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‘Cave People’ Rate DK’s Furs: ‘Ugh!’

Written by PETA | November 8, 2010

Bearing Fashion Forward leaflets and clubs (and baring quite of bit of leg), PETA’s “cave women” made sure that shoppers and tourists at San Francisco’s bustling Union Square knew that Donna Karan (aka the “Bunny Butcher“) has prehistoric attitudes about killing animals and wearing their fur.

With so many innovative, animal-free fabrics to keep wearers warm and dry, it’s never been easier for fashionistas to Express their style without making bunnies scream. Encourage your Facebook friends to speak up for bunnies too.

Written by Karin Bennett

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  • Susana says:

    To DK and all the rest of you fashion-crazed fur-butchers and those who wear it: I think you are ridiculous! Do you enjoy causing immense pain and suffering to innocent beings who have done nothing to deserve it? Why do people wear fur? Please stop! Please stop!!!!!

  • Louis Olivencia says:

    With so many innovative, animal-free fabrics to keep wearers warm and dry, it’s never been easier for fashioners to Express their style without making these poor animals suffer! What a shame…Instead of leading people to a better solution, DK becomes more and more ignorant and horde for money!

  • Livvy says:

    Hi Willow, Thanks for that. I am aware that Rabbits scream (i’ve even been growled at by one before!), I just had an issue with the use of the name ‘Bunnies’. To me, it discredits PETA a little bit.

  • WillowG says:

    Hey Livvy- if you click on the links above, all of your questions/comments will be answered. Bunnies really do scream when skinned alive (click on the “bunnies scream” link above and watch the video). Yes, the fur trade is more extensive than bunnies, but rabbit fur is the latest addition to DK’s line, after she agreed to never use fur again! (Click on the “Bunny Butcher” link for more info).

  • Livvy says:

    I am firmly against using fur in fashion – but using the phrase ‘making bunnies scream’ makes PETA look sort of puerile. Give people some credit, the chances are, if someone’s reading this, they’re intelligent and informed, it’s sort of patronising and doesn’t do PETA any favours. (Also it’s suggesting that only ‘bunnies’ are used for their fur, but the trade is far more extensive than that!) This isn’t intended to be rude, just a bit of constructive criticism from a firm animal lover and animal activist and biologist.