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Charlton Heston Dies

Written by PETA | April 7, 2008

In case any of you missed it, actor and gun-enthusiast Charlton Heston died over the weekend. So anyone who’s been patiently waiting in line to try and pry the guns from his cold, dead hands can go ahead and do so now. While part of me is sad to see one of my childhood heroes go (Ben Hur pretty much changed my life), I’m sure there are plenty of orphaned deer who don’t share those sentiments. Anyway, RIP Charlton H. I’m guessing they probably don’t allow people to hunt defenseless animals with high-powered assault rifles in heaven, but hopefully he’ll be able to find a more peaceful hobby in the afterlife.

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  • Antigone1000 says:

    Christopher Cochran Please don’t ever agree with me again. I have a reputation to protect.

  • Dr. Jennifer Maxon says:

    CC…I am not an extremist and actually believe that hunting is more humane than factory farming if one feels they must eat meat. However I am completely mystified as to why you would think that animals are not capable of feeling negative emotions associated with suffering? In addition you attempt to state this as fact not as an offbeat opinion with no scientific rigor or evidence in which to back it up. Given that you felt the need to inform us that you are an MD I would expect at the very least that you would understand that perhaps animals relay their emotions in different ways than sapiens which does not mean they are not capable of feeling emotions similar to that as humans. As well perhaps animals feel completely different yet just as intense and negative emotions as humans. I’m just wondering why you would think that you are so allknowing when evidence is emerging that clearly indicates that your comments are not true it definitely degrades the validity of all of your comments.

  • Derek says:

    Christopher As a fellow physician I appreciate that your input is wellthought out although I do not agree with your viewpoints and welcome the opportunity for civilized debate. In fact it was several of your posts that motivated me to start posting on this site albeit on the opposite side of your opinions. That said I believe that Charlton Heston’s message along with the misunderstood and misused Second Amendment belongs buried six feet under but I do not celebrate the death of the man.

  • Christopher Cochran MD says:

    Maya I can find no evidence that the NRA has any such promotion or denegration as it were of women. My own mother yes even I have a mother is a member. Are you sure you are not succumbing to the media perpetuated stereotype of the SouthernMidwestern White male. Do you think we are all named “Earl” or “Bubba?” Of course not because that would be bigotry and in all sincerity you are smarter than that. There are bad actors on both sides of this argument but like most things most of us are bent toward the middle with suprisingly common goals. I visited your beautiful state last Fall and found the people to be delightful. I don’t know why I was suprised perhaps I harbored a stereotype of the New Englander that was incorrect as well. AnnaLena Your “tooth and fang” argument has been explored and is intriguing. To ask a human animal to hunt without tools is exactly like declawing a cat or pulling out a dogs teeth and asking it to hunt. Humans H. sapiens thrived as a species not because of any below the neck marvel save for our thumbs rather our relatively large brains which allow us to use tools. Our tool use allowed us to be effective hunters where we were not before. The added protein and fats in our diet helped us to thrive as a species and to be able to move into temperate and subarctic regions of the world. Humans as a species are no more intended to hunt without tools than wolves are with them. We are certainly designed to hunt and eat meat but our tool use is our evolutionary advantage. Tool use is our tooth and fang. When people have to hunt for food they will use the easiest and most effective harvesting tool at their disposal. Now that that is not the case in the US many hunters scale back their approach because some modern hunting has become unchallenging and boring they feel. I am speaking of the growing bow hunting crowd. I do not particularly like to bow hunt as I do not prefer large game hunting and I do not like the increased odds though still small of wounding an animal. However there is a lot more to it than walking into the woods and lowering the boom on some unsuspecting animal with an artillery battery. If you ever did it hunting I mean and I am not asking you to of course you would have a better understanding. Your points are good though.

