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Carriage Horses Still Ending Up as Horse Meat

Written by PETA | October 15, 2007

So, after years of hard work by animal protection advocates exposing the extreme cruelty involved in these operations, some of the last horse slaughterhouses in the U.S. were shut down. But the folks in the horse-racing and horse-carriage industries still need to do something with the thousands of horses who are rendered useless to them every year due to old age or outright abuse. So they’ve been sending these animals across the border to Mexico, which has even more lax regulations for its slaughterhouses than the abysmal standards in the U.S.—and the results are positively gruesome.

The good news is that there’s a bill on the table that would ban the export of horses to foreign slaughterhouses called the American Horse Slaughter Prevention Act, and we’re pushing hard right now to help get it passed. You can click here to learn more about the act and write to your Representatives through our online form to ask that they support the new bill to protect horses.

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  • Sandy says:

    “What I was wandering is what people plan on doing with these horses or with horses in general when the racing teams can’t use them or when people who own just one or two private horse when they can’t afford to take care of their horse and no one will take them or buy them. I am interested in the idea of slaughterhouses because then these horses are put out of their misery than the starve and suffer.” Nancy Ignorant people like you SHOULDNT make comments like that Especially on the PETA website.Maybe you should do some research on what PETA stands for. For one majority of the horses are bought at auctions because they are seen as “meat horses” or horses that have no potential. Theyre not free roaming horses. And also they are starved and barely taken care of. Im not sure if this is true in Mexico I believe they stab but when the United States’ Slaughterhouses were open they used to take a bolt gun and shoot them in the head. To me thats suffering.

  • Why should i tell YOU??? *derby supporter* says:

    Ewww…i did not need to see that pic while I was eating chocolate nuts!! Horses are not meant to be eating mabey cows chickens sheeppig and pheasent are but not horses throws up gross how sickis that?

  • Michelle says:

    Today is a Sad day. A Beautitul Horse had to be put down after breaking BOTH ankles during The Stupid Kentucky Derby. Forcing animals to race purely for enjoyment so twobit tramps can prance around in big ugly hats is just down right TERRIBLE!! RIP Beautiful creature…

  • tez says:

    im in australia and we have a huge racing industry over here but only one slaughterhouse that will ake horses. although this is great news on one level it also means that alot of very smart skittish and very strong horses are getting sold very very cheap to people who have no horse sense at all. the horses get put to sleep or abused alot of the time and alot of people get hurt because the horse was just to much for them. i think that we need to create more humane ways of slaughterhouses operating rather than taking them away.

  • Jackie says:

    There are reports now that people are releasing horses into the wild and at this time of year they aren’t going to last long. I talk to people who own horses and asked what they are doing with their horses. Some say they haven’t become too desperate to do anything yet but some are considering shooting the horses themselves and burying them its cheaper to them this way. They say they can’t sell them because nobody wants them anymore. Horse Rescue Agencies wont take any more horses in our area because they’re full and trust me those places aren’t what they are cracked up to be I’ve visited them. Another individual I talked to said he’s considered eating the horses himself I’m guessing he’s a kill buyer because he doesn’t want to starve them this man is disgusting! This leaves us in quit a limbo what should we do? I don’t want to see horses suffer!

  • Mars says:

    “Then why did you bring the issue up in the first place? A slaughterhouse by its very nature with blood brain matter saliva feces urine hair etc. is bound to be a more unhygienic place.” Not really. Having an indoor dog or cat then would mean you have an unhygienic house.Animal shelters would then have to be shut down. Ariel “And uh what am I not understanding here from the space cadet slaughtered animals looked happy and healthy? Can someone explain that to me please.” Sure can. Slaughterhouses have live animals in them awaiting slaughter. Slaughter refers to killing of the animal. Butchering refers to cutting the animal into usable pieces. That’s why there are slaughterhouses and butcher shops.Sometimes they are together but not always. Seems animals understand their lot in the natural cycle better then you do. “Gosh then we wouldn’t need medical science to determine cardiacrelated illnesses from eating meat!” Vegans die from heart disease as well.They are not exempt from any disease or death.

  • Barb says:

    These people are truly sick out of their minds. Who in their right minds would send horses to be slaughtered for no reason at all. What would you do if your horse went there to be slaughtered like that. This has to stop. This needs to stop and the time is now. These so called people that send these horses to be slaughtered should be a shame and this is sick. People don’t care about living things anymore. They want a fast buck so they get it by killing horses that are healthy and happy. They are horses that come from good homes this is just wrong and sick. Put an end to this slaughter now. Stop killing these horses. What would happen if your horse came to be slaughtered would you be happy no. Stop it now. Wrong and sick and not very nice. People should find homes for these wonderful animals. How would you like to be slaughtered just like these horses are. They have rights just like people do. Stop the hurting. These horses did nothing wrong so they should live out their lives like we do. There are places for horses to be and that is not in the slaughter house. This is not right and it is totally wrong. Do we go to the slaughter house when we are to old or in good health i don’t think so. Why waste something good like a horse. Just sick and nasty and mean and terrible. I would never do these to any kind of animal.