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Canadian Sealers ‘Hyped Up’ to Extend Slaughter

Written by PETA | May 11, 2010

In yet another one of Canada’s attempts to get the media hyped about its bloody seal slaughter, Fisheries Minister Gail Shea just announced an “extension” of the slaughter through the end of May after sealers bemoaned the lack of opportunities to engage in their bloody business.


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Seal Slaughter


The funny thing is under Canada’s Marine Mammal Regulations Canadian sealers have been allowed to bludgeon or shoot hundreds of thousands of young seals to death until June 15.

Ms. Shea is a veteran when it comes to attempting to put a positive spin on this ugly massacre—she refers to seals as “market opportunities” to be “harvested,” so it’s little surprise that she’s trying to appease sealers and the public with manufactured assistance.

As PETA Senior Vice President Dan Mathews put it, “This is just another desperate attempt to save the dying commercial seal slaughter. The politicians from all the major federal parties are so desperate for the eight seats in the House of Commons that represent sealing communities that they’ll do anything to show voters that they are supporting all business endeavors—even the hideous seal slaughter—despite the fact that it costs the government millions.”

Of course, it’s easy enough to ignore the political maneuvering by turning your back on travel and spreading the word far and wide.

Written by Jennifer O’Connor

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  • sharon says:

    I’ve been fighting this fight for nearly 30 years…WHEN is the killing going to finally stop? It breaks my heart!

  • Christian Shelton says:

    Whatever people do this should know that change is coming and we WILL NOT STAND FOR IT!!! I’m sorry you all had to see these sinful videos and images. I cursed and nearly smashed my computer watching the baby seals cry for help! I will fight the Canadians on this and hold them to the fullest extent for these heinous crimes until this is made illegal and I won’t stop!

  • linda badham says:

    How this is allowed i will never ever understand in a million years.To brutally kill these beautiful baby seals and in front of their mothers is a disgrace to society.Shame on the country this will go down as a moment in Canadas history blacker than the tar sands.

  • Carolina Luzardo says:

    How come Canada continues on this? Definitely we are not human!

  • Debra Hutchins says:

    I cannot believe that Canada is allowing this to happen to poor defenseless animals. They should be ashamed of theirselves. Maybe we should boycott Canada