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CBS Kills Animals for Ratings

Written by PETA | September 27, 2007
Les Moonves, CBS News/Creative Commons

The real villain here is a fellow named Les Moonves, who runs CBS, and under whose leadership the network has become renowned for soliciting and airing acts of cruelty to animals in an effort to boost ratings. Most people are familiar with the Survivor stunts where the contestants are made to kill animals or drink their blood, but apparently Moonves and CBS felt a need to take the shock factor up just another notch by having kids do the killing, as happened in the latest episode of Kid Nation. Honestly, I hate to call any attention to CBS’s new show so they can tag it as “controversial” as a way of getting more viewers, but Moonves needs to hear from people about this latest episode, in which a group of children persuade the other kids on the show to chop off chickens’ heads as a way of getting protein in their diet. Many of these kids had grown close to the animals during the show, and some were clearly traumatized by the experience.

Please click here to let Les Moonves know that encouraging kids to kill animals is a new low for him (which is saying something), and that he needs drop these lousy stunts right now, no matter how good they may be for his ratings.

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  • Mike Quinoa says:

    Mars You have no idea if I’ve ever eaten meat or not I have so don’t speculate. Maya What is the percentage of “rustic” farms versus factory farms? As always the almighty dollar rules. There may be a few farms that can potentially raise humanely and slaughter onsite but their numbers are miniscule. Is it not cruel to prematurely end an animal’s life just because heshe has reached market weight? Also it’s a bit selfserving for us to be the arbiter of cruelty in the first place since it is not upon us that the cruelty is being inflicted. Ghostdog It sounds like you’ve been spending some time on the unintentionally hilarious vegetariansareevil website. Refs please.

  • Susannah S says:

    Dear Mars There’s a big difference between doing homework and killing a living breathing being on network TV. I know you like to inspire controversy an ability that I for one appreciate and encourage. I can only say that the premise of leaving kids to their own devices and the behaviors I observed on “Kid Nation” would result in abuse and neglect allegations if this were anything but a TV show. And it may be useful or not for a child to know where his meat comes from but that’s not quite the same thing as requiring him to kill the animal himself when he doesn’t want to. Again this is abusive both to the child and to the chicken. This is yet another of those moronic “reality” shows that should never have seen airtime but they continue to proliferate and this time animals and children suffer for our amusement.

  • halo snipe says:

    I don’t get it. This doesn’t explain well to me.

  • c says:

    I think some people are confused here. First of all kids should be taught how to become caring responsible and compassionate humane beings. As an educator I can tell you that psychologically at these ages they do not understand the reality of killing a living being.And I gaurantee you all that those kids on some level have all be scarred psychologically for the rest of their lives. What the HELL is wrong with their parents???? This is also a form of child abuse. It’s scary how kids are allowed to handle weapons of murdersuch a an ax on this episode or a gun to hunt and kill but and of course an older child did the killing I guess the show felt it was important to model weapon responsiblity. But they didn’t think it was important to model caring and regard for all life. Someone commented that it was a humane way to kill a chicken but that’s not the point. The point is did any of us including the children present need to witness the death of another being. I wonder how many takes and chickens it took to kill one . I think it’s safe to say that there is no such thing as “one shot” as some murdershunters like to boast and claim. I’d like to see this show and others that harmkill animals off the air in “ONE SHOT” Let’s see a show where kids are growing thinking positively and using that awarenessto show kindness and care for animals. What Wonderful World this would be!!!!!!

  • rojo says:

    mike perhaps you should read some of the reichstag transcripts and read up on the young lady he was trying to impress. I know you would prefer it to not be so.

  • Nix says:

    I am a strong believer that if our children are exposed to violence against animals then they are predisposed to criminal activities later in life. A child who has learned that it is not ok to throw a stone at an innocent bird for his enjoyment will then find it unjust to cause another human being wrong. This show has exposed these children to violence and are saying that it is OK. If a child eats meat which by the way is not a personal choice he eats meat because his parents do and he has no idea where that meat came from those who have commented that the child is simply learning where his meat came from i ask you this would you send your child to a slaughter house? To those farms where they practice intensive farming? Where they will see animals being treated with disrespect mutilated and being electrocuted defeathered cut up while still alive? After all this is simply where their meat comes from right?????

