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A Little Bird Told Us … Hollywood Gossip

Written by PETA | September 30, 2011

This whale of a tale is true: Dolphin activist Hayden Panettiere traveled to the White House to thank President Obama for asking Iceland to ban hunting whales and exporting their meat. Fellow ocean-animal advocates Richard Branson and basketball legend Yao Ming are calling for a ban on shark-fin soup in China, where 95 percent of the cruel fare is served.

Yao Ming isn’t the only athlete taking action for animals. After being vegetarian for four years, Toronto Maple Leaf Mike Zigomanis has gone vegan as part of his effort to become healthier, stronger, and a better player.

Congratulations to glowing vegan mom Emily Deschanel, who gave birth last week to her first child, son Henry Hornsby. A rockin’ congrats also goes out to the inimitable Joan Jett for her well-deserved Rock and Roll Hall of Fame nomination. She loves rock and roll … as well as chickens, cows, seals, pigs, elephants, and rabbits.

Another award we couldn’t help but crack a smile about—furry Kim Kardashian was voted the most annoying celebrity. Maybe kind sis Khloe can teach her how to be more popular.

Speaking of popular­­—Ellen DeGeneres, Bill Maher, and other celebs helped make PETA’s White House spay-and-neuter petition one of the first to reach 5,000 signatures and go to the president for review by tweeting about the dog and cat homelessness crisis. You can join Ellen, Bill, and many others in sending a strong message about the importance of spaying and neutering by signing the petition too.

Written by Michelle Sherrow

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  • Rev. Meg says:

    Unless a celebrity is in a movie or t.v. show I am watching I don’t pay attention to them at all.

  • Rex's Mom says:

    Here is some more Hollywood gossip but it isn’t pretty. This is from Action Line magazine put out by Friends of Animals, Fall 2011 issue. The following celebrities are still wearing fur and they don’t seem to care what torture the animals go through: In June Black Eyed Peas singer Fergie wore a fur and leather black jacket at the Foundation for AIDS. Kate Moss had previously wore the same fur jacket on the runway. Of course there are the “Trollsen” twins . They each wore a fur coat during a photo shoot. Mary Kate wore fur and feathers inside an issue of Marie Claire magazine. They also wore furs at an awards show and Ashley wore a fur hat made from lynx fur. They use fur in their own collaborative luxury fashion line. Mary Kate “joked” “See, all we do is pet things all day!” Rapper Snoop Dog appeared on the Wendy Williams show wearing a jacket lined with wolf fur. Oddly enough, he protested the wearing of fur in the fourth episode of his MTV comedy sketch show. Apparently to him it was just a joke. Pattie LaBelle has donned many fur coats through the years with an attitude of outspoken defiance. In April, Mano Swartz created a full-length chinchilla coat just for her. She’s been seen out and about in full-length furs in all seasons, wearing them to the airport or special events. Drew Barrymore modeled for a fashion editorial for Neiman Marcus—draped in furs made by animal hating designers Donna Karen and Oscar De La Renta. Barrymore, in the far away past, once claimed to care about animals, but somehow ended up eating, wearing and exploiting animals with abandon. I think it is time to boycott all the celebrities listed in this post.