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Canadians: Seals Need You–Canada Is Their Home Too

Written by PETA | May 26, 2010

Many Canadians are against their country’s annual seal slaughter—the biggest massacre of marine mammals in the world—but the Canadian government has yet to put a stop to it. Not only is the government supporting the barbaric acts of bludgeoning and shooting baby seals, it is also spending taxpayer dollars to do so. Canadians, it’s your home and your hard-earned money, and we need you to speak up for seals now.

The Parliament of Canada needs to hear from Canadians who don’t want this massacre to go on. Let’s keep the ice floes (and Canada’s hands) blood-free, shall we? We’ve created a call log that you can use to ask your members of Parliament to support Senator Mac Harb’s bill, which would end the barbaric seal slaughter.

Download the log here and get a “No Fur” pin if you get 10 of your friends, family members, or coworkers to make a brief call. When you’ve filled out a call log sheet, e-mail a scanned copy to [email protected] or send it to the address below. Make sure to include your full name, address, and phone number along with the completed call log:

Action Team501 Front St.
Norfolk, VA 23510

It’s easy for the Canadian Parliament to ignore this bloodshed because it doesn’t see its country’s ice stained red. This is your chance to show Parliament the reality behind the massacre.


Call Log

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  • Paulo says:

    Amanda please save your nonsensical tripe for another forum. Your “suggestions” do not and will not work. As has been pointed out hate does not bring change and this has been proven time and time again throughout history. I am more of the inclination of opening up a discussion with the next Canadian I meet and if they tell me they find it horrendous I will drop it and change the subject.

  • Carla says:

    As an American I do not hate Canadians I hate the government and the men who club these innocent seals. !!!! they should all be deeply ashamed of themselves. What goes around comes around God will seal their fate and it won’t be pretty!!

  • Sean says:

    Ingrid All of us want the seal hunt to end. I do personally think that saying that a lot of people who criticize do it from lounge chairs is an unfair generalization it also infers that people who do not criticize are all out there working their butts off for change another generalization. I bet that as many people here who criticize are active as those who do not. I personally believe that hate does not bring change and this has been proven over and over again in history.

  • Narayani says:

    I think the seal slaughter is pointless cruel and totally barbaric!! I am very happy and glad to be supporting PETA in their brave efforts to shut down the seal hunt. thank you peta. I know god will be happy.

  • Charlotte says:

    Amanda not a lot of people agree with you i have to say. not all canadians are for this seal slaughtering in fact i think the campaign against seal slaughtering was started in Canada so well done for awful prejudging and stereotyping every single canadian as a seal slaughterer which they clearly are not.

  • Garry F says:

    “…I suggest you should be as rude or distant as possible to a Canadian as protest for this hunt. ” It is exactly this behaviour that makes this change more difficult. Perhaps opening up a discussion about the issue with a Canuck would be less dysfunctional. Also discussing how you and your own country overcame similar issues might be more appropriate. Lead in a positive wayexample and not through punishment always works better.

  • Ingrid says:

    Hi Amanda I am Canadian too and I feel the same way as you. I did read your comment all he way through and too believe that killing seals is immoral and wrong. I too try to make myself known to the government but it is not that easy to change minds. Keep up the fight with me and many others that are trying to make a change for the better. People that criticize are often sitting in a lounge chair with no concept of what they are saying. My wish is hopefully one day people will realize that all animals are part of our world and are not here for our heartless and thoughtless monetary gain. Ingrid

  • Sean says:

    Amanda you really need to reread your comment I mean really how does being rude to people from a country where the MAJORITY of the people do not support the hunt. Hatred gets the world nowhere. People like you are the reason why the world dislikes the US.

  • Johnathan says:

    That’s your solution Amanda? We should encourage other countries to be rude to Canadians? From my experiences with Canadians I would expect that most of them are opposed to the seal hunt but like us are not always able to convince their government to implement the changes they want. In the US we are the largest consumers of factory meats crystal meth and plastic surgery. How would you feel if Canadians tried to rally other countries to spit in our food when encountered abroad?

  • Eurydice says:

    Why do they slaughter the seals anyway ? Is it for their fur to use on clothes ?

  • phil says:

    The goverment of canada will never stop this for one reason.If these people cant make money off of slaughtering innocent animals so arrogant human beings can wear them then the government will have to support them.Pathetic i know but then so is the canadian government!

  • Caroline says:

    Amanda I think you should take a moment to read your comment… If I follow you in your thoughts… Maybe that I should think that all Americans are bad people because of Utah university test and all other stuff that happen in your country… But I don’t think your way… it doesn’t make sense… this is completely stupid. I think you should consider take advantage of silence and stop putting comments on PETA website… You are giving a very bad image of your country to all Canadians… And this is sad because we are fighting for the same thing cruelty to animals… together… not one against the other.

  • Allie says:

    Amanada You can’t seriously promote hateful acts toward a whole country of people can you? Perhaps you should think before you speak many Canadians are wonderful people who do no support cruelties such as the seal hunt and do not deserve your hatefulness. Compassion should be extended to all animals humans included especially to those you have never met. Kindest Regards Allie

  • Robert says:

    I became a Canadian in 1989 I love this country and its freedoms as a country like many others it has its flaws 2 of the biggest for me are The Conservative governments environmental campaign or lack thereof and the seal hunt….I find that people who can bash the head of a baby seal right beside the mother are cruel and insensative… can our government let this go on?? I hope that one day….our love compassion and positive energy saves the seals and our beautiful mother earth!!!! COALITION OF POSITIVE ENERGY and CHANGE join on FACEBOOK!!!! Share your stories of positivity.

  • Veroniks says:

    Why on Earth would they slaughter seals? How would they like if someone slaughtered them? Very cruel and violent

  • Jessica says:

    Amanda You may be surprised to know that many of us Canadians do not expect “special treatment” in other countries OR support the seal slaughter. Nor do we support your hatred. Perhaps you’ve personally had many bills passed by congress in your favour and in this case I would congratulate you on all of your hard work. Trying to convince the government to stop the slaughter of seals isn’t as easy as we would hope. Many of us are trying but it’s proving to be as hard as convincing someone who loves steak to go veg or convincing people not to wear fur or leather. People are making their living off of the sales of meat fish leather fur seal skins etc. and the solution is not as simple as just phoning government representatives to convince them to act on this issue because we have and we will continue to. Yes the seal hunt in Canada is awful embarrassing and heart breaking but rather than criticizing the few of us who are trying to promote change look into the flaws of your country and see what you can do to fix them. Not to mention that lumping all of us Canadians as seal killers who should be refused service until we deal with our government would be just as easy as lumping all you democrats and republicans together and telling you to agree on everything.

  • Cassie says:

    Would it make a difference if Americans in the U.S. did this as well?

  • Amanda says:

    Whatever helps this cruel and senseless murder. While they’re at it they can draft a bill to send all these murderers to jail for life. I was thinking of this today Canadians travel worldwide and go out of their way to make sure everybody knows they’re Canadian because they believe they’ll be treated better than if people thought they were American. So to all my antiseal clubbing friends from other countries I suggest you should be as rude or distant as possible to a Canadian as protest for this hunt. Do the opposite a Canadian would expect. Refuse them service whatever. If they ask why tell them you refuse to deal with them until their government ends the seal slaughter. Be rude and inconsiderate for the seals!