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CBS: Cruelty Broadcasting System

Written by PETA | December 14, 2007

CBS_Eye.jpgI don’t quite understand what it is that makes CBS want to promote animal abuse on the regular (though it may have a little something to do with a petty, small-minded man named Les Moonves who runs the network), but there’s no doubt that they have a pretty full schedule of it, beginning with the Survivor stunts where contestants are invited to torture animals for a chance at the immunity idol, followed recently by the unbelievable decision to encourage the children on Kid Nation to kill chickens, and capped off this month with an episode of The Amazing Race of Africa where contestants had to stuff chickens into bags and keep them there for a day, then tie baby goats into bike baskets and ride around a marketplace while the animals screamed in fear.

Since there’s no reasoning with CBS or Les Moonves himself, we’ve taken this one to the advertisers. We’re asking Kohl’s and Energizer, who both advertise heavily during Kid Nation and The Amazing Race, to immediately pull their sponsorship of the shows until CBS commits to stop being so damned cruel. And, if you’re feeling activisty today, you can do so too—just click here to write a polite letter to Energizer, and here to do the same for Kohl’s. For a bit of inspiration, you can read our own letter to Energizer on this topic—feel free to plagiarize it as much as you like.

P.S. Yes, I know that “activisty” isn’t a real word, and no, I will not attempt to use it again.

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  • Sodad says:

    I will stop buying your products if you support this shows cruelty. And I have a big big family that will listen to me.

  • Jackie says:

    That’s crazy. It’s like “Ok here’s a challenge. Lets see if you can torture animals and not bat an eye!” Uh…riiiggghhttt.

  • Kristina says:

    It’s reality TV that’s reason enough to boycott those shows.

  • Caboose says:

    lisa quit it with the death threats just because someone hates PETA. Who knows maybe he is very sociable in real life.

  • lisa says:

    Hey Petah8ter The reason many of us fight for animal rights and not other human causes is because we don’t want to end up saving the life of some worthless scum such as yourself! The fewer people like you the better.

  • vegan4animals says:

    I don’t watch CBS or that stupid boring show “Survivor” since I have cable and thanks to this information about CBS I never will. Had I seen the animal abuse I would have been shocked and horrified that a broadcast station considers promoting animal abuse to be “entertainment”. Like many viewers I would have turned the channel and never gone back. I guess they assumed hurting animals would somehow make the show more exciting which is SICK and disturbing. Yes I will be writing CBS and letter and telling others to tuneout CBS. BTW if you do watch broadcast TV ABC seems to be animal friendly and offers a much better series of shows. Thank you PETA for exposing the disturbed mind of the CBS executive. All animal abuse and killing must be outlawed. Oh and whoever wrote that previous comment shouldn’t you be in your 1st grade classroom right now? You’re too immature to make a meaningful comment about anything.

  • Maggy says:

    We stopped watching all the networks that abuse animals a long time ago. We have enough programs on cable to entertain us and with no commercials. These reality shows are just stupid and if this is a sign of our evoultion I think we need to do a “reality” check. As consumers we have choices. If we don’t watch programs that abuse animals they will be no more. We don’t even watch old programs like Westerns because those horses were so abused. Think no one knows? If you have TIVO or even Direct TV someone knows at what point you change the channel. And we must all voice our opninionsnot just post where the choir lives. We almost dropped the Sopranos when Tony gave his wife a fur coat. We did turn the channel get up off the couch and email and blog on the HBO site.

  • Petah8ter says:

    Look in China for Animal cruelty. It’s much much worse there. Becaue they don’t give a FUCK about the animal rights. Fuck you Peta. You suck. This is the cause you take up. Not ethnic genocide or AIDS. Vegatarianism is unhealthy and can harm you. Meat is good. When I ask you about news you would probably say somthing about some fucking chicken that got inhumanly killed. Animals don’t give each other rights do they… It’s not like a tiger that would say “I’m not going to rip you to peices I’m going to give you painkillers then i will silt your throat while you’re asleep” BULLSHIT! And all your ancestors killed animals for fur food and leather. THEY DIDN’T GIVE A RAT’S ASS! I will forever eat at KFC and eat Mars candy without caring. And for dogfights who cares. The less fucking pitbulls or Rotwhilers we have the better! FUCK YOU…

  • Judith, Freedom Fighter for Animals says:

    Teresa AMEN.

  • Teresa says:

    Heather I wonder how would YOU feel being carried in a nest bag all day and all the other abuses showed during these socalled entertaining shows… Think of yourself or one of your pets in that situation! Think how scared these animals are during this… Is it necessary??? I believe there are better games to be played…other than using animals… When it comes to the twins… Are you serious??? Are you really an animal lover??? I don’t think so…if you believe all this is “nothing”…

  • Terriers Rule says:

    Heather I don’t think it matters what type of abuse PETA is fighting against whether it’s deemed as more or less important by different people it’s still a good cause and to make note television is a powerful medium.

