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Cast Your Vote for Your Favorite PETA Video

Written by PETA | June 5, 2009

Ladies and gentlemen, it’s show time. We have a new video to add to our list of hard hitters—our “To Animals, It’s Not Entertainment” video, which takes you behind the razzle-dazzle of the entertainment industry to let you witness the routine abuses that animals suffer in circuses and on film sets—abuses such as frequent beatings and solitary confinement in cages that are too small to allow the prisoners to turn around or take a single step in any direction.


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After you’ve checked that out, take a minute to tune in to “Meet Your Meat” and learn about the mechanized madness that animals endure before they are killed and ground up for hamburgers, hot dogs, and chicken nuggets; “Testing … One, Two, Three,” which shows the ways that cruel and dangerous animal experiments hurt animals and people; and “Whose Skin Are You In?” which exposes the cruelty involved in the leather, wool, fur, and exotic-skins industries.

These videos pack punches. After you’ve watched them all, leave a comment letting us know which one inspired you to take action.

Written by Karin Bennett

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  • Ruby says:

    I Think testing 1 2 3 is the one i liked the best although i don’t know if “liked” is the best word I think that Meet your Meat was the most influencing its so gross what they do… and Whose Skin Are You In was… Well all three of them made ya think huh?

  • JACK says:

    Wow you know as a 14 year old I have done so much to make the circus stay outta my town for good! I have passed out 100s of posters but there is something attracting people still but I am sure the school bored will help because I know them all Thats and advantage SUCK IT SHRINERS!

  • more mercy says:

    I stopped eating meet the first night Channel 4 aired. They showed the animal programme and it changed my life. All undercover video footage of vile vivisection laboratories have immense power and lets not forget the risk the camera man was under!!

  • Rev. Meg Schramm says:

    “Meet Your Meat” is PETA’s most powerful video but if you are looking to really educate as well as shock people the award winning documentary “A Cow At My Table” is unsurpassed. I first viewed this when my Animal Care teacher had the courage to show it to the class as part of the curriculum for veterinary assistant training. I believe everyone including children should know where their food comes from especially if it once had a face or came from a petting zoo.

  • bree says:

    meet your meat

  • Shelly says:

    Meet your Meat is so intense I watched it in my Peaceful Solutions class … My vote would have to be for “To Animals It’s not Entertainment” because it’s watchable and raises an awareness on something without making me want to vomit. Meet your Meat did push me from Vegetarian to Vegan though so I guess it worked great!

  • AusVeg says:

    I would definitely have to say ‘Chew On This’. It helped me discover what I was really eating. Now I’m a happy healthy vegetarian and I love it!

  • Brandi M says:

    I cannot watch any of these videos just reading about this cruelty and viewing pictures makes me cry and feel disgusted agian thye HUman being We need to help these defenseless animals against the greedy evil humans Bird Flu Swine flu mad cow disease it all Karma from the way the animals are ed not to mention all the cruelty to those poor creatures is enough to be vegetarian and be fur leather free I make sure I buy products not tested on animals and not from CHINA or any of those ASIAN countries.. KEEPING FIFHTING FOR OUR FURRY FRIENDS LIBERATE THEM FROM THIS HELL ON EARTH

  • val says:

    there are all important this stuff is illegal these batards shouldn’t be aloud to do this!!!!!

  • missy says:

    i was already vegan when i saw PETA videos…so this may be why i vote for “Chew On This”. my favorite part being when she says “because you know this is wrong”.

  • Sarah says:

    Meet Your Meat. Definitely.

  • Ben says:

    all the videos are very heartbreaking i dont know how someone could watch these videos still eat meat or wear fur or leather. i hate those kinds of people

  • Blu says:

    Meet Your Meat Because it serves as a great intro into why people go veg for ethical reasons. When people ask me why I went vegetarian I always point out that it wasn’t for diet reasons and I urge them to watch that video to start out with. Chew On This I absolutely love the part where they point out the fact we could be using all that grain and water for feeding starving people. Any of the videos deserve to win they all serve a great purpose which is to educate.

  • Gina says:

    PETA has great videos not to mention very educational yet sad sometimes hard to watch. I would have to say ‘Meet your meet’ is the reason I went completely vegan. I never wore never will wear fur leather wool but it still hurt me to see how they abuse those animals. As for vivisection and testing on animals I now look at every item I buy and make sure that it has NOT been tested on animals. Although I could go on I thought I would make a long story short. PETA you inspire me completely changed me for the better. I am a proud activist of animal rights I won’t ever stop fighting for the lives of the billions of animals who are suffering as I type. Thank you keep up the good work

  • Toby Saunders says:

    I became vegan while watching Meet Your Meat.

  • Derek says:

    All the videos were great but it was “Meet your Meat” that convinced me to go vegan from vegetarian January 2007. That’s the most effective to me.

  • Dave says:

    Ugh just the pic seen for that video is incredibly disturbing I have trouble watching these videos. Look at that baby tiger???? Jesus help him. I would steal that baby in a heartbeat and put him back in the wild even if i got 10 years in jail for it. Hope this ringling case gives a strong win for the animals.

  • Jason says:

    “Meet Your Meat” is the video that first inspired me to get active for the animals however that was back before the other three were even made. The videos “Free Me” and “Chew On This” also had a big effect on me.

  • carla says:

    I officially have and forever will doubt the human race. It is no wonder I have joined Peta. All that I have viewed on these sites.. has made me sad and angry. When the hell are governments going to step up to the plate and put assholes like this behind bars or better put then all in a cage and drown them!!!!!

  • Brien Comerford says:

    The venerable and humane crooner we know as Morrissey included “The Meet Your Meat” video as part of his live in Manchester DVD.

  • simara says:

    meat ur meat and testing one two three chew on this is good as well all the videos are in fact important and well done video seems to be the most influential reality tool to inspire a change in society.