  • Maya, CVT says:

    Some prohunting types here keep changing the subject. Let’s get back on track here okay? I grew up with hunters in my home town in New Hampshire. Yes some hunters are also great land conservationists some grew up hunting and fishing with their dads formed a strong family bond and some as adults even go out to hunt without killing anything. Proanimal folks should talk with some hunters to understand the culture and that they aren’t all evil monstors. Prohunting folks similarly should try to focus put aside the extremist PETA comments and get real. Thousands of endangered species migratory birds etc etc are illegally hunted. Many hunted animals who escape die slowly from nasty bullet wounds. As a rehabber I saw first hand what a fish hook in a bird’s intestines can do. It’s a tough way to die and it’s from carelessness. In my area alone one single pissed off trout farmer killed hundreds of migratory birds. He was caught but many others are not. httpwww.fws.govhomefeature2007conviction.pdf Trapping hunting and fishing has its ugly side. I’m sure we can at least shake hands over the idea that a decent hunter will devote him or herself to vigillance against illegal and unethical activity. Can we start there?

  • Barbara says:

    Planet of the Apes is my alltime favourite film. In fact as a very young child when being a vegetarian though that word wasn’t actually used was akin to being some kind of freak this film seemed to cement win me the notion that treating animals so brutally and eating them was just not “right” a childish term word I know. This film made it very easy for me to wonder why it was OK for humans to do these things to animals … esp. when you saw how the same treatment affected “Taylor”. The brutality the objectification the experimentation etc. Perhaps Heston took the cinematic experience too far i.e. wanted to ensure that the tables would never be turned in such a manner the “animals” the “others” in control of His destiny and ergo his NRA obsession? Still in his own strange way despite his reallife love of violence and weapons Heston helped to make at least one person choose a different path in life.

  • Maya, CVT says:

    Thank you Jaclyn

  • Christopher Cochran MD says:

    Derek You make good points. Hunting isn’t easy in fact it is quite challenging. Many of the products you mention have been developed in an effort to bag hunters more than prey. I have always believed for instance that fishing lures are designed to catch fisherman. Despite all our leaps in hunting tech we are unsuccessful the majority of the time we spend hunting. The people who give hunting a black eye with canned hunts are doing so because like many of us they have become impatient in a ready made drivethru world. I have found that the more complicated a hunters kit the less likely that hunter is much of a hunter at all. At it’s purest hunting is still largely luck and is slightly improved by skill and patience. Deaths from malaria result indirectly from attacks by mosquitos. If a person died from an infected dog bite he would still have died from a dog attack. This is splitting hairs perhaps and the “mental gymnastics” are no worse than claiming milk causes infertility or impotence.

  • Maya, CVT says:

    Chris Of all people I did not expect you to take my comment so literally. I never accused Heston of beating his wife. I simply meant symbolically that the NRA and front and center hunters often promote the image of disrespecting women and sentient beings. The animal rights movement owes a lot to the civil rights and women’s rights movement. Certain groups in our country right now are setting back the clock to the Dark Ages. You know exactly what I’m talking about Chirs. Allegory to Sanity great handle. Respectfully if hunting were such a strong instinct it would be much more common than it is. Most of my collegues friends family members classmates have no interest in it. I’ve never even picked up a gun. I won’t ever defend PETA’s often offensive actions but as someone who has cared for pets and wildlife I can tell you that we need groups like PETA to change society’s attitude towards animals. For every idyllic humane farm well treated pet or worry free wild animal there are millions of abused factory farm animals feral cats living in hell on the streets and wildlife losing habitat and suffering oil spills fishhooks in the intestines canned hunts etc etc. I completely understand your frustration with PETA and I share it as well. But we need to put aside those feelings when we ask ourselves if the animals don’t deserve a bit better from us. I’m sure you and I agree on that. Peace.

  • Annalena says:

    CC I was not speaking directly of you as I do not know a lot about you. Aerial hunting is allowed up north in areas of Alaska and elsewhere.Wolves are the usual target.Trophy hunting takes place in Africa in Jeeps and other vehicles. These practices are not outlawed everywhere. As Derek said I may have a little more respect for hunters who rely on their teeth and nails. There is nothing admirable about the ability to pull a trigger at an unsuspecting animal from a safe distance.

  • geogbitch says:

    Good Golly PETA your logic is simplistic. Your attitude is crass. Heston had Alzheimers and he was diagnosed before Bowling for Columbine was released. Moore knew that he was shooting fish in a barrel so to speak and people who continue to call Heston ‘nuts’ etc are only adding to that cruelty. Furthermore it sounds as if most of your knowledge comes from the arguments of Bowling for Columbine but you failed to understand the real message of the doc. Moore does not have a problem with gun ownership. He owns guns. He has a problem with an overly militaristic society where CHILDREN can get guns. The truth is that there are a lot of gun owners out there who DON’T HUNT. At most they are collectors of an unPC item. Most of the rabid NRA freaks that I personally know haven’t hunted in fifty years. They are concerned however about protecting their property and family. Guess what? I don’t eat meat wear animal products volunteer with an animal group AND I LIKE GUNS. So stick that in your pipe and smoke it you illinformed pedantic hippies.

