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Your Cat

Written by PETA | July 9, 2007

This story by Idaho cruelty investigator Karen Williams is currently making its way around the internet, so you may have already seen it. But I found it to be incredibly moving, so I wanted to post it anyway. I’ll let the story speak for itself, but I will say that Princess Cuteyface got some extra lovin from me after I read this one . . .

“I killed your cat today…

You remember, the sweet little black one who I am certain used to curl up beside you and sleep. The loving cat that used to run to greet you every day you came home from work. The one who used to purr so loud as a kitten you thought for sure he would hurt himself. I’m certain you were so excited to bring home such an adorable little fur ball and I know how much fun it was to watch him grow. His gorgeous gold eyes mesmerized you and you couldn’t get over how beautiful they were. Oh how much fun it would be to finally have a cat!

But then the newness began to wear off, the excitement began to wane, and he wasn’t nearly as much as he used to be. The thought of having to clean out the litter box every day; making sure he had clean water and food available; and then there were vaccinations and vet care he would need for his entire life! Did you ever think that maybe you weren’t ready to make a lifetime commitment to him? Was it because he was no longer a cute little kitten? Maybe he started to claw your furniture? Did you adopt him even though you lived in a place that didn’t allow pets, but thought you could sneak him in? Maybe you moved and didn’t own up to the RESPONSIBILTY of pet ownership? Or is it because we live in a society today where it pets are disposable?

After all, it’s easy to just dump them off at a shelter. You just know someone will adopt him because, after all, he is beautiful and friendly. That’s what you told your kids as they stood in the lobby of the animal shelter crying. The person behind the counter remained silent, knowing full well that your cat may be euthanized as soon as you walk out the front door. You see, shelters are full of beautiful, loving pets that folks just like you drop off every minute of every day. Sadly, most of them are destined for the landfill to make room for more loving, beautiful pets the next day.

You did teach your kids a lesson that day. You taught them it’s ok to throw away a pet. You taught them animals have no value; they are just property to be disposed of when they are no longer convenient. You showed them how simple it is to refuse to take responsibility. Lessons that will follow them throughout their lives; that I am certain of.

But you didn’t dump this cat off at a shelter. You chose to drive him to a remote area with just a few houses, hoping someone would take him in. You chose to turn him loose in an area full of wildlife, mostly predators, always looking for an easy meal. Hawks, Owls, Eagles, Coyotes, Foxes, etc, the list goes on….But your cat was one of the lucky ones. He managed to survive and did find people that cared. He found a couple who didn’t want to see him injured or die a horrific death. They cared enough about YOUR cat to catch him and to try to offer him a chance at the Humane Society. But because so many folks refuse to take responsibility for their pets, the Humane Society is inundated with unwanted and abandoned pets. These nice folks were put on a waiting list and told it would be 2 – 8 weeks before the Humane Society may have room.

They cared for YOUR cat, until he got scared one day and bit the lady on the arm. It wasn’t a vicious attack, he was terrified. After all, he went from a quiet life, to being tossed out into the woods to fend for himself, to being kept in a cage to keep him safe. I wonder how you would have reacted under the same circumstances.

I killed your cat today…..not because I am evil or twisted. Not because I needed a cat to fulfill some type of ritual. Not because I wanted to, because I HAD to. You see, when YOUR cat bit the lady that was trying to help him, he wasn’t able to show me proof of having a rabies vaccination. I guess you didn’t think to send that along with him when you dumped him off.

I killed your cat today….and I want you to know how and why. I want you to know so that maybe, just maybe, you think about this before you decide to get another pet. I want you to know so you can see just how emotionally draining it is on those of us who chose to take responsibility for YOUR pet.

I want you to know YOUR cat died on a cold stainless steel table, in the hands of total strangers. Strangers that were heartbroken by having to kill a healthy, loving animal that through no fault of his own ended up on that table. Strangers that held him close and stroked his fur while he drifted off to a never ending sleep.

I want you to know that YOUR cat was then taken into a back room and dismembered so his head could be sent off to a lab to be tested for rabies. I want you to know that YOUR cat caused a great deal of distress and heartache for all of us involved in his case. I want you to know that I then had to transport the remains of your cat to the landfill for disposal. Even the folks working at the landfill are affected knowing when I drive in; I am delivering what was once a cherished pet.

I want YOU to know that as much as I love my job, having YOUR cat killed deeply affects me. You see, I love ALL animals. I do my job because maybe, just maybe, I CAN make a difference in the lives of those who have no voice. I do my job, so maybe; just maybe, I can convince some people that pets aren’t disposable. While I know I can’t save them all, I can save one at a time. I killed your cat today…. I just wanted you to know.”

