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The Cat Says: What a Difference a Year Makes

Written by PETA | August 18, 2010

Remember the sweet, starving, and nearly bald cat whose owner abandoned her on the street in front of PETA’s parking lot last year?

nadia before.jpg

Today, Nadia is thriving in an adoring, permanent home! With consistent feedings and regular flea prevention, all her hair has grown back and she has gained some much-needed weight (when PETA Foundation staffers rescued her, she weighed only 5 pounds, and all her bones were visible). Here’s happy Nadia chilling with her “kitty” friend:

nadia after.jpg

Few animals who are dumped on the street to fend for themselves have such happy endings, so let’s always be on the lookout for abandoned cats and dogs, and urge anyone who is thinking of rehoming an animal to take him or her to a well-run, reputable open-admission animal shelter, where the animal will be safe and cared for and will have a chance at finding a new home.

Written by Lindsay Pollard-Post

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  • Tucker says:

    YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOOKING GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MEOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Donna Andrews says:

    This story does my heart goodThanks.

  • Aleksis says:

    Aww look how beautiful she is! I can’t believe how amazing her coat looks now

  • Vanessa says:

    God I m wondering what would be this world if you and other weren’t daily fighting for being basic rights. ”The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.” Mahatma Gandhi

  • Karen Hopkins says:

    I am so happy to see that people took care of this poor cat I do not know how cruel people can be…I love animals.. I have 3 lovely cats and the 3 of them I found them in the street..they were baby cats.. Best for all Karen

  • Jeanne says:

    Wish I could tattoo that last paragraph on every rotten person who has abandoned cats where I live I now have 3 “rescues” including a gorgeous black cat who just walked in my apartment in midOctober 2007. All 3 have selfesteem issues hard to believe but true including the cat we have had for 18 years who is terrified of moving and cleaning activities.

  • Saundra Jones says:

    Why can’t we have more strickter penalities for such abuse? They should take that person shave their head and leave them in the street.

  • Jahiegel says:

    A wonderful outcome but one with tragic consequences for me. As I looked at the after photo I exclaimed “aww” at which my cat who was sitting on my lap bristled. An insanely jealous fellow once he became angry with me when I remarked aloud that a cat whom I saw on the Internet was “so majestic” and kneaded on my kidneys for what seemed hours and so I fear for my internal organs. Truly a great and heartwarming story otherwise though.

  • Moniquita says:

    Amazing! It’s always amazing to see and experience what love can do!

  • Maryssa says:

    Nadias smile is contagious! What a great ending to a sad story!

  • Patricia says:

    It makes me really happy to see that Nadia has found a nice new home… though thinking about how many else are out there it’s just plain sad. I have adopted a cat from an animal shelter. He fears men very much but I guess I don’t want to know why exactly.

  • Lydia says:

    Good to hear about this and see the pictures! One of my cats has a similar story she was left in front of my vet with barely any fur on because of bad allergic reactions and somewhat of a bad character likely due to the pain and discomfort she must have been in!. They never found out what she is allergic to but she has been on a special diet since we have her and is doing so much better. All her fur is back and she looks like the beautiful blue russian she is! She still gets itchy every now and then and needs to get an injection to help control the reaction for which we still bring her to the same vet that helped save her life! She’s now a part of our family a tiny part as she is only about 6lbs but such a cutie!

  • James says:

    Thanks for the positive story. Nadia is blessed to have landed on your doorstep after so much neglect. Gratitude to the persons who dropped her off and those who have provided her a home.

  • Sierra says:

    It’s so fantastic to see that people are so willing to help an animal in need. Hopefully we can convince many more people to help these poor souls who can’t fend for themselves. These animals deserve a second chance at life. And all animals deserve an equal happy chance at life.

  • Eleonora says:

    LOVELY!!!!! Thank you for posting it! It gives me so much hope what a doll!

  • Naiya says:

    What a beautiful cat I’m happy she’s ok and in a good home. Thanks PETA!

  • Ashley Estep says:

    oh..that is so great…that kitty looks so happy now.. it is sooo pretty Mean people mistreating it makes me sick Glad they dropped it off in front of peta offices so it could be taken care of properly by good people