  • Christopher Cochran MD says:

    Antigone I most definitely agree that the human animal is the most overpopulated animal on this planet. Humans as smug as they may be are still at the mercy of the laws of nature and unfortunately will likely have some sort of catastrophic dieoff at some point. If cow farts are ruining the air I can only imagine what the gasses of humanity are doing. I also agree that Judith can’t think of anything to say. I am happy I am a member of the half of the assholes who do not raise their children to beat and kill people. Half who knew? People please don’t tell my wife she married a NERD!!! She thought she married an Alpha Beta!

  • karla says:

    Its to bad no one shot him. He could have felt what it is like to die by a gun since he was so trigger happy. People like him make me sick. See ya in the afterlife asshole. No animal deserves to be shot! I dont even blame animals anymore for attacking people. I would if I was being hunted treated bad. People need to stop all of the abuse and killings. Its so stupid. No wonder why half of the assholes who do this raise children who beat and kill people. Showing no respect and consideration for anything is just pathetic. People need to grow up.

  • AnimalLib says:

    Ohhh so you’re above making light of Britney Spears’ because that would be wrong but it’s perfectly okay to make light of a dead man? Right…. way to improve public image!

  • Patricia Panitz says:

    Cochran thinks that animals can “experience pain” but not “suffer” from it which is really a tour de force of mental gymnastics. He doesn’t offer a shred of evidence for this position just an opinion. If he were aware of field research which animal abuse supporters somehow never are he would know that animals can experience many emotions and some know awareness and even self awareness. Given this it is obvious that animals can suffer. But of course denying animal capabilities enables people like Cochran to continue hunting vivisecting etc.

  • Drew McGraw says:

    Hunt hard! Eat meat! and Rip CH!

  • Antigone1000 says:

    Now if we could just get rid of Ted Nugent…….. Common Sense Steve The most overpopulated animal on the planet is the human being. If we could learn to limit our own population we wouldn’t have to worry about killing animals because there would be plenty of room for everyone.

  • Veronica says:

    I live in deep Northern Wisconsin. All through middlehigh school all classes were cancelled for deer opener and you cannot throw a stone without hitting a poor defenseless deer that has been strapped to the back of some random truck. It’s sickening. Being that I am very much the minority where I live I love seeing other people support antihunting thoughts. And that was the greatest joke ever about colddead hands. I usually don’t laugh out loud but couldn’t help it.

  • vegancoin says:

    yeah CH was an american icon of sorts and exemplifies everything that is wrong with america today. anyone that believes that anyone has a fundamental right to own a gun has some serious problems dealing with reality. You don’t have to look at all the tragic homocide statistics by firearm in this country to see why this is wrong.

  • Kelley says:

    Not to change the subject but are there any animal rights protests planned around the passing of the Olympic Torch here? The British and the French have set the protest standards pretty high over the past two days! PSHeston was absolutely nuts as anyone who watched “Bowling For Columbine” can attest to.

  • EllaC says:

    CCochran talks so much green bile PUKE.. I can’t even be bothered to respond in length to his regergitated vomit.. that animals suffer pain but not in sense of ‘suffering’.. as the same as humans.. What NERD planet does this NERD come from?.. what an absolute BILE puke of a remark!? what an absolute MORON!! it’s people liek this who inflict the most terrible suffering to animals because they have this prehistoric notion that animals ‘can’t suffer’ ‘not like us humans’.. what absolute ROT!.. so much for his ‘MD’ he has as much ‘intelligence’ as a dead amoeba as far as I’m concerned..

  • Michelle says:

    Not anything to do with Charlton Heston but if what PETA stands for makes you angry then maybe you should be looking at a different site.

  • Judith, Freedom Fighter for Animals says:

    Pamela L I simply can’t think of anything else to say about him. I wish Jack would just toss C.C. out with the garbage. He’s useless and pathetic. Peace Pamela!

