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Celebrate ‘Be Kind to Animals’ Week

Written by PETA | May 2, 2011

To celebrate “Be Kind to Animals” Week, we’re featuring easy ways to be kind to animals that anyone can try—in some cases, without even leaving the house.

olois/cc by 2.0

Our week starts with one of the smallest animals: mice. If you find yourself sharing your home with a mouse, there are easy cruelty-free methods for parting ways. A Humane Smart Mousetrap, available from PETA, is an easy solution, but you can also make a trap yourself by putting oatmeal and peanut butter in the bottom of a small wastebasket and stacking books outside it so that the mouse can climb in, but not out. Check the trap every hour and release your evicted houseguest no more than 100 yards away.

Most importantly—you can only prevent return visits by sealing holes and cracks, keeping food in sealed containers, and keeping floors and countertops clean and free of crumbs.

Look for more easy ways to be kind to animals every day this week.

Written by Michelle Sherrow

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  • Annie's Mom says:

    Shouldn’t EVERY week be “Be Kind To Animals” week?

  • Evanthe says:

    For me ‘Be kind to animals week’ is marred by the infringements against farm animals who are maimed and killed by land invaders.Government not being able to meet the needs of the masses is now turning to different strategies to access land for the landless and keep the masses satisfied. Julius Malema recently declared that land should be taken from owners without re-imbursement. The writing is on the wall for property owners and farmers and their life stock are the specific targets. A small-farm area called Donkerhoek(meaning dark corner) is a recent example and has indeed now become a dark area. These human and animal rights infringements recently started when 3 000 homeless people were according to the land reform policy of the Government settled on two small farms without any economic support. This has a devastating impact on all living things. Three days ago a farmer lost all his cattle. Animals are without water since the pumps and electricity cables are continuously stolen. farm animals can also not go to the fields to graze and owners who have no other means to feed them must stand by and see their animals die of hunger and thirst. Both humans and animals are left without protection and at the total mercy of the invaders. People have to sit and watch how their hard earned property is destroyed and their belongings including their animals taken to be slaughtered. They can not leave their homes because of their animals and in many cases they are old people who have nowhere else to go. In an effort to try and do something a petition to stop the forced removal of property owners and the stealing and killing of their animals was started The saddest part of this horrific situation is that reality of escalating crime in South Africa has now caught up with Angels with Hooves an equitherapy programme where rescue horses are used to help abused children. In the past few weeks the Angels have become the victims of crime as the fences were cut in an effort to drive the horses to the squatter camp. The angels were forced to flee their property because of the serious threat posed by the masses of hungry homeless people in the area. The owner of the rescue horses could not bear to see her previously severely abused angels being hurt again. The move for the angels is a very sad one. Not only have they been operating from their premises in Pienaarspoort for 11 years but they had to leave the costly build stables, clubhouses and arenas and start from afresh. This loss has a huge effect on the future and continuation of the equitherapy and rescue programme since they now have to still pay their bond and maintain and pay the rent of the new premises as well as carry the costs of the move to the new premises. For more information please visit Angels with Hooves at

  • southern Il Farmer says:

    Just wanted to remind everyone that rodents carry the plague. Yes, my family farms. We have hog and grain. We take the utmost care of our hogs. It is so sad to see starving people in the world. We all can’t live off of nuts and berries. Why not go out and help some PEOPLE who are startving, or in need. Due to floods and past storms. P.S. Just before everyone jumps to conclusions, I do support our local cat and dog shelter here in our town.

  • Aainaa Aqila says:

    Today I adopted a one-eyed hamster I found from a local pet shop. So cute, but sadly its blind in one eye. Thinking for a name for him! 🙂

  • KAM says:

    I have five wonderful rats and a dog. Animals are God’s gift to us and they should be treasured and loved, not harmed in any way.

  • Patty Miller says:

    Dear Astros Mom, you shouldn’t “punish” them for having accidents. If they knew better, they would do better. Maybe additional training is needed, or more frequent access to outside. All they want to do is please us, but we have to be fair to them. Young puppies can’t “hold it” like a grown dog can, nor do they know they should lots of times. Every day should be “be kind to animals” day. Understanding them and why they do what they do is crucial.

  • sheri says:

    I have 2 pet mice. They were originally going to be food for one of my carnivore pets, but they were too cute.

  • Amy Marquez says:

    Just because they are rodents they are alive and deserve to be set free


    Be kind to the horses in Turlock CA that Don Gatz is getting ready to ship to Mexico to be SLAUGHTERED. You can help by calling the authorities in Turlock CA and insist that they seize these animals before this horrible thing happens to them.

  • charlie pinkston says:

    I get bulk shippments of info to pass out to our local festivals (where I am the only vegan food option!)and help to inspire others to not only adopt animals from shelters but to re-think the foods they consume…

  • Astros Mom says:

    For be kind to animals week, I am not punishing my dog for having an “accident” in my house =)