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Cats Gunned Down in Arkansas

Written by Michelle Kretzer | March 22, 2012

An Arkansas woman who was feeding a colony of 15 feral cats was deeply distraught when she found the bodies of seven of the cats, all riddled with gunshots. One cat who had been shot in the eyes had apparently wandered around blindly before dying.

Desperate to save the remaining cats—five adults and three kittens—from suffering the same fate, the woman contacted PETA for help. We talked her through how to trap the cats, and since there was no animal shelter in the area, we found a veterinarian who was willing to assess their condition. The caller brought in the adult cats, and the vet determined that because they were so feral, it was unkind to confine them, try to tame them, and look for someone willing to take any of them when so many socialized cats are already going without homes. The vet recommended peaceful euthanasia

The woman took the kittens into her home, carefully socialized them, and found families who adopted them—terrific news.

Feral cats face innumerable dangers, including attacks by other animals, being hit by cars, contracting deadly contagious diseases, exposure to extreme temperatures, starvation, and cruel people who poison, shoot, and otherwise torture them. The best way to help feral cats is to trap them and, if you cannot provide a good home for them without traumatizing them, take them to a reputable animal shelter.

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  • Jan Lowe says:

    This is so sad,humans have to be the cruelest creatures on earth. The creatures who committed this crime must be severely punished and fined – but something that makes them change their ways too, they need help.

  • Danielle says:

    this is a side note regarding feral cat colonies but an oft used remedy is to capture, spay/neuter and release. Since the ability to grow the colony is limited it eventually ‘naturally’ dies off. Of course, this doesn’t remedy potential terrors a colony cat may live through, it does reduce the number that have to try and survive.

  • Annalisa says:

    What a stupid vet. My vet (Dr. Junger) would NEVER recommend killing a cat just because it was feral. She is a wonderful HUMANE vet, not an idiot.

  • Sally says:

    How incredibly sad! For both the cats who were shot and the ones who were killed by those pretending to love them! Just because a cat doesn’t like humans doesn’t make it worthy of death. With that attitude we should be going out and killing all wild animals. They all risk starvation and freezing, and humans that want to kill them. So why stop at cats?

  • Christine says:

    This is horrible. Nothing deserves this. They deserve justice.

  • lisa says:

    Very very sad atleast the lady was able to save the kittens but the adults are the one’s that had to suffer this was a colony quite happly living together untill a lowlife decides to gun them down and obvioulsy do’snt care if they kill them straightout or not, quite disgusting im lost for words, all i can say is humans are responsible for this if owners spayed and neutered their animals we wouldnt have this, im a cat lover have 12 rescued cats one whom is blind so breaks my heart to think this poor cat wandered around blind after being shot and then died. I hope they catch the scumbag that did that.