  • MFagnani says:

    PETA your organization does so many great things. Your comments regarding the passing of Charlton Heston I found were in bad taste. There is a “middle” to all the world’s madness which includes the killing of animals for food etc. The NRA also promotes and stands for the right of every American to bear arms the right for a good honest and lawabiding citizen to protect him or herself. Not just the bad guys with guns. It’s not always about “killing wild deer”. What a shame that your article was so shallow and tasteless. It’s not always so black and white. Still a fan and supporter… M Fagnani Northern California

  • Annalena says:

    Common Sense Steve. We are incredibly overpopulated as a species and our actions are anything but natural. We are one of the major reasons for unbalance in the world.

  • Ella says:

    well I for one am glad this rifle enthusiast’s hands now are truly ‘cold and dead’.. sorry but I’m not for one going around blasting away at animals with pistols OR shotguns.. in fact at anything else for that matter.. RIP CH.. but please.. no more blasting away with those rifles or pistols not at animals people or any other ‘things’ even…. presuming hopefully you are ‘in heaven’.. You should have known shooting and killing is a ‘’..

  • Christopher Cochran MD says:

    Maggy The people who committed those crimes are the ones responsible for them. I take my cash and spend it on wildlife thousands of dollars every year. I also read lots of books. Your post typifies the ignorance and elitism of “you people.” You are a bigot. You are no better than me or anyone else. If you said “you people” to a black person you would likely offend them. I am not from Maryland but if I were I would take your comment as a complement. Annalenna I do not hunt from jeeps or helicopters as it is lazy unethical and illegal. Maya Gun totin’ wife beatin’? Respectfully I have no evidence that Mr. Heston ever beat his wife do you? Judy What is this new fixation on my back end? I’ll admit it is my best side though. Ashley Why would you be remorseful? Did you kill Mr Heston? Jaclyn I am truly sorry for offending you personally. I can only apologize as I am not going to put a perfectly good firearm in my rectum.

  • Jaclyn says:

    Very well said Maya!

  • Allegory to Sanity says:

    Charlton Heston responsible for every gun related death in the country! Incredible! I never knew that people STOLE GUNS from store from each other and used those stolen guns to kill others with! I never knew that tribal warfare in Africa has developed to the point where they purchase guns manufactured in Europe from European gun runners with which to kill their enemies. I never knew that Charlton Heston was responsible for ANY of that! But now the veil has been lifted from my eyes! Spare me. The simple fact is yes some people DO overhunt. But guess what? That’s AGAINST FEDERAL LAW and has been since the sixties. Without any help from PETA I might add. I don’t think it’s any coincidence that the majority of nonPETA America associates PETA with illegal violent and often fatal raids on scientific laboratories pet stores and throwing red paint at people’s clothing without first checking if the clothes in question are actually fur in the first place A relative of mine was recently painted in Europe. She was wearing winter wear made of polyester lining designed to resemble fur because it is the most efficient way to keep warmth in and cold and moisture out. And to decry the meat industry as being cruel and unusual. How many PETA members purchase clothes or other items from stores? Either big chains like WalMart or local momandpop stores? Check the label. The ones made in places like China and Palestine? Do you think the workers there are treated well? No of course they aren’t. But do you hear members of PETA standing up to support the underaged underfed and undereducated who fill these sweatshops for the sole purpose of making their “employers” a profit by cutting down on manufacturing costs? No you don’t. You hear them screaming about cows and chickens being slaughtered to provide lifegiving meat for millions. As a person who has spent much time on commercial farms and who has also spent much time living well below the poverty line sleeping in a car that I couldn’t afford to fill with gas and begging passerby for change to buy something to eat I can tell you this Set free the cows. Set free the pigs. Set free the chickens. Set free all of the animals destined for the meat plant. And they will all die within a year. They are breeds that cannot survive on their own without the protein enriched food the farmers provide. They would not be able to find shelter during storms shelter such as that provided by the farmers. The vast majority of them wouldn’t even survive long enough to be killed by the natural predators of the world they would die of exposure of hunger. And don’t take this as an acceptance of the cruelties of the world. Yes I know seals are hunted and killed to the point of endangerment. Yes I know that my fellow Southerners hunt simply for trophies. Yes I know these things. But I? I am a meat eater. I buy meat from the stores I buy meat from local hunters. But I first research those hunters. If I see any evidence whatsoever of overhunting or trophygathering I do not only keep my money to myself I report them to local law enforcement. But to deny humans the right to hunt one of the most basic instincts in the human psyche? That in itself should be criminal. I definitely don’t expect anyone who reads this with the possible exception of CC to take me seriously or even read a fraction of what I’ve typed but I hope some of the fringe do and I hope they see the reason behind my argument the logic behind my words. RIP Charlton you were a great actor. “People! Soylent Green is made of people!”