  • The Good Steve says:

    Of course there was a time when carnivory made sense for all people and it still does for some. But many of us have ethical moral health and environmental reasons for abstaining. And factory farming is just not sustainable it won’t work as a solution to feeding the 6 Billion people on earth now let alone the 10 to 12 Billion that will try to be here 40 years from now. BTW meat consumption is a very small part of most “tribal” diets which tend to be very diverse and highly vegetarian. The “natural” meat consumption for most nondeveloped societies is measured as a few pounds of meat per year NOT the 222 pounds per person as we have in the US not counting milk and eggs. The health consequences of so much meat are bringing down our entire health care system if you haven’t noticed. But we must bring the lives and deaths of our food out into the open. Kids adults everybody who eats meat need to know what goes on when their meal was still alive. And yet whenever PETA tries to show factory farm ads they are rejected as being too graphic. As for Survivor the whole premise is pathetic BS from the start and the stance toward animals has been medieval throughout. The only thing new here IMO is having kids do the killing. Ango Menudo Right on!

  • Mars says:

    Hi to you as well Maya. We are all native people. Not a one of us originated off planet despite what some here seem to think.What is really meant is those people with less intelligence that have yet found a way to have a steady supply of food. That includes plant as well as animal food sources.Having the ability to plant a garden does not mean that animals become obsolete as a food source.I can argue the opposite that raising a cow for food makes vegetables obsolete and spares the plant which is also a living being the cruelty of factory farming. As for the treatment of animals they are animals and should be treated as such and not as humans.Why would or should an animal be treated better then even itself would if it could? Have you ever seen a chicken peck itself to death? They do. If a chicken gets hurt it will go nuts at the sight of blood and keep pecking at itself until it kills itself unless a human intervenes.If in a flock the other chickens will kill and eat it.

  • Anglo Menudo says:

    I’m not so sure that there isn’t some benefit to the slaughtering scene in Kid Nation. What other primetime network show dares to go there? I’m certain tens of thousands of people who watched the show children and adults alike will think twice about the practice next time they’re in line at McDonald’s or perusing the meat case at the market. Let’s be real here. Why not tackle this issue on primetime? I’m tempted to applaud CBS for showing this. And I say this without a trace of irony those two chickens that were slaughtered are martyrs. And the kids who objected and locked themselves in the coop are terrifically inspiring. What great conviction from a bunch of preteens. Hardly the brats were used to on TV.

  • Maya says:

    Hi Mars! What I meant by “tribal” and what PETA as well most likely meant was groups of indigenous peoples living on remote islands or excessively isolated tracts of forest wherein commercialized sources of food are not readily available. i.e. There is no “Stop and Shop” within many hecatres of the tribal group and the tribe does not own cars nor are there roads available to them. In short groups of native peoples who would most likely die without animal sources of protein. But let’s get honest here Mars. What we’re really arguing about is the treatment of animals. And I for one although I’m an animal rights activist don’t think eating meat is inherently cruel as long as its done with respect and humility towards the earth and the animal. I know many here disagree that there is a respectful way to raise chickens for food but I do think that some rustic farms do have potential to give farm animals a decent life and to kill them quickly and humanely in the end.

  • ghostdog says:

    as far as i know the following ‘bad ones’ were or are vegetarians hitler stalin khomeini arafat polpot fidel castro… conclusion vegetarianism is not absolutely a sign of holiness but of intelligence! good people are animal friends but not all animal friends are good people!

  • Mars says:

    “He ate meat just like Himmler Goering Adolf Eichmann Joseph Stalin Mao Pol Pot Attila the Hun Idi Amin Saddam Hussein Harold Shipman Timothy McVeigh et cetera. And so did you.

  • Mars says:

    “Mars You sound like you fell off your rocker. When you pick fruit and veggies they come back and flourish bigger than ever. When a farm animal is killed try burying one of his legs all you will get is death and disease. Enough said.” Veggies do not grow back.A carrot harvested is just as dead as a cow and nothing deadanimal or vegetable can reproduce. “They say themselves that they don’t mind tribal folks killing animals for food.” Define what you are refering as “tribal”.We are all tribal in one form or another.What difference does it make if a pygmy kills and eats an animal or if I kill and eat an animal?The result is the same.

  • Mike Quinoa says:

    Rojo it’s a myth that Hitler was a vegetarian. Dione Lucas a European chef was an eyewitness to Hitler’s meateating. In her Gourmet Cooking School Cookbook 1964 Lucas drawing on her experiences as a hotel chef in Hamburg during the 1930s remembered being called upon quite often to prepare Hitler’s favorite dish which was not a vegetarian one. “I do not mean to spoil your appetite for stuffed squab” she writes “but you might be interested to know that it was a great favorite with Mr. Hitler who dined at the hotel often.” He ate meat just like Himmler Goering Adolf Eichmann Joseph Stalin Mao Pol Pot Attila the Hun Idi Amin Saddam Hussein Harold Shipman Timothy McVeigh et cetera.

