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Carriage Crash Sends Couple to Hospital

Written by PETA | April 13, 2010

A couple celebrating their wedding anniversary in New Bern, North Carolina, got stuck with the memory of a lifetime when the horse-drawn carriage in which they were riding was struck by a car, sending them and the carriage driver to the hospital. (Needless to say: open carriage, no seat belts, no air bags.) The horse, Suzi, was also injured.




Horses like Suzi have a bad life, trying to dodge traffic—but traffic doesn’t always dodge them. This couple may now have a cautionary tale to tell their grandkids, but for Suzi and other horses who are forced to bear the weight of carriages and tourists in traffic day and night in all weather extremes, carriage rides are a hard trip down memory lane. New Bern needs to join cities around the world that have put these rides out to pasture for good.

Send a polite note to New Bern Mayor Lee Bettis Jr. asking him to ban horse-drawn carriages.

Written by Jennifer O’Connor

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  • AAG says:

    Get a grip troller. PETA reports on the plight of animals and our concern is for the creatures that the world forgets.Luckily those people were not killed and most of the time it is the horse that suffers the ultimate fate of death. If you only worry about people you are on the wrong blog.

  • Alessandro says:

    Such a cruelty is also a reality in many towns and cities of Italy…

  • Jenny says:

    hopefully the couple will be more about the cruelty and danger of horse drawn carriages. and i hope suzi is alright

  • troller says:

    Is suzi okay? Is that all you can say bailey? I am dissappoint. My first and only thoughts are for the couple. The horse can’t reciprocate your feelings of pity and could care less for your sad face emoticon.

  • bailey! says:

    is suzi ok?!?!?

  • Stephanie S says:

    I had wanted to go on a carriage ride when I was little because I always loved horses but my mom would never let me not because of saftey reasons for us but because of the horseshe said poor thing having to ride around people in the street of NYC getting beeped at by other carscouldn’t stop if the horse wanted to prob get hit by a carthink u don’t have to live in NY to know how they all driveanyway I’m against carriage ridesi really only care that the horse was hurt in fact I skipped the part bout the pple I’ll have to go back up to readdon’t know if they are hurt or killedhonestly I don’t really care eitherno I’m not a cold btch I just know most pple are not so nice.