Karen J. Williams,
Animal Cruelty Investigator, Idaho

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  • Tabitha says:

    I’d like to tell you a story about my guy Kat. You see Kat wasn’t suppose to stay with us which is why he doesn’t have a more clever name I’m a KISS fan so I chose to spell it with a K. Clever I know. I live by the Mississippi River. I have always been a cat lover and my folks and I took great pride in making sure the local strays has food and shelter. They returned the favor as our property surrounded by fields were always free of mice and snakes. Thank you to the person above who suggested sadcat take hers to a farmer that’s a perfect place!. One day a neighbor of mine pulled into my driveway. Before she could get a word out this adorable white and brownstriped furball jumped out her truck window on to our porch and in through the front door. The neighbor explained she had been on the riverbank watching the world go buy and this fellow showed up out of the blue. She thought the cat might be ours as he was a friendly tot. Though he wasn’t we promised to take care of him until we could find who he might belong to. He however spend the day introducing himself with purrs headboinks and meows. He was littertrained already TOO sweet not to have belonged to someone. They however where nowhere to be found. Within the next few weeks we found out why. He had a pretty bad case of ringworm which he shared with me bless his heart and would have horrible dizzy spells. After we decided he…WE belonged to HIM a trip to the vet for shots and neutering revealed severe earmites. After treatment no more dizzy spells. Kat came into our lives nearly four years ago one month after my father died. He provides so much company for my mother while I’m away at work…he’s just like a son to me. I could go on and on about the awesome brilliant things he does so you could get to know this special ball of fluff but I’d be here all night. Kat is one of the lucky ones who probably now has it better than he did with whatever moron threw him away. We can’t imagine our lives without him. So forgive my anger at how easy euthanasia is tossed about. I thank God that it was my family who got to him first and not a PETA member the organization that swears they’re here to protect him. How scary to know that he wouldn’t be waiting at the door for me to go to work that we wouldn’t get to see that content look on his face when we’re all home that we wouldn’t wake up in the middle of the night to find Mr. I’mTooCoolToBeCuddled snuggled as closely as he could snuggle right up against us..cause it’s just easier for YOU to people to say “It’s better this way.” It’s NOT.

  • Miika says:

    In loving Memory of Sai. For those unfamiliar with pennsylvania winters sometimes it is so cold and icy from sleet that there is solid ice on the ground making it near impossible to walk the road without slipping and falling the trees so heavy many fall over never to stand again. This one winter someone decided that a kitten whose eyes had yet to open was too much to love or even care for enough to treat it with decency. So they threw this kitten so young still needing milk from the momma cat out into the icy cold. Some friends walking by heard something coming from the woods but it was barely audible and so continued to walk until they heard it again. This time they decided to investigate the sound. They searched but found nothing and began to walk away again when yet again they heard it. This time determined to find out what was making that noise they looked again and it was then that they saw the source of the sound. A kitten was trying to stand but the slippery ice kept making his legs slide apart. He was hungry and had been crying so long he barely had a voice. They scooped him up and one of the friends slid him in their coat to warm him as they wondered what to do since none of them could keep him. Remembering how we my children and I felt about animals they headed right to our house and once inside said “look what we found outside crying among the trees”. When the friend pulled him from her coat I was hurt that anyone could do something so cruel. We could barely afford to feed ourselves and pay the bills and had already rescued one cat barely a year before. We really didn’t think we had room for another but we couldn’t say no. The first thing he wanted was to eat and he ate so much he looked like a ball with four legs when he was done. Maybe he ate so much becuz he did not know when or where his next meal would be coming. We carefully began to feed him and nurse him back to health and soon he saw that food was available daily in the bowl where it was and would always be. Eventually he slowed his eating to more normal habits but he still did not trust. Every day we tried to pet him and always he would run from us. At first it bothered us that he couldn’t see that we only wanted to love him. My daughter Trinity was especially sensitive about this and it affected her more deeply taking it very personally and feeling as though he was rejecting HER. But my son Touch and I kept it up more vigilantly always approaching slowly so as not to scare him and make him run away yet again. Our other cat also a male didn’t welcome him at first but our dog Meek a lap dog took to him and made sure he was not bothered by our cat. Once when our cat wanted to bully him she jumped up ran and stood mid way between the kitten and the cat and she growled at the cat. Of course he backed off. And so Sai knew he was safe but he was still always afraid of people. One night a few months later our dog died of old age and on this night of all nights Sai stopped running laid on the floor in the middle of the room and showed no fear as we walked around in tears and grief. It seemed Sai understood we were all grieving or that there was a loss and he stopped thinking of his fear. Not long after he began to let us touch him and even began to jump in our laps whenever we were on the computer. Trinity was the last of us he began to trust but soon they were inseparable and he became “her cat”. All the rest of his life there would always be something funny about the way he walked or sat because of the days he spent out there in the ice trying to standtrying to survive. This week we noticed something was wrong with him and took him to the hospital to find he had a blockage. The pain he was in was great and we didn’t have the money for the expensive treatment he needed. We had to put him to sleep to alleviate his pain. We arrived at the hospital in the dark of night. Rain was expected as we are coming into the Spring but on this day after we said goodbye as we were leaving the hospital which was now morning the sun was shining brightly and it began to snow. But the snowflakes didn’t fall as they usually did instead they sparkled like frozen rain drops and swirled in the wind. This began as soon as we reentered the waiting room to leave and lasted only 5 or 10 minutes or so. By the time we reached the car it was no more. Sai was only 5 years old. please excuse the poor manner in which this was written but I could barely see the keys as I typed this out. I did the best I can