  • King Kobra says:

    rojo the main problem is that people obviously don’t know what ‘holocaust’ means the exact translation is ‘complete sacrifice’! so a holocaust is a holocaust never mind who is the victim! a victim is always deplorable be it an animal or a human! and every living being has the right for a respectful life and a respectful death!!! talking about ‘holocaust’ concerning animals doesn’t ‘demean’ anybody but shows us that every living being has a capacity to suffer and is afraid from death and we have to respect all life! a person who just respects his own species is not really respecting the creation in itself and such ideologies are leading us to the total distruction of this planet and that’s what is happening exactly now!

  • Gina says:

    Ever since a contestant on Survivor stabbed a poor little black piglet to death then smeared the blood on his face as a “warrior” would do I turned my back on the show Survivor and never looked at it again. I wrote to CBS and looked online to see if other’s were outraged but found nothing as far as protests or boycotting Survivor. That was many years ago don’t know if anyone remembers it but the guy was a rich executive and all I kept thinking was what a cowardly scumbag. Now with Kid’s Nation they are doing the same with children for ratings? What kind of parents would let their child on this type of show?

  • Maya says:

    Interesting point that Mars makes although a bit snide in its delivery. Let’s get real here eating meat is at least done for substinance. If you think PETA disagrees read the FAQ. They say themselves that they don’t mind tribal folks killing animals for food. Before you flip out though keep in mind I’m not in any way condoning this sick show nor am I condoning factory farming. I’m just saying it’s interesting that these kids are indeed made to see how their chickens died. Having said that I am a vegetraian and a veterinary nurse. I am absolutely appalled that these kids were encouraged to kill an animal. As someone else pointed out educating children should not involve traumatizing them. But I beleive that adults like tribal folks should all be required to kill the food they want to eat. That way they could really see what goes on.

  • rojo says:

    kelley “He had planned to make a miniseries sensationalizing and glorifying Hitler but maybe that got stopped?” Why are you worried that it got stopped? Are you proud of Hitlers vegetarianism? I find it difficult to believe anyone could compare the holocaust to the slaughter of animals for food. To do so is to demean those survivors and particularly remaining loved ones. It’s all about comprehension of whats happening and the value of life. Yes most living creatures want to live but you are attempting to compare people who were dying alongside their families being quite aware of the finality of death of themselves children spouses friends and neighbours. FOR NO SANE REASON. Noone benefited it was ideology taken to the extreme. Learn from it.

  • EAS says:

    I think all “reality shows” are worthless. This one is definitely the lowest. These shows do nothing but dumb down the general public. What happened to real entertainment. That’s what TV was built for to escape reality. I’m so grateful that there are still some quality programming left. Why don’t they do a reality show on the producers of these disasters. Put this loser on the front stage and leave the animals the children and the rest of the general public alone. Maybe do a reality show on viewers watching themselves watching TV. Then they would realize how much time they’re watching it. Maybe we should just turn off the TV and live life to its fullest like it’s our last day on earth. With all that being said “Reality Shows” must go! I guess you can say in this case Les really is less. EAS

  • Doug says:

    Meg you wrote “I may not be a vegetarian but I am an animal rights activist.” I assume that you’re in the process of transitioning to a vegetarian diet? Otherwise your position seems a tad contradictoryand perhaps another viewing of “Meet your Meat” is in order…. Dr. Cochran I’m just curious have you viewed “Meet your Meat” yet? I think you can link to it on PETA’s main site. It’s only 13 minutes and can really provide an upclose perspective on the treatment of animals raised for human consumption.

  • Rex's mom says:

    I have just decided that enough is enough with this idiot! I always watched Survivor Big Brother and other CBS shows but until this imbicile stops the animal cruelty I will stop watching his network. I wonder how Bob Barker feels about this. He was the host of The Price Is Right for over 30 years on CBS led by this moron. Mr. Barker should speak up about the animal abuse on the network he has worked for. He is retired now and can speak up and should.

  • Patricia says:

    Nobody forced any of those children to kill or eat the chickens. If any of the children were on vegan diets it was up to the parents to indicate that on their application to be on the show.

  • Judith, Freedom Fighter says:

    Mars You sound like you fell off your rocker. When you pick fruit and veggies they come back and flourish bigger than ever. When a farm animal is killed try burying one of his legs all you will get is death and disease. Enough said.

