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Catch That Recycling Truck!

Written by PETA | February 2, 2009

Going green is on everyone’s mind lately—but unfortunately, Indiana is having trouble in that area because of a severe shortage of another type of green

Basic recycling programs have come under the budget-cutting ax. But don’t go grey over it: We’ve got a suggestion that could save our Hoosier cousins from a real trash flow problem.

We’ve written to Thomas Easterly, commissioner of the Indiana Department of Environmental Management, offering to pay to put creative advertising all over the state’s recycling trucks. Check out our letter to Mr. Easterly here.

PETA’s point is that in addition to causing immense suffering to animals, meat production is the leading cause of greenhouse-gas emissions and contributes to other forms of pollution such as depletion of aquifers and pollution of waterways. But a picture is worth a thousand words, so check this out:


Recycle truck


Written by Christine Doré

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  • kla says:

    Animals are not the first cause in green house emissions they are the second.

  • lynda says:

    Really great idea!

  • Crystal says:

    Love it! Think maybe you could help your sister state out? How cool would it be to see that here in West Virginia? Good luck!! XOXO’s

  • Michael Essi says:

    If you have stopped caring about what is going to cause global warming and according to you kill us all please give up your space on the planet. You might consider that your own carbon footprint could make way for another person who will continue to care and continue to fight the human induced global catastrophe. Could you imagine what our world would be like if we all just gave up because something seemed overwhelmingly impossible. Take a break regroup and continue to focus on what you would like our world to be like without harmful environmental practices and you will be surprised at what the law of attraction will naturally manifest based upon that focus. I know that goes against everything that we have been taught but it works!

  • Pepsi One is Fun says:

    I’ve pretty much stopped caring about whats going to cause global warming and kill us all. Either way good luck.

  • vegancoin says:

    those are some yummy colors on that truck.