  • JW says:

    This is in response to “Maggie” who posted the following on April 7 “You people are so brainwashed and so backwards “Duh My daddy hunted and so will I” you have no idea how stupid you look to nonhunters. Maryland is an ignorant state with more rebel flags than the south. You people have muskrat dinners and call them festivals. What kind of a civilization are we becoming when people celebrate the eating of muskrat?” You have every right to your opinion Maggie but nothing about your opinions justifies outright bigotry. You have stereotyped all hunters as stupid rednecks stereotyped all Marylanders as racists and twice used the phrase “you people”. Then you had the never to sermonize “What kind of civilization are we becoming…?” If you are capable of a little introspection perhaps you can acknowledge that bigots such as yourself are a part of the problem.

  • Derek says:

    It is not the mosquito “attack” that kills a person with malaria as they are merely the vector for Plasmodium falciparum which as you well know causes the malaria infection. Of course Plasmodium being a protozoan is technically an animal as well and one could argue that the bullet not the human is the killer of the animals. The mosquito however unwittingly passes on the infection to a human whereas the hunter makes a sentient decision to infect the animal with a bullet. Hunting from a human perspective is about sport not survival as opposed to the animal kingdom this can also be attributed to our sapience and creates a distinction between wild animals hunting other wild animals and humans hunting animals. When taking our technology into account one could certainly argue that animals are “defenseless” against hunters as many products sprays camo electronic tracking equipment high velocity firearms negate an animal’s natural defenses senses speed etc.. Were a human to rely on our “meateating” canines and jaw strength to grasp a deer by its neck or wound it with our fingernails might work in the case of Howard Hughes I doubt many sets of antlers would adorn many mantles.

  • Maya, CVT says:

    Hi Common Sense Steve! Those are great questions!! Coyotes are wild canids which rely on a meatbased diet for their survival. They will die without hunting prey. Sadly they are being pusehd out of their territories by development and habitat loss. They are then forced to hunt and live in the suburbs killing pets and livestock simply because they have no choice. Whose fault is it? Human’s. Most nonhuman animals with the exception of some primates do not have the ability to place themselves in the mind of another animal. In other words they do not have the brain function that gives us empathy. A coyote can not possibly imagine what it’s like to be a cat dog or other animal. Even primates who have some level of empathetic thinking do not have nearly the selfcontrol that we have. They are animals. They live in the moment and react. Sadly people who let cats outdoors and let dogs run loose impose hundreds of risks on their loose pets. Also some people who are missing pets will say a coyote probably killed it with no proof that one actually did. Also hunting does not control overpopulated wildlife many wild animals can reabsorb their embryos or have extra offspring when they are being hunted resulting in exactly the same number of offspring either way. If we had not killed off and extripated the wolves here in New England we would not have a deer overpopulation problem because wolves kill the very young sick and old who are not reproducing. This effectively reduces overpopulation and disease in a way that humans can’t. Natural selection must be accoutned for in nature. We have a great lack of respect in the face of nature and our Earth and that’s how we got ourselves into this fine environmental mess we’re in now. Anyway good questions. Peace! Maya


    MAYA…. how much respect does the coyote have for the cute little kitty cat or puppy dog as it snatches it away in some of the nations suburbs… as less animals are trapped or hunted the natural equation is screwed up…. so let us show all that repsect to wild animals and leave them alone to overpopulate. then they can die of disease and starvation…thats real respect…. and what does this have to do with charlton heston where the entire common sense world thinks of him as larger than life… does this show you where the rest of the world thinks of animal extremists !!! and judith…. classy as ever…

  • Old Spiderwoman says:

    Cocky Cocky i just can repeat it again and again Altzheimer disease is an ugly thing i hope it shall not make you suffer for too much time!!! Cheers palaeoliticum is waiting for her children!

