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Chained Dogs—A Chilling Tail

Written by PETA | November 21, 2014

Although more and more municipalities are passing laws against chaining dogs, many cities still have no such legislation, and there are many dogs still suffering and dying at the end of a chain, especially in freezing weather. Now PETA is making some of these cities—including Buffalo, New York—an offer they shouldn’t refuse: We’ll shovel the snow off the sidewalks outside City Hall if they’ll let us stencil ads on those sidewalks to focus attention on the plight of dogs chained outdoors all winter.

Chained Dog? A Chilling Tail (Sidewalk Stencil) PSA

Chained dogs are forced to endure extreme weather conditions and usually go without veterinary attention and any form of companionship. Cold winters spell extra hardship for dogs left outdoors, as they may suffer from dehydration when water sources freeze as well as frostbite and exposure. Frustrated dogs tied out on chains are also more prone to aggression and biting and are vulnerable to acts of cruelty.

Whether or not these cities accept PETA’s win-win proposition, there are plenty of ways that we can all speak up for freezing, lonely chained dogs. If your community lacks an ordinance against chaining, demand one—and if you see dogs chained outdoors, help them.

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  • JJ awsome says:

    Wow what in the world is this this is so sad

  • Juliana says:

    Ayuda para soluciónar este problema en España. En las Islas Canarias hay miles de perros en esta situación , en fincas que no habita nadie o van cada semana a ponerle algo de comida. Muy triste y las autoridades locales lo ven como algo cultural , es natural ver perritos encadenados con 2 m d cadena!! AYUDEN. A ESPAÑA CON ALGUNA PERICION!

  • Annie Hall says:

    These poor dogs must be rescued from bing chained outside in every city. Why ate people so cruel to dogs?

  • Crandall Simmons says:

    And this is not even the worst of animal cruelty that happens every day around the world.Some stories I have read are beyond belief but are true. When will humans start acting like the animals that we should be. I am sickened by these stories.

  • Judy Sutton says:

    people who are cruel should be punished and added to a Global List of Animal Abusers so they are not allowed to have another animal of any kind.

  • oir says:

    Freedom for all animals!!!!!

  • beth says:

    so cruel how can people do this they need chaining up and leaving not the dog bet there warm and fed; your doing great work

  • I have no problem speaking against any type of animal cruelty as a matter of even exposing them…Jesus exposed the sin of the flesh and that’s why he was killed..but he’s at peace with that.

  • Sara says:

    Can you do the same in New York state, please? I mean every single town, village, city, and county in New York state! They need stricter laws there too! I’m serious!

  • I am so glad you have this in e-mails to people. I hate to see dogs chained up on those heavy chains, even ones that are not so heavy. Some have dog houses, if you can call it that, some have nothing for shelter. I think it is despicable of human beings to put dogs in this condition. They don’t deserve to own a dog, or any animal. Please keep working hard at sending people out onto the streets, into back yards, and unload these poor dogs of this heavy burden on them.

  • Debbie Wickson says:

    It never ceases to amaze me how cruel people can be to animals of any kind. Getting a animal and chaining them up for what and especially in the cold weather or extreme hot weather? Why get them in the first place if you don’t have the time or the love.

  • Marianne says:

    Why do people adopt animals and not take care of them or love them is beyond me!



  • Christine says:

    this is a great idea. i hope it works!

  • sholloway96 says:

    I love your creativity. Y’all are always finding new ways to get a word out.

  • Connie says:

    Here is a chance for Peta to work with an organization that has a main goal of getting dogs off chains–Dogs Deserve Better. It is my understanding that they now own Michael Vick’s Bad Newz Kennels which they have turned into Good Newz and are planning on using it as a place that once chained dogs can go for re-hab and adoption. Many voices are strong and two great organizations are speaking for the same thing–ending the suffering of chained dogs.

  • Katherine says:

    Chaining your animal and leaving it alone is cruel… I can’t imagine why people would think it were okay to abandon your beloved pet in the cold.

  • Diane says:

    I don’t understand why people have pets and then keep them outside anyway. A pet belongs in the house! Don’t have them if you’re going to keep them outside. It doesn’t make sense!

  • Caroline says:

    I love you and all the work you do to help animals! Great idea with the ads! Please continue your super-important work!

  • annie says:

    why do people have dogs if they don’t have the compassion to care for them. I am so sick of reading about scumbags who abuse and neglect their animals Tougher laws fof animal abusers.

  • L. D. Pegram Boyle says:

    Just too many animals left out in the cold weather, and this needs to be stopped! Laws need to be enforced in every state to help control this.I don’t understand why people think a dog can survie in freezing weather. I think of the animals often and it breaks my heart. Most people should never have a dog, because they are not smart enough to care them.

  • SarahK says:

    Great win win idea!



  • Karen Browder says:

    I ve seen dogs chained and left out in harsh conditions whether it is heat or cold in Austin, Texas. Please promote your message here !!!

  • Kees says:

    Imagine yourself chained in the freezing cold….or even……just chained ..not guilty..faithful to your boss and willing to protect her or him with your life… make chaining animals illegal!!

  • Julie Roohi says:

    Right on PETA! I anguish all winter knowing that dogs living their lives on the end of a chain are suffering in the bitter cold. County government doesn’t seem to care that living beings are suffering and dying at the hands of uncaring owners. This needs to be brought to the forefront of our attention so that people realize that this is cruel and neglect.

  • sara says:

    I’m living in Spain. Although the weather is much more better (no snow) I’m against chained dogs. They are paralized, they can’t move. In my opinion is like a punishment for them.

  • Chrismari says:

    I cant believe that this is still a habit…such a shame to dog owners that do this…of course t means that they do not love animals at all..