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Carriage Flips Over, Pins Horse in NYC Accident

Written by Alisa Mullins | April 24, 2014

After a horse named Spartacus was pinned under a carriage in a horrifying accident outside the Plaza Hotel in New York City yesterday, PETA and NYCLASS held a protest at the site of the accident today to reinforce calls for a ban on the cruel and archaic industry.

Horse-Drawn Carriage Demonstration in New York City

According to an eyewitness, the accident occurred after a bus passed very close to the carriage, spooking Spartacus and causing him to bolt. As the horse was running, the carriage jumped the curb and overturned, pinning the horse to the ground.

Downed Horse-Drawn Carriage in New York (4)

According to the witness, the drivers were more concerned with the damage to the carriage than the horse: “One man suggested cutting the carriage and the other said no because it would come out of his pocket (he clearly had one concern, of which the horse was not).”

The witness reports that even though the carriage company claimed that Spartacus was uninjured, she clearly saw him limping.

The crash was the fifth reported accident in the U.S. involving a horse-drawn carriage in two weeks. One crash in Oklahoma earlier this week injured nine children.

What You Can Do

Horses and traffic don’t mix, which is why P!nk, Lea Michele, Alec Baldwin, and many other celebrities are speaking out in favor of a ban on horse-drawn carriages in New York City. Please tweet your support for a ban to New York City Mayor Bill DeBlasio (@BilldeBlasio) using the hashtag #TYDeBlasio.

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  • Brittney says:

    I would never ride in a horse-drawn carriage for the same reason I refuse to ride an elephant at a circus, or even attend one. It’s just cruel.

  • The Teamster Union would like you all to believe that once these carriage horses are not working, they will be slaughtered. Not true, the Humane Society of the US has a home for all 250. Last year approximately 60 carriage horses were slaughtered by the NYC operation. I personally spoke to representatives of New York Class (a branch of the Humane Society) about this issue. Teamsters have a released a lot of misinformation regarding this issue!

  • Hanna Zagal says:

    The mn who drives the carriage should be jailed for abusing an animal.

  • Richard Hofman says:

    It’s all about the sweet $ the lovely US…

  • Annie Linkensederová says:

    please STOP DO THIS to horses,they deserve a much better life !!! Not everything is about money !!!!! Stop this slavery

  • sherri says:

    Stop all this torture. Animal abuse is one of the worst crime. Even prisoners hate animal abusers.

  • karin nelson says:

    It’s long overdue to ban horses and carriages in the city. The horses suffer accidents, inhale exhaust all day and have to walk on pavement all day which results in foot and joint injuries. Stop this already!!

  • Birta NONFJALL says:

    Cruel peopel!

  • Tasha says:

    Can’t believe that this is allowed to go on. It should’ve been discontinued ages ago.

  • Irene Wallace says:

    Horses and carriages are no match for the traffic conditions in New York city. If the horses could speak they would not be in favor of a life like that!

  • Adrienne mosaad says:

    Come on New York do the right thing for the horses and retire them.

  • Those rotten people!!!! HOW WOULD LIKE TO HAVE AN ACCIDENT AND BE FORCED TO WORK WITH A INJURY!!!!!this is CRAZY! People need to stop taking carriage rides and when there isn’t the customers there won’t be any more money to be made. Then the horses should be put in good foster care until they are adopted to good caring homes; Not sold to kill buyers.

  • Patricia says:

    Come on intelligent beings…does it empower you to lord your existence over innocent animals who count on you for love and support…shame on you….someday you will pay!! And be held accountable for your actions

  • Judy Welsh says:

    I support a ban on the cruel practice of horse drawn carriages in New York City.

  • Darlene estes says:

    Stop this now

  • Patricia D. Fisher says:

    Horse drawn carriages are used in Charlestown, SC too!!

  • Sam says:

    unconscious, is incredible, because even though we are a dominant breed, some are narrow-minded and null hearts.

  • All the driver was concerned about was the almighty dollar. SHAME on the people who have the authority to stop this, yet just sit back and do nothing. Shame on those who buy these rides which keeps their business going.

