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We Challenge the Beef Queen to a Wrestling Match

Written by PETA | August 6, 2008

So, Megan Webb has been crowned the 2008 West Virginia Beef Queen by the West Virginia Cattlemen’s Association, and PETA has sent her a letter making it very clear that we’ve got “beef” with the Mistress of Meat.

We have invited the Beef Queen (I just can’t get enough of that title!) to take a page out of our “Vegetarian Starter Kit—and make the switch to a healthy, humane diet rather than promote cruelty to animals, environmental destruction, and life-threatening diseases—or take on one of our Lettuce Ladies in a tofu-wrestling match.

This earlier bout between a PETA member and a Playboy model will give you an idea of how the beef vs. lettuce throwdown might go:

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And the prizes for the wrestling match aren’t too shabby either. We’ve found a reformed rancher who is offering to donate $5,000 to a mutually acceptable charity of the winner’s choosing. We’ve also agreed to let the winner design a meal for the loser. (Yes, we’re that confident our Lettuce Lady will win.) And perhaps best of all, the winner will get bragging rights.

Check out the full letter here.

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  • Crystal says:

    This made me lose my lunch! GROSS on so many leaves it is unreal.. I have a four year daughter this makes me wonder if exposing her to PETA is good idea after all. A little class a little less trash please! It one thing to compare the human body to an animals to point out we are all the same but this is just for gross men looking for cheap thrills! SHAME SHAME! Who should get the PIE for this garbage???

  • lynda downie says:

    I hope she takes you up on it! The tofu tussle!

  • vegan4animals says:

    what ever works to get attention. Something has got to wake up the zombies about the HORRIFIC animal cruelty behind eating meat. WAKE UP MEAT HEADS!!! show some signs of life and compassion. Stop causing animals to suffer like this because you stuff your face with what your society tells you is “food”.

  • Junko M says:

    The monster who stump on the pig? I sure want to know HOW DO THESE PEOPLE LIVE WITH THEMSELVES?!

  • Ariel says:

    How fetishy! I love it go Peta!

  • soliel says:

    It’s kind of pornographic but whatever gets the attention. The stepping on the pig was just too much….made me want to cry.

  • Chicken Lover says:

    Now this is a class act! Kudos to Peta for rising above to bring such educational events to our families.