  • Caroline says:

    Ok Im in tears to the f who abandoned his cat… Well Im sure he would still be cold even after he read the later. Hey just because we have abandoned animals and there isn’t much space in shelter homes that’s not even a worthwhile reason to end themits like their lives are so trivial. To the cat who was killed… love you…

  • Wescott40 says:

    These animal control officers who claim that they must kill cats and other animals are full of it. If a person is bitten why should that mean a death sentence for the cat? Why the hell can’t the person who is bitten take the rabies treatment as a prophylactic? If they don’t want the treatment…tough…let them take their chances. But the cat shouldn’t have to pay for the person’s selfishness. Meanwhile the animal can be quarantined for six months. No animal control officer loves animals…they kill unnecessarily. Then they try to feed the public propaganda like that above trying to make the pubic feel guilty for the killing that these officers so eagerly carry out. They say there is no other way…that is a lie. Why is it that animals are constantly given a death sentence…these creatures who are more deserving of life than a lot of worthless people such as pedophiles rapists murderers and a host of other human criminal scum? Yet our tax dollars are used to keep these worthless people in comfort in the prisons provide them with full legal counsel health care college degrees if they want…why is filth like the BTK Killer allowed to live on our taxes while these innocent animals are constantly killed by hypocrites like Karen Williams? It is wrong to take the life of dogs and cats…they are the true innocents and the most deserving of life. As a society we should do all we can to take care of them even if it means raising taxes to build sanctuaries for these animals. All the animals should be spayed or neutered and vaccinated at public expense…I’d rather my taxes go towards such programs rather than into the human freeloading welfare system the prison system etc..THERE IS NO EXCUSE TO KILL THESE ANIMALS! IF you do you are evil…you are a murderer you are worthless.

  • joan says:

    sadly this happens all two often. i was already in doubledidget of cats when my sis left o k let’s be honest she was removed for domestic violence towards me who is disabled after they tried to baker act me becausei had had an arguement and they were afraid that i’d call the cops on her and between her and her daughter they left me with 4 pregnant cats !!! she put them the kittens out at about 5 months age because ” they were dirty distructive and she didn’t want her male cats at them . when i pointed out that meant between 20 to 70 kittens a year she said she didn’t care. when she got her stuff and her male cats she wanted no part of the girls once they were pregnant i brought them in. from day one they were clean and quickly found that ripping condos and scratching posts was welcome. i got all but one fixed in time thank you and bless you. compassionate pet for your help and am trying to find homes for the resti’m on afixed and hoping to find homes but the pound is only if i this place and can’t get another place for myselfAND she calls herself a ‘petlover’! kinda wonder just how she’d treat them if she hated animals !!

  • Ariel says:

    p.s. Sadcat if you can hose down the areas where the cat odor is.

  • Ariel says:

    Sadcat I don’t know if you tried this or not but here goes IF you can afford it have the cats kittens spayedneutered at a lowcost clinic. The nokill shelters should be able to recommend a place for low cost spayingneutering OR hopefully your vet will give you a decent deal on that. Then try asking farmers if they will take them. There’s a very good chance that they will especially if they are spayedneutered. I use a humane trap that I purchased at our local Home Depot for $35 to catch the ferals that come on my back porch where I feed them. I have them tested vaccinated and spayedneutered. Then of course I keep them in my house because I know no one will take them and I refuse to give them to a killing shelter. Up to 8 now with more to catch.

