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Chance to Win a Fur-Free Look for Fall

Written by PETA | September 29, 2011

The weather is turning cooler, but that doesn’t mean our hearts should too. Fall is a great time to make a fashion statement in support of clothes that warm our skin and don’t cost animals theirs. One lucky PETA Files reader will snag this autumnal ‘No Fur’ Burnout Fitted V-Neck T-Shirt, perfect for layering, to take you into cooler weather in style.

To enter, just post a comment about why you won’t shroud yourself in dead animals. A winner will be chosen at random.* (Just remember to wear the tee with your pleather shoes because animals used for leather suffer too.) Good luck!

*The winner will be chosen at random from submitted animal-friendly comments telling us why the commenter wears cruelty-free clothing. The contest ends October 7, 2011, and the winner will be notified October 21, 2011. Be sure to read our privacy policy and terms and conditions, as you’re agreeing to both by commenting. No purchase necessary. Void where prohibited by law. 

Written by Michelle Sherrow

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  • april gonzalez says:

    I choose not to wear fur because the animals are treated really bad in fur-farms. There are so many options that there is no reason at all to kill them just to look ”cool” or whatever. Go vegan!

  • Ioana Cristina Pop says:

    I’m vegetarian and I DO NOT wear FUR!!! I love and respect all kind of animals!

  • Florz55 says:

    Why do I not wear fur? It’s simple I look good in my own skin and how could i hold my cat on my lap and wear someone else’s fur! It would be like skinning my cat!I would just by fake fur so much cheaper and makes you feel less guilty! 2 good reasons!

  • Veronica says:

    I dont wear fur because I wouldnt be able to look my rabbit Oliver in the eyes if I did….Animals are companions not accessories!

  • Debbie Nelson says:

    I don’t wear animals because their skin looks best on them and I am a compassionate person.

  • ashley says:

    i love animals with all my heart, i seem to have more sympathy for animals than humans at times.i have 1 beautiful bunny and her handsome buck thumper and two dogs and a kitten.there my life and if something ever happened to them hell would break lose, all of them have BEAUTIFUL fur coats and you know the only thing that that fur belongs to and wou;d look good on is they’re rightful owners not some rich bitch trying to make a fashion statement. im going to do everything i can to speak up for animals and mine as well cuz EVERY ANIMAL has a voice.after i watched those videos of people heartlessly ripping of these poor animals skin i bought 100 candles and set them up all around my neighbors porch and lit every single one and even gave each a name to represent an animal that has unfortunaltly lost their live.and it was the most beautiful thing ive ever seen..

  • Sabrina says:

    I would never wear fur its wrong and even creepy

  • Patricia Betty says:

    No dedicated follow of fashion would want a second-hand coat, especially when the original owner was tortured and maimed before being skinned alive. When I see real fur on anything but its rightful owner, I feel ashamed to belong to the human race.

  • cavgtmom says:

    Fur should be admired from afar . . . on its original owners. There are so many options that don’t involve the unnecessary suffering of any of God’s beautiful creatures.

  • Gina says:

    Vegan isn’t just what you eat but how you live. I won’t wear dead abused animal because it is just plain WRONG!

  • Olivia says:

    I don’t wear fur because it is disgusting and inhumane!

  • jenn says:

    I will not be wearing fur because I am comfortable in my own skin.

  • DoLLi says:

    Because animals should be loved not worn!

  • Jamie says:

    I don’t wear fur because its wrong to kill innocent animals who are worthy of life, and to live their life to the fullest without suffering just because someone wants to wear a fur coat.

  • Barbara Rea says:

    I wont wear fur because its a sick gross thing to do! When i first herd about the fur farms in China I was shocked and sicked i never thought anybody could be so crule to a living breathing animal! It makes me sick everytime I think about those helpless animals suffering i wont have anything to do with China or fur!

  • KyraDee says:

    Because wearing fur/leather is disgusting and appalling. I dont want to wear any other skin than my own! There are tons of other fashionable options that do not involve murdering innocent animals.

  • SweetJessi says:

    I won’t be wearing fur this winter, because…..just because blood is warm doesn’t mean I want to douse myself in it, just because fire is warm doesn’t mean I want to set fire to myself, just because the stove gets hot doesn’t mean I want to stick my head in the oven, and just because real fur is warm doesn’t mean I want to maim, torture, kill, etc animals to wear it

  • Robyn says:

    Because it’s their skin, not ours!!!

  • Betty says:

    no fur please

  • Christen says:

    I will not wear fur because I love and respect animals!

  • Daisy says:

    In such a “civilized” nation. There is no excuse to treat our fellows creatures with such cruelty. We are all after all animals. It is in essence another form of cannibalism. Any person with a shroud of intelligence should get it.

  • Samseajoey says:

    Fur is murder

  • Jennifer says:

    I dress cruelty-free because it is the right thing to do. I feel that we do not have the right to kill or harm other animals and that we are part of a larger ecological process. To needlessly or selfishly kill or harm another animal is a disruption of that natural process.

  • ARobinson333 says:

    I won’t wear fur because I won’t murder an innocent animal for any reason…including for fashion. The process of obtaining fur is gruesome, violent and heartbreaking and I will never contribute to it.

