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Cats Rescued After Days Atop Utility Poles

Written by PETA | April 7, 2011

What happens in Vegas … sometimes needs PETA’s intervention. A sweet cat, likely spooked by barking dogs, ran up a utility pole and was stuck there for four days. A worried Las Vegas resident called local officials for help, but they didn’t have the necessary equipment to reach the cat. The frustrated resident called PETA’s emergency pager, and the on-duty staffer immediately swung into action. She was able to persuade the local utility company to go to the scene, turn the power on the block off, and retrieve the cat from her precarious perch. The relieved caller took the cat to an animal shelter, where her climbing will be restricted to cat towers while she waits for her forever home.

Another terrified cat was recently marooned atop a utility pole for two days in Wallaceburg, Ontario, where concerned residents were unable to get help from local officials. PETA’s Emergency Response Team was contacted, and we got in touch with the local utility company, to no avail. But that didn’t stop us. We found and hired a wonderful local tree service, which agreed to attempt a rescue, and we arranged for a local SPCA representative to be on site to secure the cat after the rescue. When the tiny gray cat was finally safe in hand, she was whisked to the local animal shelter to await adoption by a family who will keep her indoors. Best of all, the tree service agreed to donate its time and services to PETA, and the callers were so grateful that they wrote to their local newspaper praising our swift action.

Cat guardians, please don’t let your cats outside, even if you are with them. It only takes an instant for them to fall (or climb) into a dangerous situation. To learn more about how to enrich their lives indoors with you, check out 250 Things You Can Do to Make Your Cat Adore You by Ingrid E. Newkirk.

Written by Michelle Sherrow

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  • Ladypurr says:

    So great, PETA! Thank you for being determined. A Big THANK YOU! to the tree service and the utility company and all the concerned people who refused to just turn away and think the cats will come down on their own. Sometimes they become confused and so weak they fall to their deaths. As for wondering how they get up there, frequently they are frightened and seek escape from dogs, etc. PETA, I know you don’t let the criticism ever stop you from your work, but I want you to know that you are so appreciated and I hold you in the highest esteem, even if you are controversial. Whatever works is my motto (outside of violence!) L.O.V.E. to you all and God bless you! –Susan

  • animal freer says:

    Great news, but what are the chances of this happening,except where there are a lot of these utility poles,whose owners won’t cooperate. I still favour letting animals outside naturally unless it is a busy town/road area. The inverted cone on the pole idea is a good one.

  • Saja says:

    PETA is so amazing. the image of the kitty going towards the man is so wonderful. makes you think there IS hope! love PETA! LOVE LOVE LOVE!

  • LadyJ says:

    Thanks to all those who helped save an animal’s life!!!! You will be repaid.

  • bob yancey says:

    Peta rocks and so does the tree service. Shame on the power company. How come they don’t put a funnel shaped collar around the poles about ten feet up to keep that from happening in the first place?

  • evelyn says:

    how the heck did they get there?! 😀 so happy they are safe now

  • K.G.Stikkelorum says:

    PETA petje af,heel goede daden,ten goede van die arme dieren..

  • wendy carpenter says:


  • Mia says:

    Hooray for Peta, for getting in touch with the right people to go up and rescue these frightened cats, and to the worried residents who got in touch with Peta. Great job, ALL!!

  • Lucia Orellana says:

    thank you PETA for all your hard work! thank God there are angels on earth… I♥PETA

  • Jen says:

    This makes me want to cry for joy! I am SO SO GLAD we have PETA!!!!!

  • Evelyn says:

    All Animals need our undevided ATTENTION. Especially our beloved pets, People really need to get their heads out of the sand and realize that its a dangerous world out there and they should never take a chance or risk leaveing their pets unattended, there are many thing that are available for your pets, Drs Fosters and Smith Catalog has it all to keep your pet safe, even baby strollers and carages for cats and small dogs, I have one and a VERANDA/ out the window cage balcony. just be a careing parent and youll both be happy.

  • deborah mcgowan says:

    yes! people, please keep these beautiful creatures inside. there are so many dangers plus evil people who deliberately want to hurt cats. they are not wild animals.

  • Glen Venezio says:

    Great post, but you did not mention the other cat rescue that PETA facilitated this week in West Chester, Pennsylvania!

  • Chris says:

    Awww, I’m so glad these lil sweeties got rescued from their dangerous perches. And, I’m so glad to know PETA has an Emergency Response Team to help out with things like this—that was news to me! My two kitties are happy living the good life inside the house with us! Thanks for helping these two!

  • Scott M says:

    Great news! Name the tree company so they can enjoy the good press!