  • Mars says:

    Yet airing naked ads and other ads for “shock” value is OK with you as long as it supports your agenda right?

  • Brandon Harris says:

    CBS should be ashamed of themselves for exploiting young children and having them kill a defenseless animal for a ratings boost. CBS has sunk low this time. Hopefully if more people complain about this CBS will hopefully pull this show off the air.

  • Mars says:

    “It is alright to show violence towards animals by both adults and children on CBS but PETA ads are offensive?? ” Maybe because death of animals for our survival is reality and PETA ads are fantasy. “And the very idea of forcing a child to do so when heshe clearly doesn’t want to do so is sick and perverted. ” Yep forcing a child to do things against the childs will is perverted. That’s why there’s no school homeworkchorestests and we let them play in traffic. Insert sarcasm here. They get away with it because they have not broken any child labor or abuse laws no matter how much you desire it to be so.Ain’t it a shame that the legal system doesn’t back up your agenda.

  • Karen says:

    The incident on Kid Nation was ghastly. My nephew watched the show and was extremely upset. Maybe it’s satisfying to call for Moonves to get the same treatment as the chickens but it doesn’t further the cause or reduce the amount of violence in the world. It’s a lot more complicated than “an eye for an eye.” When I was a child an adult relative told me he brought me a bunny then pulled out a dead skinned carcass. He thought it was a great joke. I feel for the kids on the show who were traumatized as well as the kids who watched. I hate that some people think this is good television and I am sad for the children who will grow up thinking this is an acceptable part of life.

  • Alice says:

    This show is stupid. No animal should be killed to help raise ratings. These people have crossed the line.

  • Christopher Cochran MD says:

    Meg I don’t necessarily agree that this is good television as I haven’t seen it but chopping off a chickens head isn’t torture. It seems like a very humane way to dispatch the bird as chickens are very difficult to eat while alive. Torturing a chicken would be fruitless because they are the most stupid animals I have ever come in contact with. They would have nothing to confess as they don’t know anything to begin with… I think it’s important that young people know where there food comes from. The vast majority of us eat chickens so it seems like a valuable lesson but I don’t know about this show as I haven’t seen it. But from my experience as a child and of recent this is a humane way to dispatchkill a chicken. Everybody have a great weekend!

  • miss c says:

    what do you expect from a man who dumped his wife of many years for one of his employees? gross.

  • Meg says:

    I may not be a vegetarian but I am an animal rights activist and this is just insane. I’ve never seen the show Kid Nation and after reading this I won’t. Killing animals inhumanely is sick but airing it on national television for everyone to watch is just plain deranged. And making CHILDREN do it is even worse. I can’t imagine what kind of a twisted human being it took to come up with a story line like that. Makes me sick to my stomach.

  • V. Soto says:

    “Murderers … very often start out by killing and torturing animals as kids” according to Robert K. Ressler who developed profiles of serial killers for the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Enough said…

  • Christopher Cochran MD says:

    Network television has always catered to morons. Ninety seven percent of us morons are chicken eaters. I expect he isn’t too worried about offending a three to five percent demographic. I think their are lots of reasons for not watching network television but this isn’t one of them.

  • Dean Ween says:

    I agree with Mars. Showing this slaughter was the best thing to donot showing it would have failed the chickens who died and the countless thousands who will be killed today in the US. It’s a shame the kids did it but I am glad CBS showed the slaughter and the kids’ horrified reactions. This did more to promote animal protection than to harm it.

  • Nelly says:

    With so much violence in the world today getting kids to kill chickens is sick and disgusting. Shame on CBS and on the greedy parents of these children.

  • Old Spiderwoman says:

    Les Moonves should be shot to the Moon!!!!!!!!! This earth is really filled up with filthy lowlifes! Has this ugly freak nothing else to do than teaching children how they should torture animals! Killing the childrens’ instinct of compassion towards other living beings is one of the most horrible crimes an adult person can commit! Exactly because of people like him we got such a heartless ‘civilization’ on this planet! I deeply regret the existence of this beast!!!

  • Carla says:

    Mocking and killing of animals in attempt to boast ratings on T.V. is trully criminal! I hope this controversial show gets banned and honestly with enough negative gets sued!!

  • Jennifer B. says:

    I see how traumatic of an experience this was and completely understand the horrific ramifications this is having on the American public airwaves. not having watched the show myself i can only say it appears to break several laws and am very relived that Regis on his show pointed out what it really was. crap! yet not being able to turn back time i hope the episode involving the chicken opened up the eyes of some adults and children views and participants alike to show our side of animal crudity. would you eat your pet dog cat rabbit chicken?

