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Chaka Khan Tells Us Something Good: Being Vegan Is Reversing Diabetes

Written by Michelle Kretzer | November 30, 2012

Chaka Khan says all she wants to do is keep eating vegan—because she no longer needs medication for type 2 diabetes. And as a bonus, the singer with the big voice is now quite a bit smaller—to the tune of 60 pounds!

Bethenny Frankel‘s little daughter Bryn probably doesn’t even weigh 60 pounds yet, but she’s already setting herself up for a lifetime of good health. Bethenny says the 2-year-old chooses not to eat meat but loves her veggies.

Vegan dynamo Ellen DeGeneres never lets an opportunity to speak up for animals pass her by—and she’s making sure Adam Levine doesn’t either. Adam was chatting with Ellen on her show about his new habit of holding up a piece of paper with a charitable message written on it when the shutterbugs are snapping his picture. So Ellen gave him the perfect ready-made sign: “Please rescue animals.”

Steve-O says his dogs rescued him. He credits the love of his two rescued dogs with helping him kick drugs and alcohol. So he’s helping dogs by urging other guardians to be kind to their pups and never force them to wear shock collars. “It’s horribly painful,” he says. “You have to be pretty cruel to put that on a dog.”

Miley Cyrus is a gal on a mission to end animal homelessness and is making it a family affair. Miley and her family went straight to a rescue organization to adopt a dog, and she tweeted PETA her excitement over the new pup and the rescued pig PETA sponsored for her birthday

Add Liam Gallagher to the list of outspoken animal-friendly celebrities. His clothing line, Pretty Green, is an oasis for animals who are typically killed for their fur—Liam proudly uses only faux.

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