  • Ariel says:

    If what he said were true that only humans have emotions and feel pain then where was HIS emotions throughout that whole ordeal which included your feelings. Obviously he is an inferior subhuman! Glad EVERY thing worked out for you in the end!

  • BullyDawg says:

    Karen I’m glad you dumped that guy’s sorry ass! How a man treats your animals is a darn good indicator of how he’ll treat you and his kids. Sadcat I’m so sorry to see you are in your current situation. I assume you have only called “nokill” shelters that have turned you down. Sadly and I know it will be hard but the best thing for those cats may be for them to be put down. Talk to a local vet and see what he would recommend. At the very least if they are old enough get every one of those kittens fixed before they leave your house! Then spread the word take your anger and turn it into action! The folks here will tell you where to start!

  • Sadcat says:

    Well it’s not always like that…a pregnant stray not MY pet!had kittens in my back yard. I now have 6 cats in my back yard and it stinks to highheaven because of the poop I cannot make them use a litter box. The neighbors are complaining. I have been feeding them because I couldn’t bear to let them starve but to put it bluntly they’ve gotta go. My husband is threatening to take them to the pound where they’d probably be euthanized. I’ve been trying for 2 months putting ads in the paper online talking to everyone I know…I can’t find a home for these cats not a one! I’ve called every humane shelter within 50 miles and they all refuse to help because they say they are full. What am I supposed to do? It just makes me mad that people don’t spay and neuter animals and then just dump them in someone else’s neighborhood…but when you can’t find homes and no one will help you what do you do?

  • Karen says:

    A few years ago I was engaged to a man who claimed to love cats. My cats liked him and he seemed to treat them well. One of my cats two brothers has been prone to bladder infections his whole life and it is kept under control with a strict diet. Anything other than that diet messes up the PH in his urine which then causes infection and crystals. I explained all of this to my fiance and stressed how important it was that Funnyface not eat anything else. Well one night I came home after working overtime to find Fface screaming in pain underneath the kitchen table and my fiance was watching T.V. like nothing was going on. He said Fface started acting like that a couple hours after he got home. By then I had called the vet at home and got him out of bed to meet me at the pet hospital and was preparing FFace for the mad dash to town I lived 20 minutes away from the hosp. My fiance and I got into a huge fight over me rushing the cat to the vet instead of “waiting a couple of days to see if he gets better”. I told him that FFace is screaming in pain because he cannot pee. Without immediate medical care he is going to die a horrible agonizing death. The bastard sorry for the lang. but it still makes me mad when I think about itblocked the door as I was leaving with my cat and told me that I was being stupid and he wasn’t going to let me steal money from his kids to save my cat. money I earned by working 12 hr days. His kids live with their mom and child support was taken directly out of his paychecks. The money I spent did not affect the kids one bit. He told me I was being ignorant because animals do not feel pain. Only humans feel pain and have emotions. He firmly believed and probably still does that when we perceive an animal to be in pain that animal is only acting like that because it is hardwired in their brain from the natural instinct to survive. He told me that Funnyface was obviously an inferior animal for his species because of his being prone to bladder problems and that I should let “natural selection” do its job. It made me sick to my stomach to hear that and that he thought it was perfectly ok to let another living breathing creature scream in agony and do nothing about it. It also opened my eyes to something and I have wondered ever since just how many people actually believe that crap? How many have so big of an ego they think nothing else is capable of feeling emotions and physical pain? Is that why so many animals are abused? Is that how people are able to trade their mature pets for puppies and kittens and not feel bad? I don’t understand the “moving” excuse either…I moved six times to three different towns with my cats. It so simple…only look at places that allow animals. As for the outcome of FunnyFace I called the cops and told them what was going on. They got him on the phone and informed him that he would be charged with animal cruelty animal neglect and unlawful imprisonment for holding me against my will in the house if he did not let me leave right then and there. Funnyface spent three days in the pet hospital and recovered just fine. I found out later from his oldest daughter that he was feeding the cats cheese to get them to do “tricks”. There is no way I could ever be with someone with those kind of beliefs or see anything wrong with feeding my cat something he iknewi would make him sick for his own amusement. I broke off the engagement and moved out with my boys shortly thereafter.

  • Animal lover says:

    California is trying to pass a law that requires all pet owners to have their pets neutered. I hope it works since there are SO MANY irresponsible pet owner’s who care less about their animals than they do what brand of toilet paper they wipe their worthless behinds with.