  • Terriers Rule says:

    I don’t think there is any motivation behind the reasons these people promote abuse I think they are people who are just “born bad” and place profit and power above all else even human and animal life. There is a word for people like this in psychological textbooks. Life seems to be a struggle between good and bad and in my opinion if you let bad people like those who run these networks get away with murder then there is no hope. It has been said that the worst thing that can happen is when good people don’t do anything at all. How true. We need to keep fighting for truth justice and the good people to keep our society safe.

  • ONS-Torlan says:

    I support you guys on this simply because 1. I hate reality TV 2. I hate CBS

  • Caboose says:

    Oh and you’re still going on about that whole Kid Nation thing?

  • Bruno Masure says:

    We are living in the New Age. We cannot stand cruelty to animals anymore. CBS is going down because they support cruelty to animals. Furcoathes cause cancer. KFC’s food cause cancer. Listen Jenifer Lopez buy Iams for your pets vote for Hillary Clinton are against GD wishes. GD is not merciful to those who are cruel to animals.Humans cannot argue with GD. GD does not change His mind in fact has never changed His mind. GD does not support cruelty to animals. GD knows all that was is and will be and does not make mistakes. All things are considered and the magnitude of the divine judicial processing is beyond human ability and comprehension. All we can do is marvel at His power and accept the limitations of our intellect. “You must not however eat flesh with its life blood in it.” Genesis 94. At the end of the sixth day of creation GD tells the first humans and all the animals that they may eat any fruits or vegetation of the Earth. Apparently GD’s original intention was that we all be vegans. Not even the lions were meant to be carnivores. And yet after the flood GD permits meat eating so long as the animal is slaughtered first. Apparently humans had such a lust for meat that they were cruelly taking their food from live animals. GD makes a more restrictive compromise with the Jews the kosher laws. We too are permitted to eat meat but with more limits. The ultimate goal of performing the mitzvot of course is to bring a Messianic future. Then the prophet tells us the lion will lie down with the lamb. No animals will be carnivores. Peace will reign not only among humans but also among all living beings and between humans and our animal cousins.

  • kristina says:

    wow i would have never known about this thanks for telling me!

  • Caboose says:

    Jack Yeah be careful with +053 Bushisms.

  • joseph seguis says:

    thats right

  • Padi says:

    I usually rather enjoy watching The Amazing Race until recently when I was shocked after watching the episodes containing the chicken goat and in my opinion camel abuse. What to speak of the donkeys in the very first episode. I didn’t know what to do about it at first so I thought that I would check out the PETA website to see if I could tell someone about what I had seen. I’m glad to see that people are already taking action on this very issue. I was disgusted to see chickens grabbed and thrust into net bags only to be carried around for an entire day goats strapped to bicycles bleating in anguish contestants shouting and screaming around mother and baby camels and donkeys being tugged and tugged on for not moving. If this show is to continue to use animals as part of the challenges I think that the contestants should be instructed in manners beforehand that would lend to more humane treatment of the animals. Even better why not eliminate the unnecessary use of animals from this show. I’m sure the producers could come up with far more creative and less cruel challenges.

  • heather says:

    So…this is what PETA is doing with their time nowadays?! Seriously…there are bigger battles to fight that an aired tv show or two! Get real PETA…I used to be a HUGE supporter but recently your taste in what is important is headed in a completely wrong direction. CBS aired those shots of the Amazing Race because that is how PEOPLE IN THOSE COUNTRIES REGARD or disregard ANIMALS!!! Don’t like the “stunts” maybe you ought to be waging your battle over in Africa and China. As I am sure you are aware there are far WORSE animal injustices going on over there than someone carrying a chicken in a bag. Time for a reality check! And the Olsen twins…really? That’s all you can find to wage against??? How about the factory farms the cloned cats in Asia that are cruelly being kept in confining cages animal testing etc… What ever happened to the “take us serious because we are fighting for just causes PETA” that I used to believe in???

  • Lucas says:

    EXACLTY! Kill the babies! Save an animal they’re more inocent than any child any day!

  • Nick says:

    Hi maybe it is time to establish own media house by PETA huh? Ask Ms Newkirk. Regards Nick

  • mary says:

    I only watched one episode of Survivor and never watched it again. Shows like this are not even entertaining. Can’t figure out why people like them. Is everyone so bored they need a higher and higher level of stimulation even if it means being cruel to animals??? Why can’t the networks find shows that are uplifting and promote kindness and postive actions instead of the crap they put on the air.

  • Caboose says:

    Dont boycott CBS boycott survivor instead.

  • Maya, Master's candidate, wildlife biology says:

    Good one Jack and PETA. Lisa Lange’s letter to CBS is wonderful. I am always horrified when I see contestants on that show killing rays and sharks like those poor animals don’t have enough problems already with villanization overfishing global warming pollution poaching fishing hooks etc etc etc etc. Please keep up the good work. I stopped watching Survivor quite a while ago but I will write letters and urge my family and friends to boycott it.