  • Aneliese says:

    I would like to think that PETA has a shread of compassion for humans as well as animals. I’m not saying that deer hunting doesn’t bother me but to say “So anyone whos been patiently waiting in line to try and pry the guns from his cold dead hands can go ahead and do so now” is terrible. PETA that is unprofessional and disappointing.

  • FREE TIBET says:

    having a look inside here i have become rare because my naughty son is always downloading viruses with his video games which make the system crash down i catch the situation mister cuck is rising so we all animalprotectors and animals can sleep well tonight we are in the best hands!!!

  • Ashley says:

    I have zero remorse.

  • Maggy says:

    To CC What the heck are you doing on this blog? Are you one of the paid people of the meateatingguntotinghunting industry whose job it is to debunk the truth? In this day and age there is absolutely no reason to hunt. There is no argument! Take your cash and buy yourselves some big juicy steaks if you have to eat meatgive some of your meat to the poor. Let others enjoy the wildlifealive. You people are so brainwashed and so backwards “Duh My daddy hunted and so will I” you have no idea how stupid you look to nonhunters. Maryland is an ignorant state with more rebel flags than the south. You people have muskrat dinners and call them festivals. What kind of a civilization are we becoming when people celebrate the eating of muskrat? Put down your guns CC and pick up some books. You can find them at the library. As far as old CH goes The man is responsible for human deaths. Every kid who ever got in the back every kid who every pick up his daddy’s pistol and shot himself in the face with it every jealous husband who took a gun to his wife andor familyhey CH is responsible. He is responsible for the Columbine shootings and every other school shooting. He is responsible for putting guns into the hands of criminals and gangs. He could have been a real man and spoke out against guns but the money he was getting from the NRA was just too good to pass up. The man was wrong and so are you.

  • Pamela L. says:

    I agreee wholeheartedly with Judith Freedom Fighter for Animals excellent comment! It needed to be said.

  • Maya, CVT says:

    Oy my paragraphs got a bit jumbled LOL!! Sorry ’bout that!

  • Annalena says:

    Malaria? Is a disease carried by mosquitos. It is not an attack but a disease that is spread. The spread of AIDS is usually not an attack and murder of another human being unless it is intentional.CC what is your fixation on felines? Many of us care about the welfare of all animals not just the warm fuzzy and doe eyed.Jack is not defacating on C.H’s legacy he is actually quite polite. When my enemy dies I do not throw a party but I certainly do not weep either. Animals suffer extreme pain both emotionally and physically. Our canine companions know emotional loss and suffering as do countless other animals. While they may be ignorant of some things ignorance is bliss this can lend more terror to them ie. they do not know that the needle may help them not kill them. I have an issue with macho hunters who take pictures of themselves sitting on the head of a dead buck with a stupid grin on their face. That is not at all classy. No animals are not completely defenseless but in the face of human brutality they need a hand. Humans show little balance or restraint as the state of the world shows. Shooting an unaware animal in the back of the head from a helicopter or jeep for “sport” is sickening.

  • Maya, CVT says:

    Hi Chris! Being a man of science I’m sure you realize that your comments are a bit of an oversimplification. You know that each of us has only one life and we should not take another life lightly. Personally that’s what I object to when I see these guntotin’ wife beatin’ proud Amercian SOBs who shove it in our face all the time. I’m not saying I’m glad he’s dead just that I can see why he rubs people the wrong way. An animal living out its life and being killed for food at the end is better than suffering its whole life. PETA know this check their FAQ wildlife seciton they clearly state that they have no problem with tribal folks killing wildlife for food. Too often though it is part of excess in our culture animals are carelessly killed hunted only for trophies and the “rah rah shoot ’em up kill the wolves” attitude exibited by some hunters is offensive to those of us constantly trying to make this world less hostile to all living beings. Peace friend. Listen I’m a mountain biker and a conservation biologist. The Sierra Club hates mountain bikers I thought it was unreasonable until I saw my favorite forest fragmented into a maze of mountain bike trails. Tragic. Hunting can be overdone as well. I’ve worked with horses cats dogs all kind of exotics and wildlife my whole life. I’m a professional and I’m here to tell you it’s anthropomorphizing to say that animals don’t suffer or enjoy their lives as much as we do. They simply experience life in a very different way.