  • BullyDawg says:

    Funny…on last night’s “Grey’s Anatomy” a deer gets hit by a car which causes a multicar pileup. A dad and son come in the dad mainly to bring a severed arm from the accident assuming it was needed it was and the son keeps yelling “she’s bleeding really bad! She’s in the back of our truck help!” Well Izzie goes to discover “she” is the deer…Dad planned to “skin it and eat it.” when they got home! Well the son will have none of this and later he’s upset when dad explains that burgers are made from cows. It ended with the deer being saved and taken to a sanctuary to recover…but I’ll bet dollars to donuts the little boy turned veg! And THIS my friends is what GOOD television is! Okay aside from all the bedhopping on that show which message would you rather have your kids see? Though I will hope that after the whole chickenslaughter incident maybe some of these kids will also go veg now that they know where their chicken nuggets ACTUALLY came from.

  • Susannah S says:

    Dear Mars HUH? What the heck are you talking about? Yes chicken has to be killed to make a chicken sandwich. That’s the point. On this site people don’t WANT to see chickens killed for your bloody sandwiches! And the very idea of forcing a child to do so when heshe clearly doesn’t want to do so is sick and perverted. It’s one way to ensure that a child is vegan for life but there are kinder gentler ways to do that. Television has gotten WAY beyond appropriate boundaries anyway but when they film a child forced to kill an animal that’s obscene.

  • Ana says:

    Mars you’re brain dead. Do you originate from Uranus? It is alright to show violence towards animals by both adults and children on CBS but PETA ads are offensive?? Hypocrisy!

  • bekki kalk says:

    what a idiot! I just hope that a chicken will chop his head offsee how he likes that! cruel bastard! and that show survivor sucks! its about time they pulled that dud from the air!

  • Prasad Musty says:

    I would really like to see a game where his head is chopped off just like the chickens that he advises his TV kids to do and a sandwich made out of it. uugh….gory isn’t it mr.moonves?

  • kelly says:

    Les Moonves is a sick sick man. Torturing children and animals for the almighty dollar. Next he’ll be airing snuff films or filming gang rapes. He had planned to make a miniseries sensationalizing and glorifying Hitler but maybe that got stopped? Even the farming community wouldn’t torture kids like this. Les Moonves has talked about his relatives that were slaughtered during the Holocaust. I wish that Isaac Bashevis Singer could teach Les Moonves some dignity and compassion.

  • Canaduck says:

    Why encourage violence when none is necessary? I don’t get it.

  • MeL says:

    Good one CBS! Let’s teach the children of America how to kill poor defenseless animals! That way when they see the kids on that show do it they’ll want to try it out on their pets or other animals! Boycott this televison station! It makes sense…that’s all you see…BS!

  • Maya says:

    Animal cruelty and child exploitation laws have mysteriously disappeared from the TV industry. Can anyone explain this to me??? I mean Survivor WTF unsuspecting island wildlife can just be harassed at will? Cripes.

  • Michele says:

    As a child protection worker the entire premise of this show is horrific to me. Children are being left with basically no supervision yeah there were adults there during the filming but clearly they did not intervene when an appropriate caregiver would have done one child had to be taken to hospital for poisoning when they accidentally drank bleach from an unmarked bottle that was within reach and another one was burned when using the stove and they are expected to act like adults. Did the producers of this show forget about how developed countries have abolished child labour?? I refuse to watch one second of the show knowing what it is about I was unfortunate enough to have caught a few previews while watching other shows. Based on the glimpses of what went on during the production of this show I immediately pictured “The Lord of the Flies”. The show is bad enough for the above reasons but when I learned that the children were exposed to the trauma of killing animals I felt sick to my stomach. The CBS network is now just as bad as Fox with its increasingly disgusting “reality” shows. I have already fired off an email to CBS and have sent the alert to several friends.

  • Mars says:

    Finaly reality TV! A chicken sandwich is made fromgaspchicken and that chicken must be killed to make that sandwich along with the dead tomatoe and lettuce and wheat.Modern times I guess that people don’t mind paying someone else to kill the animal or vegatable but get sqeamish when they have to do it themselves.

  • Judith, Freedom Fighter says:

    If enough of us complain maybe his head will be the next one on the chopping block. This mental midget has already sold his soul for money money money. He’s a real puke. Maher and Newkirk 2008