  • amandadutka says:

    I won’t drape my self in dead animal skin because it doesn’t belong on my back to begin with! The idea that we raise animals to kill them for fashion breaks my heart 🙁 we have the technology to make fake fur! Why keep killing animals.

  • Tiffany M says:

    After watching a movie called Food Inc I was horrified. That moment I decide to become a vegetarian, that was a month ago I havnt been one for very long but im happy with my choice and I will never eat meat again.

  • YellowBirdAnna says:

    I don’t believe in wearing any sort of clothing made from an animal. I find it to be a barbaric custom, and refuse to be a part of it. In my eyes, Animals are the same as humans, they just speak a different language.

  • Brenda Mlinaric says:

    We have to start proving we’re the most intelligent living things, and that we have evolved by doing that right thing. We must start to treat “all” life as we would want to be treated if were us, then just maybe we could start to be proud of our species.

  • Amanda says:

    I would NEVER wear any product comprised of any animal. Animals dying for fashion is ridiculous and makes me sick, how vain are humans. All life is equally important, I’m not sure who designated ANY life form more or less important than any other. Animals are for cuddling, not cutting.

  • Sam says:

    I refuse to wear fur or any animal in general because shamelessly and cruelly killing any living thing for no other reason but to make a fashion statement is barbaric. With all the vegan choices available for clothing and accessories, there is absolutely no necessity at all for the fur industry.

  • Laura S. says:

    I won’t wear fur because I’ve scraped my knee as a kid, and that hurt. A lot. To imagine an animal’s entire skin being ripped off its body makes me hurt all over again, so I’d rather just help both of us keep our own skins on 🙂

  • ErinW says:

    I do not feel comfortable wearing something that came from the fur, flesh, and/or feathers of a tortured, murdered animal.

  • Jennifer Hagens says:

    I don’t shave my legs to feel soft skin and then cover myself in animal hair! Yuck!

  • Raeanna Sam says:

    I would wear this sweater all around town , especially in the mall in front of the leather & fur stores. I would be honored to send the strong message that fur is wrong , and this would be a very special and powerful way to show it aside from getting naked. I strive to send the message of compassion and caring for all living beings from ants to zebras. Thanks for letting me comment here , for I know that if I won this , I would make a huge difference.

  • @lizcheekydevil says:

    I won’t shroud myself in dead animals because i’d much rather see animals in all their complete and beautiful glory xx

  • charshmanda says:

    WANT<3 c:

  • Riya says:

    come on??? WHO WEARS FUR???? its cruel and if anyone even does wear it, then they are wayy out of fashion 🙂 FURLESS FOREVER <3

  • Achmat Anthony says:

    I could never wear fur/leather. I love my son (Trent – 2 Yr Dobie) 2 Much & the thought of someone using him as a garment sickens me. Fur Leather is so BC

  • Heather Dadd says:

    I won’t wear fur because it supports an extremely cruel industry and I don’t want to be covered in someone’s old skin and hair! I wouldn’t wear a humans so why would I wear an animal’s? Size: small

  • Laura Mol says:

    I think this tshirt and the PETA are amazing. If only there were more people in the world who cared about animals. Some people don’t think animals have feelings.. what about when your dog runs to you when you arrive home after a long day at work or when your cat jumps on your lap for a long cuddle. Animals do have feelings they just can’t express them like we do obviously. Stop treating Animals as accessorys, They are living and breathing. If someone locked a person in a cage and beat them and then stripped their fur to make a nice new jacket it would be an absolute disaster but Animals dying everyday at the hands of people who don’t have a soul is not worth bothering about? CARE ABOUT YOURSELF BUT CARE ABOUT ANIMALS JUST AS MUCH. We are all equal in this world.

  • Mariskatee says:

    Why would I want to be covered in skin from another (used to be) living breathing animal when I’ve got my own? Animals need their skin just as much as we need ours.. why should we take theres? Dead isnt fashion. Its… dead. Dead animals? No thanks. :)Alive & happy, (not stuffed in cramped cages) sounds better to me.

  • BB in CA says:

    Me, me! I want it – one more way to let people know I do NOT approve of killing animals for THEIR fur. It’s only beautiful when the animal is wearing it.

  • Monika B. says:

    Im not about to wear another humans skin as some kind of fashionable coat, so why would I wear an animals? I automatically lose all respect for anyone I see wearing real fur. Faux fur is where its at! Same with pleather. Animal friendly, looks fantastic, and WAY more affordable!

  • Christona says:

    Live it and love it!

  • maria i Gonzalo says:

    I love animals , and they are in my hearth

  • Tjp1998 says:

    I have never and will never wear fur because it’s completely unnecesarry and barbaric. It doesn’t make sense. People cover themselves in murder when there’s alternatives. For 7 out of 13 years I have been vegan. Never have I done something that would harm animals in any way. This shirt I would give to my semi veg mom (I’m a boy) to share info with people she meets.

  • Lauren Holt says:

    I won’t wear fur this winter to prove that you don’t have to wear dead animals to absolutely fantastic and confident!