  • Jaclyn says:

    Christopher Cochran your posts can be so aggressive. You come across as being so angry. I can’t even begin to tell you how many times I was offended by your labels in your first post.

  • Christopher Cochran MD says:

    Your figures indicate we are either much better at defending ourselves or we do not put ourselves in harms way. In reality it comments on offense not defense. For the record millions of people die worldwide from animal attacks every year. Over a million people die from malariamosquito attacks yes though not warm fuzzy and feline they are animals annually. Defenseless implies that the animal has no ability to protect itself from predation which in relation to wild animals is not true. Also applying “orphan” to deer is definitely an attempt to imbue human characteristics on a different species. If “defenseless” isn’t the point then I must imply that it is a term used only to conjure emotions. I do not agree that animals have the same capacity to suffer as humans. A great deal of our suffering is related to our sapience rather than sentience. I do not know of any animal that has been so cursed with the ability to know as we do. Animals feel pain which does not necessarily mean suffering as any woman who has birthed a child knows so I’m told. Suffering is pain plus the appropriately negative emotion of which animals are thankfully ignorant. Ah to be blissfully unaware! I’ll tell you who is defenseless dead people. They have no ability to defend themselves from attacks on their legacy. They have no ability to defend themselves from so called moral people dancing on their graves don’t be coy that is what this post is Taking joy in the death of your enemy is not progressive thought it’s just petty. Abe Lincoln compelled the band to play “Dixie.” That was civilized and classy. This is not.

  • Maya, CVT says:

    With great humility I suggest that the biggest problem is not lack of compassion but lack of respect for wild animals. Many farmers say they feel guilty or sorry when the go to slaughter their pigs and hunters feel sorry for shooting cute deer. Does that stop them from doing it? Of course not!! People think of suffering as a natural part of life. All of us suffer but not all of us know respect. If a homeless man dies on the streets of course people think it’s sad they feel sorry for the guy’s suffering. But they consider that death normal comes with the territory. Whereas if someone like Martin Luther King or Diane Fossey dies it’s considered a huge tragedy!! That’s because those people were highly respected We need to teach the public to be more saavy about wild animals. People who read sites like BBC Nature tend to be more respectful and understanding of wildife. More facts fewer emotions.

  • Judith, Freedom Fighter for Animals says:

    I am not saddened by this death. C.C. Do the right thing for the animals you hunt and kill. Take your gun shove it up your butt and pull the trigger. Peace!

  • Jack says:

    CC more than 100 million animals are killed by hunters every year and more than 26 billion animals are killed annually by the meat industry in this country alone. Compare that with the number of people who are killed by wild animals and then tell me who’s defenseless. Nobody at PETA is trying to imbue animals with human characteristics and the extent to which people consider animals to be wise cunning fierce etc. isn’t particularly relevant. The fundamental point as always is that they have the same capacity to suffer as we do and we have the mental capacity to realize that this poses a serious moral problem.

  • Christopher Cochran MD says:

    Anyone who thinks that wild animals are defenseless doesn’t know very much about wild animals. When you discount wild animals thusly you confirm the very thing you strive so hard to deny. Peta campaigns daily against the notion of human superiority over animals then claim that deer rabbits and fowl are so stupid and weak as to be defenseless so much so that they must be defended by the likes of Peta. Trust me they don’t need the help of the average Ilovemycatsoallanimalsmustbejustlikemycat peta disciple who once visited a park and saw a wild turkey. They do very well defending themselves. Do they wear bullet proof vests? No that would be a uniquely human defense. They are however extremely cunning fast and near perfectly camoflauged definitely not defenseless. Those animals in the abbatior videos are defenseless. They have been bred down to the point that they have almost no defenses. I say these things not to justify hunting rather to defend wild animals against this misconception. Like most liberal causes you really aren’t interested in liberty or freedom rather the imposition of the restrictions and rules you in your selfperceived superiority think are best for all of us inferior minds. You don’t want to “free” animals. You want to lord over them in your own ways as evidenced by how little credence you give wild animals. Once again I can’t help but see the pigs at the kitchen table.

  • Holly says:

    A time for peace I swear it’s not too late.