  • 1. If people refuse to ride in these torture vehicles they would soon have to quit due to the loss of money. This is a barbaric practice. These horses need to be out in pastures, grazing and retired. How can humans and I use the word loosely continue to do this to horses for their pleasure. It is inhumane. Find another way to romance your sweetie or to enjoy the city or vacations. These animals are not for our entertainment. If you must then you pull the carriages and see how you like it.

  • Sally Anne Hubbard says:

    Does anyone need more proof that the horses used in carriage rides suffer. How terrifying for this poor horse. All the driver thought about was himself. Disgusting.

  • Sue Lutes says:

    Build a huge pasture, new barn in Central Park and let them be free!!

  • sophie gallant says:

    Please stop this awful cruelty it should be banned because every tourist seeing this will not be wanting to use the horse and carriage

  • Karen Suchon says:

    They do this in downtown Milwaukee. This bugs me

  • E.goodman says:

    I thought that this whole travesty would be settled after de blasio was elected!
    It’s always about money! Am sick at how animal cruelty and neglect goes on and on. Please save these poor animals and give them a good life.

  • Please STOP these horse carriage rides NOW!!!

  • ella says:

    its disgusting how these beautifull animals are used and abused…to pull a cart with a lot of people in ,,this needs to be banned for the animals sake,,NY is not a place for horses in the streets. It’s a cruel and old fashioned way for transportation….just so humans can think they are someone special riding in a horse pulled cart…give these horses the freedom they deserve and need..BAN HORSE DRAWN CARTS… we re not a 3rd world country !!

  • v says:

    We need to get rid of this. Animals deserve so much better than this. This is no way for a horse to live. Their faces in the back of a sitting car smelling the fumes from them. Walking all day in the cold and heat. I ask you would YOU like to be that horse?? I think out. Do away with horse carriages in all 50 States. It’s time that we as humans need to speak up for the voiceless. I’m their voice and I will keep signing until this crap is stopped!! I’m the animals voice and always will be.

  • Ria says:


  • Chris J Quinn says:

    The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.
    Mahatma Gandhi

  • Beverley Montgomery says:

    End this cruelty to Horses! They have to work in all weather conditions especially extremely on Hot days.

  • I am appalled that the “civilized” city of New York allows this outdated practice to continue. Please show compassion to these animals and get them off the streets of New York City.

  • Julie says:

    These drivers don’t give a toss about these horses. It is cruel, archaic and needs to be banned!!!!! There will also be human casualties soon!!!

  • Of course the driver was more concerned over the dam carriage! people live and die by the old mighty dollar. Look at the way animals are raised for meat, sold for labs,forced to fight and poached. Why for money so it didn’t surprise me that the concern was for the carriage and not the poor horse. sometimes I wish that I didn’t belong to the human race.

    • Hilda says:

      I agree that sometimes (lately lots of times) I am ashamed to belong to the so called human race. Why can’t the Government/Law put much more concern out there for these poor helpless abused animals.? Do the right thing, in this day and age, no need, no excuse in letting these so called humans force these animals to breed, over an over again, arrange all the horrific, dog fights, with starving, abused dogs or any animal, (under cover haha) being treated horribly in circuses and most Zoo’s, on an on. Again WHY are these cowardly ones left to do so, Those that make the news for abusing animals in the worst way that most normal humans wouldn’t think of doing, all they get is a slap on the wrist. WHY are the penalties so light? A lot of people I have talked with say it is because of passing the buck???? I for one do not know and will never live long enough to know, how these ones get away with this horrific abuse to animals. Shame, Shameful all the way.

    • Yes the almighty dollar, GREEDY PEOPLE, care for nothing but their pockets!!!!! More concerned for his carriage than his beautiful horse, he should go hide his face. Why are they or anyone permitted to give these carriage rides ? Looks like a big carriage to me and only one poor horse, Why would a City as New York allow these carriage rides to take place to start with? See again, GREED over an over, to hell with the animals, they can’t talk and will be punished if do not do just what they torture them into doing!!!!! Makes most human’s sick to stomach .

    • Sarah says:

      I agree about all of that, especially about having to belong to the human race! But just think, if we were not humans then we couldn’t stand up for all those animals! Use your human body to do some good.