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From Cannibal to Compassionate Cook?

Written by PETA | July 28, 2009

Indonesian bachelor Sumanto really digs older women. Digs them up, that is. Yes, I’m talking about corpses, not cougars.


news.ninemsn / CC


According to news reports, Sumanto dug up a grave and feasted on the flesh of an old woman’s corpse for a “cheap and tasty meal.” Fresh out of prison after serving time for this crime, he’s promised that his people-eating days are over, vowing that he now just wants to “taste love” (I wonder if that’s what he’ll put on his profile). While his neighbors are giving him the cold shoulder, the kind folks at PETA Asia-Pacific are willing to offer him a hand in kicking corpse cuisine for good.

Instead of turning over a new grave, they’re suggesting that Sumanto turn over a new leaf and go vegetarian. Like humans, animals are made of flesh, blood, and bone. They have the same capacity to love, and they experience fear in the face of death. When animals die, their families grieve too. To help with this transition, PETA Asia-Pacific is sending Sumanto a copy of The Compassionate Cook, PETA’s first vegetarian cookbook, which is chock-full of “cheap and tasty” meals that won’t cost him or anyone else an arm and a leg.

I highly recommend the Mock Chopped Liver, a dish that tastes so much like the real thing that it could fool even the most die-hard cannibals.

Written by Amy Elizabeth

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  • Kathy says:

    What is this world coming to?? Or I should say how long is this madness going to last?? God Help Us! God help this world please…

  • Barbara says:

    I really wish PETA wouldn’t indulge in these types of conversations. It undermines the great work that PETA actually does and all of the great things it accomplishes. I know you wrote this to be “ironic” but unfortunately a lot of nonvegetarians don’t get it. And will simply see this as PETA supporting a potentially violent psychopath.

  • Tom says:

    Instead of using this tragedy to promote vegetarianism PETA’s efforts would be better served as would humanity to promote better mental health care and diagnostics in developing countries. This man will probably return to his behavior and escalate to killing and eating live people.

  • Brien Comerford says:

    The person appears to be a deranged sociopath. It’s very unlikely that he’s going to transform into an ethical and humane vegetarian.

  • Anna says:

    WTF?! They let a person like this out of jail and into the public?

  • lisaB says:

    ugewgh!! animal meat is bad enough.. but human?? look.. all meat is bad.. and all should cut down.. I can go for days and days without meat.. thus I consider myself a ‘carbohydrian’.. ie. predominantly consumes carbohydrates.. ie potatoes.. brown rice..with various sauces.. I try and be healthy and ensure I have some veggies.. if you eat meat.. you gotta kill a living creature.. that’s what gets me the most.. ie. eat less meat.. kill less creatures.. nobody wnats to be killed.. not even the farm animals.. the fact that billions upon billions of farm animals are killed for meat consumption and the slaughter houses are relentlessly and mercilessly working around the clock.. and I can imagine ‘rivers’ of blood pouring out of those places.. it’s enough to put anyone off meat.. or at least to drastically cut down..