  • Sonia says:

    I’m in tears most days after reading and watching these Peta blogsvideos. I make myself watch them to keep my resolve strong that time when a friend asks me to have a cake that might just have an egg in it “but you can scrape that bit off” they say. Our family cat lived until she was 27years old she was there when I was a child and when I left home. She saw my bothers and sisters leave home and was there to greet our relevants spouses. She then kept my mum company for a long time afterwards. I really don’t understand how anyone can treat animals like possessions and then throw them away if they aren’tfitting conveniently in to their lives makes me sick.

  • Hassie says:

    Thank you. Every word of your story is true and happens every day. People are so careless and selfish. They need to know the consequence these innocents face because of their selfishness.

  • Maya says:

    Another reason why all animal shelters need to ban owners from surrendering their unwanted pets. I know it sounds counterintuitive but if shelters only took in strays we might not have a homeless cat problem any more. The shelter I worked in took in 11500 animals. 7000 were cats and about 3500 were strays and the other 3500 were surrenders from owners. Almost all of the stray cats were destroyed. If shelters stopped accepting unwanted pets from owners in McDonald’s drivethru fashion then only the strays would be looking for homes. They could be sized up the cat in this story that bit could be worked with behaviorally by a shelter worker or cat expert before being adopted. The first animal shelters were strayonly. Let’s pressure shelters to only take in strays.

  • Tairyn says:

    emma sweetie be prepared for big lovins tonight…. I volunteer at a nokill cat sheltersanctuary and i am so glad i do. all the precious kitties that come through our doors i dont think i could handle it if they suffered the fate of the cat in this story. thanks Jack

  • Karen says:

    She wonders why we aren’t friends anymore. I still get her emails asking me how I am doing and filling me in on all that happens in her life. I don’t have it in me to be nice to her anymore. I just don’t have it in me to tell her I can’t talk to her anymore because she had her cat put to sleep for peeing on the carpet or that she got rid of a rescued dog because he bit her little girl after she pulled on his tail and hit him with a toy. I don’t have the heart to tell her that because my heart is too full of grief for the animals that she still has and the future ones I know she’ll get and toss out. I am sending the cat story to her. I hope that it will say what I’ve never been able to say.

  • Rebecca Lieder says:

    That was amazing! If that wont help people make more compassionate choices about four legged companions I don’t know what will. Sometimes people need the TRUTH to open their eyes. That was a brave heartbreaking thing to write! I commend you!

  • CupcakeMagee says:

    And lo… Yet another reason for me to send off another donation to my local nokill animal shelters. And yet another reason for me to drop kick the next person I encounter who hasn’t bothered to get their animal spayed or neutered.

  • Mike says:

    This beautifullywritten story really hits home because last Tuesday I had to have Frisky our little orange cat of 18 years euthanized. I was there at the end and kneeled down so I could look deep into his beautiful copper eyes as he lay on the table. Although he was sedated he too fixed his gaze on me until his head came slowly down to rest on its side. I always told my kids to love their animal companions like there is no tomorrow because one day there isn’t. And it certainly eases the pain of goodbye to know that you had celebrated their life each and every day.

  • Meghan says:

    I am sitting here with tears streaming down my face. My grandparents took their dog to a shelter when I was a kid and I never really got over that. I am twenty now and still have nightmares about it. People have no right to treat an animal with anything but love or affection.

  • Brianna Fritchey says:

    It’s sad that most stories end in just that way. I’m glad I had a mother that cared enough to teach me how to be compassionate and responsible even though her parents didn’t teach her.

  • A says:

    Tears are rolling down my face and Tigs wants to lick them off my facemy cat sitting in my lapI love my kitty and 2night he is getting extra treats.

  • Ana says:

    As a cat Mom I was especially moved and hurt by this letter. It is such a horrible truth in our disposable societyhow sad and cruel. These poor cats are defenceless and innocent and their only crime is being born into a society that does not value their precious lives. Well I do. My four cats are spoiled and loved I only wish all of them could be. Hello cat parents have you hugged your cats today?

  • BullyDawg says:

    God tears are streaming down my face right now! Even the most devoted “cat parents” can take our companions for granted I’m sure even regular parents can too! I will be giving Dixie and Mack extra strokes and kisses tonight!

  • Marianne says:

    That is an incredibly moving story. I volunteer at my local humane society and it always breaks my heart to see the animals there many who were family pets. I know after reading that story I’m going to give my cats some extra attention today!

  • Deanne Cantwell says:

    Wow. I have chills and tears. I have volunteered in enough shelters to know this is the cruel truth. This is an amazing peice and I hope that it gets the price that is paid across to all those who are guilty of doing this to an animal.