for all that you have done and are doing. Joanna karapetian

  • Tabitha says:

    And with all that’s been said… Whoever has the cure for chronic wasting disease please raise your hand.

  • Rest In Peace C.H. says:

    Shocking. To celebrate the death of a human being is disgusting. I came on this website to see how I can help the fight against clubbing seals and this is what I find. I think I’ll join the NRA instead.

  • lynda downie says:

    I don’t understand the mind of someone who takes satisfaction in taking aim and in an instant ends the charged vigorous life of another animal.

  • lynda downie says:

    Derek and Antigone 1000 good strong points!

  • lynda downie says:

    Dr. Jennifer Maxon A brilliant post. Thank you for coming on this site!

  • Maya, C.V.T. says:

    Chris I agree and I don’t mean to generalize. My real focus of disgust is towards the current administration who is the first to delist more species than add to the ES list and to threaten into silence scientists on global warming and evolution. Dangerous. I assume the NRA folks are mostly republican there’s the connection. If people were just hunting and fishing for survival as tribal folks do I would have much less of a problem with it. As others said canned hunts leghold traps hooks in the intestines of wetland birds bagging wildlife by helicopter general disregard of the most simple ethical considerations that’s what bothers me. You’re obviously thoughtful about these issues or else you wouldn’t be reading this blog. I think that’s a positive thing. ps Glad you liked my home state the hiking is great here.

  • Judith, Freedom Fighter for Animals says:

    April When this man was living he partook in some very unethical projects. I remember watching him give a speech in Colorado about 5 days after the horrific shooting. Saying some awful things when moms and dads had just lost their children. Everytime there was a shooting at a school the NRA group along with Heston showed up and said there is nothing wrong with our guns. There were people there that hunted but were absolutely BLOWN away by this group of misguided individuals. Many exited the NRA because of this. And to hear what the conservative side said was nothing less than criminal. You and your group of neocons and that includes YOU are morally bankrupt. Peace!!!!!

  • Mister Jingles says:

    Derek and Dr. Jennifer Maxon i really enjoy newcomers like you on this site! You have a postitive clear message for everyone of us! May other ‘degreekeepers’ learn from your wise and loving comments!

  • animalfriend says:

    Dr. Jennifer Maxon thank you so much for your intelligent comment i see that we can still find upright people with a high IQ on this blog!!!!!!! God bless you and FREE TIBET!

  • Christopher Cochran MD says:

    Since when is scientific evidence mandatory on this website? If the PCRM qualifies as science then I feel like we all have carte blanche to say what we like an label it fact. I never said animals do not suffer. My implication is that given our largely developed ability to know that we are much better at suffering than any other animal in the world. Lucky us. This is my opinion but I didn’t just fall off the turnip truck.

  • CATHIE YORK says:

    let him rest in peace. he suffered from alzheimers. besides PETA isnt about punishing people or relishing in their deaths.

  • April says:

    to Maya CVT very well stated. It’s so simple but the world is filled with a lot of idiots who care about nothing except themselves.

  • April says:

    As a conservative and a member of PETA I’m a bit of an “oxymoron.” For some reason people usually associate liberals with animal rights but not conservatives. I admit it used to be that way more often but not anymore. Many Republicans file legislation that protects animals. It’s sad when emotional issues like animal rights gets too political. I wish people wouldn’t bash Mr. Heston. I’m no NRA fan but I don’t think bashing him after he’s dead is classy either. He was a very decent man so please stop the bashing.

  • April says:

    I detest hunting and never would do it however if they hunt and eat the animal as sick as that sounds how is it any different from anyone who goes to the store to buy meat. Personally my goal is to be a vegetarian so I don’t have to feel immense guilt from eating something that died violently. Absolutely unacceptable are “canned hunts” where the animals aren’t really “hunted” but boxed in and shot. That takes a real man to shoot something that way not! I encourage everyone who hates hunting to call their local cable channel and ask them to remove that Outdoor channel that always shows two rednecks sneaking up on some elk deer etc. minding their own business in the woods! I don’t want to pay to have that crap on tv! I loved the video of the deer that beat the crap out of the hunter. If that could only happen more often…