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Celebrity Real Estate Expert Lists PETA as #1

Written by Michelle Kretzer | February 14, 2012

Realtor to the stars and Million Dollar Listing celebrity Chad Rogers has a million-dollar idea: Encourage people to adopt their animal companions from animal shelters and donate to PETA’s doghouse program. In an exclusive interview, Chad—joined, of course, by his canine family member, Starla—talks with PETA about doing both:

Chad spends his days brokering some of the biggest real-estate deals in Hollywood, but at the end of the day, his dog, Starla, takes center stage in his life. He encourages people to adopt animals rather than buying them because every dog deserves a loving home. “There’s thousands and thousands of pets all over the world that need homes,” Chad says, “so why not go to a shelter and get a dog? I mean, that’s the best thing that you could possibly do for another dog’s life.”

Starla is a star in her own right, capturing the title of America’s Cutest Canine in a national contest. Chad and Starla took the prize money and invested in real estate—for dogs. They donated the entire prize to PETA’s “Angels for Animals” program, which provides cold and lonely “backyard dogs” with sturdy, custom-built doghouses.

Will you be an “angel” for a cold “outdoor dog” this winter? If so, tell Chad and Starla about it on Twitter.